Imlie 7th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie 7th November 2023  Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 7th November 2023 episode starts with Agastya gets angry at the goons for hurting Imlie and tells the goons that he will kill all three of them. He beats up goons. The goons run away. Agastya then sees unconscious Imlie and remembers finding her slippers and earrings on the road. He cries holding Imlie and requests her to wake up. He leads her to his car and yells at her to get up.

Imlie opened her eyes. He makes him sit and gives him water. Imlie refuses remembering his wish that she would get lost in the forest and he would never be able to see her face again. A public bus arrives. Imlie stops him and sits in it while Agastya asks her to sit in his car.

Agastya returned home. Rajni asks why did he come late and where is Imlie. Annapurna says Imlie had called and told that Pallavi is unwell and hence she will stay at her parents’ house. She asks Agastya if he had left Imlie safely. He says yes. She asks him to rest now and get ready for Navami puja in the morning. Jugnu applies a bandage on Agastya’s back wound.

Recalling Imlie’s request to accompany her to her relative’s house, Agastya feels guilty and refuses and curses her. He thinks that despite knowing how dangerous the area is, she refused his request and got him into trouble. He calls Imlie. Imlie rejects his calls again and again. Then she picks it up and asks what it is.

Ashu speaks. Imlie gets happy hearing his voice and asks how is he. Ashu says he is cute as always and asks how is she. After hearing his voice Imlie says he is fine. Ashu says doctor uncle told that he is recovering and will be discharged soon. Imlie talks to the doctor who tells that Ashu will be cured after 2 more treatments and she has to pay Rs 4 lakh.

Imlie agrees to give Rs 4 lakh and asks her not to stop Ashu’s treatment. Ashu asks her when she will come to meet him. Imlie says her new job is very painful and she is stuck there, she has to bear some more pain and then will be with him soon. Ashu says they will party when they meet. Imlie disconnects the call crying emotionally.

When Imlie does not pick up his call, a guilt-ridden Agastya calls Pallo. Pallo says she is in a relative’s wedding and is not able to hear him properly. Agastya says he called her just like that and disconnects the call. He thinks Imlie’s family is outside, so he can reach there and try to make her understand. He reaches there and knocks the door.

Imlie doesn’t open the door remembering her bitter words again. She reminds him of Agastya’s words and says he should be happy now. Agastya says she said this in anger and pleads with him to let her come in and help him. She loses consciousness. He breaks down the door, goes inside, puts her to bed, and takes care of her wounds. Imlie opens her eyes and sees him crying.

Precap: Sonali tells Imlie that Agastya is a bar dancer’s son and his father is at fault. Imlie is shocked to hear this.The voiceover asks if Agastya’s past will ruin their married life.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Imlie upcoming story

ANS. Amma ji is angry and wants to know the family details of the girl he is marrying.

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