Kavya 7th November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya 7th November 2023 episode starts with Kavya seeing Adi leaving. They sulk…play…they remember their moments. Sanjeev asks are you leaving us. He hugs Adi and cries. Adi says I am not dying, just going, have fun in my room. He hugs all his friends. He leaves. Sanjeev stops Kavya. She says I am going home. He says you could have gone with Adi, but you suspended him.

She says yes, I just told the truth. He argues with him. He defends Adi and says you took revenge from him. She says okay, I am disgusting, I admit that I was upset with the permit Adi got, but he is Giriraj’s son, he is cunning. He says this is too much, I know him, he is not like his father. She says I don’t know anything, Shubh came and helped me and Adi broke my trust. She goes. Rajiv and Anjali wait for Kavya. Kavya comes home. Everyone gives him gifts. Rajeev started crying with happiness. Anjali also cries. They welcome Kavya and hug her. People praise Kavya. Kavya and her family dance happily. Kavya thinks about etc.

Omi’s wife calls him and asks to see Giriraj dancing. Omi is surprised. He asks are you okay? Giriraj says yes, when will you start a good life, tell me, you are seeing Kavya’s victory, this is the beginning of her defeat, Adi is removed from IAS, he is heartbroken, Kavya gets the blame. , Rajeev and Kavya betrayed me and I got power supply, I will not leave them. Rajiv saw Navya’s photo. Kavya talks to Navya’s photo. She says Navya tells me right and wrong and today both your daughters have won. He says yes, so I’m very proud. Anjali jokes.

Shubh comes and welcomes them. He gives a shawl to Kavya. Kavya asks will you have tea. He says no, thanks. He leaves. Anjali asks if you are with Shubh again. Shubh scolds those people who were taunting him about Kavya. Men laugh and joke at him. Malini asks Alka if Adi came. Alka says she is in her room.

They see Kavya’s news playing on TV. Malini says he has done a great job, he is special, even when I passed the IAS exam, I got such a welcome in my area too. Alka says yes, that’s why you have got a diamond like me and Kavya, Kavya is so sweet and innocent, why don’t we make her Kavya Pradhan. Malini smiled. Adi comes and says Kavya Pradhan, what? Malini asks how are you. He says ok, did I hear right. He tells them the news. Malini sends Alka out.

Anjali asks why didn’t you tell me. Kavya says there is nothing to say, I have come here to celebrate Diwali with you. Anjali says if there is anything then tell me. Kavya does not say anything. Anjali asks if Shubh apologized. Gauri asks did you apologize to him, he has insulted us a lot. Adi complains about Kavya. She says these habits make her unique, she is talented, only she can bring change, how did she misunderstand me. Shubh says I have moved forward, I have self-respect but love also. Anjali asks have you forgiven Shubh. Shubh says I will marry Kavya. Adi says the chapter is over, I will forget Kavya.

Adi and Kavya have a moment. Giriraj says we have to cut Rajiv’s roots and send him to jail. Rajiv broke down. Police harasses the family. Kavya is worried

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