kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Update

kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2023 episode starts with the children trapped in fire who participated in Ram Leela. The teacher tells the children that she will call someone for help and asks them to hold each other’s hands. RV is leaving with Yug from the back door. Purvi listens to him. The manager tells the RV that the fire brigade will come and save the kids, and says he will leave.

Purvi tries to go inside, but Prachi takes her out and asks Ashutosh to stay with her. Vishakha comes out and coughs. Manpreet coughs and has difficulty breathing. Prachi asks others to take Manpreet and Vishakha to the hospital. Purvi says she will come with Diya and asks them to come. Purvi gets worried for the kids. Ashutosh heard the guard saying that whoever had their vehicles parked should leave from there. Diya tells Purvi that it seems Ashutosh is already married to her scooter, he left you for this. Purvi runs inside.

RV came out and asked Yogesh if he had a car? Yogesh says he has, but not here. RV asks if there are any vehicles here. The guard tells that he has a jeep. RV says he needs the jeep to go in and save all the kids. He says there are many children inside, so they need a vehicle to save them all. The guard tells that he cannot give the jeep as it has been gifted by his brother-in-law to his wife. RV asks about its price and gives him the price of jeep at 15 lakhs instead of 10 lakhs. The guard says sorry to him. RV says he understands and says he needs to save the kids, and tells that their lives are precious and priceless. Yogesh thinks that the one who risks his life for others will also get burnt. Ashutosh takes his scooter and drives to come out.

Purvi comes inside to go to stall no. 5. Jassi says he will save her because he wants to be a hero. Jassi is chasing Purvi. Diya also comes there, the guard tries to stop her. Yug looks at Diya and thinks this stupid girl is here. He asks RV to stop the car. Diya tells that she is going to stall no. To save 5 children. RV asks him to go and says they are also going there. She says Purvi di had gone there. RV asks if she went in jeep. Diya says she went on foot. RV gets worried.

Ashutosh comes out and looks for Purvi and Diya. Prachi calls him and asks where did they reach? Ashutosh says Purvi was here, but she is not here now. Prachi says I specifically told you not to leave his hand and politely scolds him. Ashutosh says he has found her and ends the call, but the girl is someone else. He talks to his mother and tells that he is upset with the girl he has chosen for him and says that she has gone somewhere and his mother is scolding him. Ashutosh’s mother says how dare he, she will scold him, but he asks her to scold Prachi in front of him, so that he realizes that he should not have scolded her.

Jassi tries to get in, but his guards tell him that they have to stop him and they can’t let him risk his life. They take him out forcibly.RV got his hand burnt while trying to save the children. Diya asks Yug to go and save the kids, and says that RV is like a real-life hero. Yug says there is fire there. Diya says coward. RV sees Purvi coming there and Diya calling him. The jeep gets filled and he drives to take the jeep out. Purvi reaches Diya. Diya says RV has saved all the kids like a hero.

Purvi asks him not to worry and says she will save him. RV takes children out safely. Yug takes the kids out safely. Yogesh praises RV for saving the kids. RV goes back while Yug says bhai diya. Diya and Purvi see RV coming back. Diya says he is coming to save us. Purvi asks since when are you friends with her. Diya says not me but you. Purvi says she had promised to throw Jassi out of the pandal and she kept her promise. They called him and said they were here. The RV bounces and falls down. They ask him to be careful. He sees them and starts running.

The pillar is about to fall on him, but he catches it and comes to Diya and Purvi. He asks what is she doing here? Diya says I told you that my sister came to save children like you. RV says I have come here with complete planning, not like him. He says this is foolishness. Diya says Purvi gathered courage to come here. He asks Diya to leave and asks Purvi if she thought that fire will be set, if she will ask God to bring rain and he will.

Then the wind comes and the red cloth falls on his head. It starts raining and they look at each other. Ashutosh calls Purvi and thinks that if he stays there he will become unwell and leaves from there. Panda Tit ji looks at the rain and thinks it seems like someone has written Kumkum Bhagya of someone in Kundali Bhagya, and someone gets 36-36 qualities.

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ANS. You can watch Kumkum Bhagya online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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