Imlie 17th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie 17th November 2023  Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 17th November 2023 episode starts with Agastya looks at Imlie from the balcony. Agastya repeatedly rejects his calls. Sonali tries to console Annapurna. Jugnu takes Rajni aside and tells him that Amrit blackmailed Imlie into singing in a bar if she wants to get Agastya out of jail.

Rajni warns him if he knows what he is saying. Jugnu says that he was silent because of Sonali otherwise he would have told everyone earlier. Imlie messages Agastya that he should listen to the reason behind his action at least once. He hears it and ignores it. Imlie goes away thinking that she is the reason for this. She returns to Titu’s house. Pallo yells at her and asks how will she manage the house now. Imlie says she will get her money and locks herself in a room.

Rajni told the truth about Amrit to Govind. Govind asks who told him all this. Rajni says firefly. Govind says he doesn’t know how many secrets are hidden in this house, Amma is already upset after hearing Imlie’s truth and can’t tolerate Amrit’s truth. Rajni says they cannot do injustice to Imlie. They both request Annapurna to bring Imlie back home otherwise their family will be disgraced; Their daughter Shivani will return after completing her studies and will soon get engaged, what answer will they give to her in-laws.

Imlie cries remembering Agastya’s rude behavior while Agastya recalls Imlie’s lies. Pallo beats Bulbul for asking for food. Imlie gives her food to Bulbul and asks why is she refusing to give food to Bulbul, she will get the money as she has already talked to the bar owner and got her job back. She goes to the bar and sings the song Sheesha Hai Yo Dil Ho Toot Jaata.. Vishwa sees her entering the bar and follows her. Agastya goes to the bar and shouts at Imlie to get down from the stage. Imlie asks who she is and denies. Agastya argues and pulls him from the stage.

Imlie says they did not get married and just had a mutual understanding which they broke today and now there is nothing between them. Agastya accuses her of finding someone else for more money. Imlie slaps him. The bouncers walk towards them. Imlie tells them that if they want Agastya to work peacefully here then don’t let him inside the bar. She resumes her signature. Vishwa keeps looking at them silently.

Rajni and Govind decide to confront Amrit and tell him that they want to talk. Amrit calls Agastya’s employee and asks why he withdrew his complaint from Agastya. Vishwa disconnects the call and tells the employee that he got him a job in a factory and gave him money to withdraw the complaint, he doesn’t have to answer to Agastya. Agastya urges Imlie to return home, but she refuses to return.

Precap: Agastya asks Imlie to return home with him and beats up the goons. Imlie refuses to go with him.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Imlie upcoming story

ANS. Amma ji is angry and wants to know the family details of the girl he is marrying.

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