Keh Doon Tumhein 13th November 2023 Written Update

Keh Doon Tumhein 13th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Todays Keh Doon Tumhein 13th November 2023  episode starts with Dev giving his service gun and accessories. He sits at his home and drinks alcohol. He says Vikrant played well, but the game is not over yet, I will throw such a game that Vikrant will get trapped. He laughs. Pandit matched the horoscopes and said all 36 gunas are matching, muhurat is after two days and again after 5 months.

Dadi says we need early muhurat, we will fix the date after 2 days. Madhuri says okay, we will prepare soon. Neha asks how will I decide the outfit in 2 days. Shreyas asks Pandit to come. they smile. Madhuri says I will tell Kirti, I can’t believe it, Kirti is marrying Sarkar. Dev comes to school. He wonders why Sarkar killed Ritu. Ritu’s friend comes. Dev asks what happened. She says you are investigating Ritu’s murder case, right. He says yes, you know him. She says yes, I wanted to tell you something. He asks her to say. Kirti says Puru, I want to tell you something about my marriage.

Puru says Sarkar uncle said he will protect you. She says there is no doubt, he will become part of our family, just you were my family till now, Vikrant will become my husband, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, never think that mother’s love will get divided, No, you can tell me, you are more than my marriage to me. He says it is good that Sarkar uncle became my father. She says yes. He says I want a new papa who loves me a lot, Sarkar uncle is the best. Vikrant comes and asks what are you talking about.

Puru says you are becoming our family. Vikrant says no one can separate us now. They embrace. Dev asks what do you know. Garuda asks Dev to go to Bhopal. The girl goes. Dev scolds Garuda. He searches for the girl. He goes to the bike and stops him. He asks why are you running away, you can tell me whatever you know about Ritu, don’t be afraid of me, I am a policeman, Ritu was your good friend, do you want her to get justice. She nods. He says so tell me whatever you know.

She says I heard that Bittu is a serial killer, but… the day he was murdered, I saw Vikrant carrying unconscious Ritu in his car, I had forgotten something in school and I was there. He says you mean you saw him putting Ritu’s body in the car. She says I don’t know, it was the dead body or she was unconscious. Vikrant gets a call from the principal. He says what was Dev doing outside the school, go back to Bhopal otherwise you will yearn to leave from here. he gets angry.

Dev says this matter is between us, you know everyone considers Vikrant as Sarkar, no one should know this, will you become a witness in this case. She says no sir. He says Vikrant is a dangerous man, he should be caught, I will protect you. he agrees. He thanks him. He thinks how will Vikrant survive now. Vikrant thanks the tailor for coming in short time. The man says because of you many houses run well, I will make your sherwani in the best way. Fame comes. Vikrant says master ji has come to take measurements of our wedding dresses. She says in 2 days, I will wear anything readymade.

Tailor says this is our government’s wedding, we will make clothes. He gives the measuring tape to Vikrant and asks him to message Keerti’s measurements. He leaves. She says you are making a lot of arrangements. He says this is the most special day of my life, I have to do something to make it more special, I want our marriage to be remembered for the whole life. He takes its measurements. She says the day you proposed me in front of everyone, I was feeling shy. He smiles and says it’s good that you didn’t get angry. She asks why would I get angry, I was nervous, I wasn’t able to decide about my future, but the way you proposed me with sincerity, I couldn’t refuse, I was very happy with this decision. I am happy.

He says I am also very happy, I never thought that I will propose the one I love. She says I never thought we will get married, it is destiny. They remember their moments. He says I didn’t even think, but as they say, whatever happens happens for good, I love you Kirti. She says Vikrant I also love you. They come close to kissing. Puru comes shouting, Mama, Papa, look what aunt and grandmother have given. Vikrant asks what did you tell me? Puru says papa, I have decided to call you papa.

Vikrant says I also want you to call me papa. They kiss Puru. Dev comes home and asks what is special in Sarkar’s house. Tailor says yes, tomorrow is Sarkar’s marriage with Kirti. Dev is surprised. He says how can you fall in love with Vikrant, he is a serial killer, you are putting Puru and your life in danger, no, I won’t let this happen, I want that marriage Must be done.

Vikrant asks what Dev got now. Dev says Bittu is dead, someone has poisoned him. Kirti asks what? Jadhav says Dev is after your school student in some case. Vikrant is worried. Dev says Vikrant is a serial killer, he is Bittu’s partner. He has murdered Anju.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Keh Doon Tumhein

ANS. You can watch Keh Doon Tumhein online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Keh Doon Tumhein Si upcoming story

ANS. Vikrant runs towards the bus stop. He just stops..


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