Katha Ankahee 15th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 15h November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 15th November 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 15th November 2023 episode starts withKatha is sitting when she gets a call so she answers it, Vanya says that she is a part of her brother’s life today and always in this life that she knows, Katha answers that she It knows and will not return there. Wants Viaan to see that he is not a part of his life. Vanya asks if she doesn’t know Viaan Bhai who will come to her with determination. She tells that the questions to which she does not get answers become puzzles revolving in her mind, hence she should think about it. Vanya vows to bring them both together as she believes in the magic of love and that it will grow stronger if they stay closer while it will surely show its magic one day.

Katha thinks what can she do and thinks how she decided to go and talk with Viaan once again, she feels that she should also go there as she can’t run away from all this and Raghav’s entire life. The family is there so what if there is some misunderstanding as Aarav has become normal after so long, Katha wonders how can she go there when Ahsaan sir also says that it would be better if she should stay away.

They all are laughing when Vikram says that they had to spend the whole night on the road because of someone and he points towards Raghav, Pari aunty says that is what they say that the one who does the mistake blames the other. Raghav tells that there was some petrol in the car and he thought of following the map but someone said that he remembered it, Vikram says that he was going on the way after twelve years but why did he believe him, Pari aunty starts arguing with Vikram.

Viaan turns back after feeling that someone touched him, so he thinks it is Katha, but he turns back when Raghav asks where he is lost, Viaan replies that he is about Katha. Teji also gets shocked as I was busy thinking, Raghav explains that they have to be careful with this man. His words can cause great confusion. Teji asks Viaan to come as they have to light the diya.

Teji goes with Viaan and explains that Katha will not come and he should give himself some time after which he will forget Katha and she should think that she is from a very good family who are good people. Viaan accepts that they are good people but Teji and Katha have their own place in this house with him so he asks her not to worry and lights the lamp. Viaan turned and saw Katha standing there and he started smiling, Teji was shocked to see him but Viaan was not able to control his smile and he did not even realize when the matchstick got completely burnt and how much pain he felt. , he was surprised to find that it was not. Sapna is standing in front of Viaan Katha who is just staring at him when he says that he knew she would come. Ruhi is also surprised to see her mother and runs to hug her, when they leave Viaan is about to say his words so he consoles Teji and asks her to come.

Raghav asks Katha if she is feeling okay, Katha says that she thought she should also come as Mr. Raghuvanshi invited her very lovingly. Raghav says she is lying as she came here because of Viaan’s attraction, as she called all of them, she sees Katha is stressed so mentions that it is bad time. Pari Aunty asks Teji to meet her beautiful daughter-in-law Katha, she signals Katha to take blessings but Teji stops her and then blesses her and explains that she felt good that Katha came, Teji wants to take her blessings.

He was forced to control his emotions when Viaan asked Katha to sit beside his mother. Ruhi tells that Viaan sir told them that he likes to play cricket so she asked her not to tell Aarav because he will then make Viaan sir his best friend, Raghav asks her not to do it because he will definitely Roop will join the cricket club with Viaan and Aarav.

Teji tells Katha that they have made her favorite chole, when Raghav asks how she knows this they all get worried, Viaan says he was ordering in the office and when Katha asked he told her. And now he told his mother, he says that Ruhi likes Belgian chocolate.

Vanya and Ahsaan enter the lift to go to Mr. Malthora’s house when she asks what would be the problem if Katha Bhabhi returns to their house, when Ahsaan says that he will handle everything, she notices Vanya and asks Why does he feel like he even tried to handle something but Vanya says that he didn’t do anything and so he will definitely get the gift he wanted, Vanya guesses him when he says He says they can cancel this party and go celebrate but she stops him when he says she got the best gift. Getting engaged to the girl who loves him very much. They exit the elevator.

Teji is sitting in the room looking at Viaan’s photo with Katha and Aarav, then Katha enters the room apologizing to her, Teji says that she has ruined Katha’s life, but even now she is apologizing, katha replies that this is not what should be done but she feels that it would be better if he does not come here. When Teji replies that she is trying to inform Viaan also but she has to give some time because then everything Something will be resolved, they both hug each other when Pari aunty comes, goes to the door and calls Teji.

Viaan is reciting his poem and everyone is listening to him. At the end Raghav praises him for being such an impressive poet, Viaan once again continues to recite it and they all start clapping for him. Vikram praises Viaan a lot and then Raghav asks Ruhi to bring some mini burgers for him, Ruhi tells him not to make excuses and not to eat too much as she knows he wants to talk about some important issue. So she is leaving, Viaan says Ruhi is very intelligent. Vikram asks why Viaan doesn’t introduce him to the girl as he is sure that the girl will come back to him, Raghav says that Viaan is not aware of his conviction as they will definitely bring her back.

Pari Aunty asks Teji if everything is fine, who says that indeed everything is fine, Teji tells that after watching Katha she remembered someone who was exactly like her daughter, Pari Aunty notices that Both of them were emotional when Teji asked them to come out as everyone was waiting. Them.

Raghav asks Viaan to be his best man as he has no brother at his wedding. When Yuvraj is in the story, Raghav says Viaan can take his time, but Viaan apologizes and explains that He wants to give an update about the project they both are working on. , he blesses that they should always be blessed as a couple, Viaan explains that the credit goes to him because he has a habit of putting soul into everything he does, Katha replies that he is designing It’s easier for Viaan when Raghav suggests that Katha should call him, but he says that Katha will call him when it is easier for her because some barriers are needed but when they are broken it will bring them straight. Takes you to the heart. Raghav says that both of them should trust each other as they are working on the same project, Katha replies that she trusts him so much and after the end of this project they both go to their respective places. Will become busy in life.

Precap: Aarav says he has not been able to contact his mother and questions where they all have come. Viaan pleads with Katha to give him a chance to come back in her and Aarav’s love as he will definitely handle everything, he hugs her while she is crying. Raghav comes to call Katha so she pushes Viaan away while Raghav stands outside the door.

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