Katha Ankahee 1st November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 1st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 1st November 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 1st November 2023 episode starts with Katha is driving the car when Viaan requests to give at least one chance, Katha asks how can she take a chance with her child as she has suffered a lot in her life but after that day she is in mental trauma. With the passage of time Viaan will also move on and realize that he has done all this for the good of everyone, to save all three of them from this world.

Viaan asks if she is feeling pain, then Katha replies that she feels pain every day, she knew that she would have to endure this pain throughout her life, but she did not hurt her son to save herself. Can because it is not his fault. Aarav and her will keep blaming themselves if she finds out the truth, so they both will stay away from each other, which will be the best option for all of them, Katha tells Viaan to forget her, she is the past. Faints on car seat.

When the guards help Viaan, Katha gets out of the car, she points towards the building where he lives so the guards ask her to come as well but she says that if she had the strength to do so, she would. Couldn’t ask them to come. Katha thinks that if she had not stayed away from him, she would have lost her son, but Raghav came and so her son could come out of the shock. Looking at the time, Katha is surprised to know that she has gone on a date with Raghav.

The guards put Viaan on the bed when Teji thanks them so they leave, she takes the shoes off his feet while he falls unconscious.Katha enters the house where Raghav is waiting when she says that she went to the hotel but it was closed and she is sorry because she couldn’t keep track of time, Raghav says that he knows if someone important comes. If things don’t work out, she doesn’t miss the date. So asks if everything is settled, Katha replies that she has sorted everything but has ruined their date, Raghav asks who said she has ruined anything because she was at the right time.

Raghav points towards the corner where the table with lights is kept, Katha is surprised to see this when she asks why he did this, he replies that he thought about the remaining night. Better have fun otherwise everything would have been ruined. Raghav kneels down and takes the ring, he tells that he has made sure that the ring is of his size, so it will not cause any further injury. Raghav sees that her finger still hasn’t healed so explains that the ring can wait, Katha agrees explaining that they can eat something as she is really hungry and they have to get up early tomorrow too .

Raghav says that it is the time clock in their house, when Katha replies she thinks that it also wakes up the rooster in the morning, but tomorrow Aarav is going alone, so who knows how nervous he will be when Raghav wakes up. Will replies that Aarav is behaving like a prince. Since there is horse riding also, informs that he warns Aarav that he should take care of himself as he had just sat on a horse once in his life but started shivering.Viaan wakes up in the morning when he realizes what happened in Singles, still he wonders how Katha could do this to him and move on with his life so easily, he walks away in anger.

Teji calls Ahsaan and tells him that she came to know that Katha got engaged to Dr. Raghav and she was shocked, but now she feels that Viaan should also move on, which is why when she is at the singles event When he went, he thought that he had decided. Do this but he came back really drunk last night, he then asked Liza who told that Viaan met Katha in the program, but if she was engaged then what was she doing in the program, Teji Asks Ahsan to find out where Viaan had gone in the morning. Vanya asks if Katha Bhabhi is engaged then what was the need for her to come to the singles meet, Ahsaan replies that only Katha can answer this but he knows that she never does anything wrong.

Viaan walks into the cabin when Ahsaan asks him if he is okay, Viaan tells that Katha was in a singles meeting and he asks Ahsaan to get Katha’s address from the competition organisers. Ahsaan asks Viaan why he wants to meet Katha while she doesn’t want to meet him, Viaan replies that it doesn’t happen because they weren’t just friends and were going to spend their lives together, giving her the right to go without saying anything. No and should at least talk to her for the last time, Viaan asks how can she live in peace after ruining him, Ahsaan says he understands it but what if the narrative has gone ahead, Viaan answers. Gives that he will not beg her to come back again. Her life but she can go after clarifying the situation, Viaan gets angry when he asks if Ahsaan wants to help him get the information from the guy who gave them the pass and then ask the organizers to arrange it. Viaan walks away angrily while Ahsaan is worried.

Katha is packing Aarav’s clothes when suddenly she hears Ruhi screaming and she runs towards her room, where Ruhi is throwing all her clothes.Ruhi says none of her clothes are fitting, Katha sits down Ruhi asks her not to worry as she is very beautiful and there will definitely be a dress that will fit her but Ruhi says That mom is just saying this to make her feel better but Katha picks out a dress for her and then asks Ruhi to go and get a jacket from her wardrobe.

Raghav enters the room saying that Katha is not a woman but definitely someone important as Ruhi is listening to him while she does not let him enter her room saying that her fashion sense. not good. Katha tells Raghav that they have to get married quickly but Raghav says they will talk about it in the evening, Katha says they won’t be able to do that because she has planned a small meeting, Raghav asks. Has he planned any party? When Katha replied that she has planned it for them, Raghav said that he is definitely thankful to Katha in his life and maybe she has done some good too , Katha thinks that she should get married quickly because then she will not be able to go back even if she does. Want to go back.

Ahsaan is with Vanya when she is angry and saying that she wants to make sure that her brother gets some way out because how can Katha Bhabhi move on in her life so easily when Ahsaan asks Vanya that What is she saying? Because they all know that Katha never does anything without a reason and surely there must be a reason for doing all this, Vanya gets angry saying that then she should at least talk to them. Wanting to be told more about what happened, Ahsan explains that whatever happened that night at the Grewal house was really disturbing and could scare anyone. Vanya asks him what they can do but he replies that he is not sure at all, Viaan asks Ahsan about the details, he gets tense saying that he has the details but it will take some time. It would seem that Viaan gets angry after hearing this.

Katha comes to sit in the cafe when Parnav asks her not to be angry at him, he tells that a request has come from Viaan sir for his profile, Katha gets shocked.

Precap: Ahsaan shows the address of the cafe to Viaan so Viaan angrily leaves from there. Viaan angrily pushes Paranav to the corner and says that he should not think that he has much importance in his story, hence he should tell Katha’s location, Paranav gets scared when Katha asks Viaan to let him go. Yes, he is stunned to see Katha standing there. ,

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