kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2023 episode starts with RV asking Poorvi why she is so accident prone. He says whenever I saw you, you was in trouble. Poorvi says even I can say the same for you. RV asks why Jasbir had cut Ravan’s legs on Ravan Dahan to make it fall down and the pandal caught fire and asks why did he do this? Poorvi says because of you, always he used to cut the ribbon and inaugurate the pandal, but as you had done it, he might felt bad. RV says I thought I saved you and threw him out of pandal, so he got angry. Poorvi nods no. RV says I saved you when he was marrying you forcibly. Poorvi says you came to get him arrested for burning the pandal and ruined your name. She says it is not good to get defamed that RV industries Pandal caught fire. RV says you are very smart. She says I say truth. RV says your favorite thing is to caught me in trouble and I come to save you always. He says Jasbir is after him. Poorvi says you are good guy and would have helped any girl who would be on my place. RV says no. Poorvi asks if he helped her specially.

RV looks at her. He says there is no voice from outside. Poorvi says she will check. She looks out and says there is nobody inside. She asks him to go and says she will change the clothes. RV comes out of the changing room and sees Harleen standing and seeing him. He then sees Ashutosh and Beena coming there and runs inside the trial room inside. Diya sees him going inside the trial room and takes yug to side. RV tells Poorvi that his mother saw him. Poorvi says Ashutosh and his mother knows that she is inside. They get worried. Beena asks Poorvi to come out fast. Harleen says her son is inside, she saw him going inside. Beena says no, my would be bahu is inside. Ashutosh sees Poorvi’s dupatta and says she is inside. Beena calls Poorvi.

Yug asks Diya why did he hold his hand and asks if she don’t feel ashamed? Diya says she has brought him with her to solve a big problem. She says RV and Poorvi are stuck together in the changing room and says I am sure that they don’t want to be seen together. They argue. She says they need our help. Yug says they might want to come out together so that Ashutosh’s heart gets broken in pieces, and my Badimaa can see her bahu first. Diya says you have mental disorder as I see this dream daily, but it is impossible. She says now she feels that it can be possible. Yug asks her to call Poorvi.

Harleen says she saw her going inside. Ashutosh says this chunari is of my fiance and asks what he will do with my fiance’s chunari. Poorvi is about to take her chunari, but RV stops her. Harleen says may be his fiance forgot it here. Diya calls Poorvi and asks RV and you are inside. Poorvi says yes, and says she can’t talk to her much. Diya says because RV’s mother and Ashutosh and his mother are outside. Poorvi asks how do you know? Harleen says she will knock on the door and make them hear her son. Poorvi tells Diya that they can’t see us together in the trial room, and asks her to do something. Diya says we will do something. She tells Yug that they need help.

Harleen knocks on the door and calls RV. Beena tells her that Poorvi is inside and says we have eyes and not marbles. Harleen asks you mean to say that my eyes are marbles. Beena says you shall get specs. RV asks what happened Maa, I am coming outside. Beena gets shocked and says Poorvi is with RV inside. Poorvi gets worried. RV says he can’t bear when someone says something to his mother. He says he will not let anything happen to her respect.

Diya and Yug come there. Diya asks him to act to fight with her. She shouts and asks him why did he hold her hand. Poorvi says Diya is fighting. Yug says you are holding my hand. Diya says I am holding your hand to prove that you held my first hand. Harleen goes to them and asks what is happening here. Yug says he is trying to figure out. Ashutosh asks what did you learn in Vidyalaya. Yug asks what? Ashutosh says he doesn’t know about Vidhyalaya…school. RV tells that they have done this to distract them, and asks Poorvi to go now.

Poorvi removes her dupatta and keeps it there, as they know that dupatta is inside. RV stops her and makes her wear another dupatta. Poorvi comes out and goes from there. Diya and Yug see her coming out. RV comes out and asks what is happening? Ashutosh, Beena and Harleen come to him. Ashutosh asks where is Poorvi? RV asks who? Harleen says I said that my son is inside. Diya comes there. Ashutosh says Poorvi was inside. Diya says she is in the other room, and says she knows, she is her sister. Harleen asks them to get their brain treated. RV asks if everything ok. Harleen says yes, and asks RV and Yug to come with her. Yug asks Diya not to defame him and tells that even he has respect. Diya says she will see him. Poorvi comes there. Beena says we are searching you and asks what your dupatta is doing it here. Poorvi says it was here, I was searching it. She takes it. Ashutosh asks why you didn’t change your dress till now. Diya says she has given her other dress to try. Ashutosh says ok. Beena says you was not here and we were standing here as bewakhoof. Diya asks what? Ashutosh explains to her and says fools. Diya asks Poorvi to go and try the dress.

Harleen, RV and Yug to Dadi. Dadi says she has taken clothes for all the staff members also. Yug asks for what occasion? Dadi says she found her grand son after a long time, so can’t give the clothes to her staff in this happiness. She says she has left yellow dress in trial room 1. RV says he will get it and goes. Ashutosh tells Beena that they shall buy trolley. Beena says you will get it in marriage.

Diya sees RV and asks what is he doing here? RV says he has come to take her Dadi’s dress. He asks if you want to ask anything and asks you are Diya, who named you? Diya tells the story behind her name, and says when I was born, Poorvi was 3 years old and when someone used to lift me, she used to say Di aa…and that’s why my name came Diya. RV says he didn’t hear best story like this. Diya says Poorvi di and I are best friends too. RV says I didn’t talk about her. Diya says I am saying just like that. RV says Poorvi is sensible. Diya praises her. He asks if she has any flaws that she is marrying Ashutosh. He says he can’t take care of her. Diya tells that they are the family of 7 and in such big families, she doesn’t have permission to see dreams. He says he asked about her flaws, it was a joke.Poorvi comes there wearing the bridal lehenga. Diya runs to her. RV looks at her from far. Apna banade piya plays…..Poorvi looks at RV. RV comes near Poorvi. He signs that she is looking beautiful and goes in the trial room, and gets the yellow dress.

Precap: RV asks Poorvi to stay away from trouble tomorrow night and tells that he is busy. Poorvi asks if he would have helped her. Ashutosh’s aunt tells Prachi that what is poorvi’s fault if Jassi is behind her, RV came to rescue her and she is marrying Ashutosh. Prachi asks what does she mean? Aunt says people are saying the saying about Anaar.

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