Katha Ankahee 23rd October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 23rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 23rd October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 23rd October 2023 episode starts with Raghav questions Katha to remove water drops from her flowers. He will get the ring repaired tomorrow, he asked if she is happy. Katha asks if her therapy session has started. Raghav is afraid of her because she doesn’t fight like every doctor. Katha recalls the fight with Viaan over Aarav. Raghav likes to fight instead of coaxing each other with love. He wants a lover’s quarrel. Katha thinks that aggressive people have romanticized love, Raghav and Katha make a better couple in their settled and happy life, and she leaves. Raghav knows that she is engaged but he is not in love, he had loved her and expected her to love him too.

In the story, the entire family is dancing except Aarav, who was standing idle out of madness. Raghav gets tired of trying to confuse her. Katha gets a call from Yuvraj who informs her about Viaan’s return. Raghav asks if everything is fine. Katha gets a call from a customer, he needs some time to rest. Katha set out to roam.

While Viaan was driving reminiscing his memories with Katha, he passed her on the road. After a few miles their vehicles broke down. A child requests Katha to buy an umbrella, Katha has no money. Viaan comes out of his car to make the call. Clouds start raining, Viaan and Katha take shelter under a hut. The boy wants Viaan to buy an umbrella, Viaan gives him a lot of money.

Viaan opens the umbrella, it falls far in front of Katha. Viaan talks to himself, thinking that even the clouds can see them in pain. Viaan sees someone picking up his umbrella, it was Katha, and they both could not see each other. The story ends. Vian knows this rain will be touching her too, she must tell the world about their connection, and it might help them come together. Viaan sees a glimpse of the woman under his umbrella.

Katha comes to Raghav’s house reading a book. He gives him a towel, asks about the umbrella. Katha didn’t know, he saw it and caught it. Katha asks why he couldn’t sleep. When she was outside she was being helped by strangers, but Raghav could not do the same. Katha said that he could have called him. Raghav, not wanting to disturb her peace, asked if she had found it outside.
Teeji wants Viaan to control himself after knowing that Katha has changed her house. Vianne knows that she can’t run forever, she will stop at some point where she will be faced. Teeji agrees.Raghav and Katha come to check Aarav who was sleeping.Viaan is standing in his balcony reading poetry.

Raghav tells Katha that now this is her house, she should live freely and happily. This house is a safe place for her and Aarav. Raghav’s safe place is the story. Raghav leaves. Katha was in despair.

Viaan knows that he will get what he is destined to get. Katha cries loudly. Viaan tells Katha to sleep and lies down. They both fell asleep.

The next morning, Katha teaches yoga to her new family. After the session is over, everyone wants paratha and butter. Katha wants them to get healthy meat. At the breakfast table she serves healthy breakfast to everyone. Vikram has ambivalent thoughts about the bitter gourd juice but becomes positive after the first sip. Raghav calls it the magic of Katha, she corrects it, the cook has made it. Ruhi wants Katha to help her in a school project. Aarav complains of hearing snoring at night. Ruhi threatens him to lock the door at night, she can attack him while he sleeps. Raghav asks Katha to accompany him to meet the doctor.

Viaan prepares breakfast, tells Teeji that he is going to open mic, he was invited to read poetry. Teeji appreciates.Katha agrees to go with him.

In the evening, Raghav keeps watching Katha. She questions, Raghav tells that he did not tell her about looking so beautiful. He heard someone discussing about poetry and how the poet would read here this evening. Ruhi sees Viaan’s poster. Katha was in shock.

Precap: Viaan is being welcomed. Raghav tells Katha about Viaan’s books. Katha wants to go but Raghav asks her to stay and wait for Viaan.

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