Kavya 19th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 19th October 2023 episode starts  with Adhiraj saying mom, I will go now. He takes blessings of Giriraj and Malini. Giriraj remembers Omi’s words. He says my name will be bright, work hard. Adhiraj says I am not going there for picnic, I will go and take care of your name, take care of mother. Kavya says I will go now. Anjali says keep calling. Kavya says take care. She meets Malini. Malini asks him to take care.

Jaideep talked to Shubh on call. Shubh says I lost everything, I can’t lose Kavya, I love her a lot. Jaideep says nothing will happen to him. Shubh says I broke the engagement, but if anything happens to her I will do something, now you are responsible for her. Jaideep says nothing will happen to him. Everyone sits in the bus. Adhiraj asks Kavya to sit. Kavya says you leaked that video, you know no one can harm you. Omi gets a call from Giriraj.

Giriraj says Adi has left for Basant Khedi, go and help him, we have to prove that the land is worthless then we will get it, did you understand. Omi says yes. Sanjeev says I have leaked that video, I had sent it to my brother and he sent it to someone else, sorry, it is not Adhiraj’s fault, he saved me. Kavya goes to Adhiraj. she falls. She sits near him. He steps aside. She moves towards him.

logic. He flirts with her. She smiles She says I need a friend, friends? Adhiraj says friendship is boring, I can’t be your friend, but okay, I can try. they smile. They all dance to Ladki Beautiful…. Kavya falls on Adhiraj. He gets a call. Shubh asks how are you? Kavya says I am fine, you? He says I am fine, where are you, that’s it? She says yes, I am going to Basant Khedi. He says that I want to ask whether it was necessary to do this there. She asks did uncle ask you to call me. He says no, I am worried about you, if possible don’t go.

She says if you were worried about me then why did you put such a condition that we got separated. He says I love you a lot, leave this thought. She says I can’t run away from this, are you preparing for UPSC. He says I did not initiate. She asks why, promise me, you will concentrate well. He says ok, I want to ask something, do you still miss me. Kavya cries.

Malini sees Anjali crying. She asks why are you crying after Kavya left. Anjali says no. Malini consoles him. Anjali thanks Kavya for helping her. Giriraj calls Malini and asks if you don’t want to come. Malini ends the call. Anjali asks does your husband talk loudly, I am sorry to say this. Malini talks to him. Adhiraj sleeps. He gets up and looks at Kavya. They reached Basant Khedi. Kavya remembers Navya. she drinks water.
Jaideep gives the hospital project to Kavya. Kavya talks to the villagers. They get angry at him. Adhiraj saves Kavya and hugs her.


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ANS. You can watch Kavya online on sonyliv or it will telecast on sonytv

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