Kumkum Bhagya 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 23rd October 2023 episode starts with  Akshay telling the goon that he has hired him to kill Ranbir and similarly he can hire someone else to kill him. The goon hits Akshay and says you gave incomplete contract, but we did the complete work and killed Ranbir. He asks her to give him the money otherwise he can show what he can do with her. Ashok hears and slaps Akshay.

He says I will call the police. Hearing his words the goons run away. Akshay asks Ashok what will he do if he goes mad. He says that if the police comes to know then I will get death sentence for murder. He asks do you want me to be hanged and says I don’t know what happened to him. Ashok says shameless and unmannered, how dare you look into my eyes and talk to me.

Akshay says this and looks at her. He says he has no regrets for what he did, and says he doesn’t need her lecture, and he’s going to his wife. He reaches inside. Ashok comes behind him. Akshay says that he is not afraid of them or the police. He says he just loves Prachi. He says you are my father so I will not listen to you. Ashok asks him to come to his senses and asks what has he done?

Akshay asks them to feel proud and distribute sweets. Ashok shouted to Akshay. Akshay asks her to cry over her fate of getting kaput instead of saput. Ashok sat in shock. Manpreet comes there. Ashok apologizes and says I can’t do anything, and everything is ruined. They say that he gave good upbringing, then how did he do this? Manpreet goes to get water for him. doorbell rings.

Servant opens the door. Ashok sees Mihika bringing Ranbir there and asks if he is fine? He hugs her. Ranbir asks what happened to you? Mihika comes there and asks what happened? Ranbir says he has a slight injury and shows it. He asks her not to tell Prachi, else she will get worried. He tells that some goons attacked him, and says he will interrogate him when he recovers.

Ashok is sitting on the sofa shocked. Manpreet looks at her. Prachi wakes up and tells Vishakha that he is back? Vishakha asked whom? Prachi says Ranbir is back. she goes out. Vishakha thinks this heart fever is bad. She bumps into Akshay and tells him that she is going to see Ranbir.

Akshay says you behave as if I don’t exist for you and says let Ranbir die. Prachi says you are not my husband, and asks what are you saying? She says you know my heart still beats for my husband and I married you for Khushi’s custody. She says you know well about Ranbir and Khushi and I hope you got all the answers. She goes. Akshay says Ranbir will not come back, but his news will come, news of death. Abhay called him.

Mihika takes Ranbir to her room and makes him sit. She removes his shoes. Ranbir says I am fine and asks her to go and do her work. He says if you stay here then Prachi will know that I am not well. Mihika says if I say anything you will feel bad. If Ranbir says then don’t say. Mihika says I want to ask you something.

Ranbir says you will feel bad about my answer. Mihika asks why do you feel and care for Prachi, why is she important for you. Ranbir says you want me to repeat it. Mihika says if I say I don’t know. Ranbir says so you are cheating yourself and me. Mihika says he will go and wash her hands. Ranbir thinks he has to go and tell everyone that Mihika and him are not together. Mihika goes.

Ranbir gets up and falls down. Prachi holds him and asks are you fine? Ranbir says I am fine and asks are you fine. Mihika asks what is going on? Prachi says Ranbir was about to fall. Mihika asks why did he get up. Ranbir asks about Khushi. Prachi says she is in her room. Ashok tells Manpreet that Ranbir’s life is in danger. Manpreet says that is why Prachi was saying that Ranbir’s life is in danger.

Vishakha comes and tells that Prachi has to see the doctor and tells that Ranbir has come. Manpreet says yes, he has come. Ashok says he has been stabbed. Manpreet says that was when Prachi felt that she was in danger. Vishakha asks how did Prachi know? Ashok says that they have a relation of heart. Manpreet says that they have a heart-to-heart relationship. Ashok tells that we cannot change destiny. Vishakha sits on the sofa and asks what about my Akshay and Mihika?

Mihika asks Prachi why is she running after Ranbir? Prachi asks what do you mean and asks him to say it clearly. Mihika asks him to stop acting. Prachi says she doesn’t want to talk to him and is going to meet Ranbir. Mihika

Says she is fine. Prachi says I want to see him myself. Mihika stops him and says you will not go anywhere. She asks her to stay away from Ranbir. Prachi says she is feeling pain. Mihika says you will be in a lot of pain and that is why I am asking you to stay away. She holds his hand tightly. Prachi asks Mihika to stay away from Ranbir and says only what is destined will happen.

She says I can’t snatch my daughter’s father from her, and says if Ranbir marries you, my happiness is not safe, as you can harm her. She says that is why I have decided to save Ranbir from you. She says Ranbir always stood by you, but you Mihika says my fiance revolves around you and you revolve around him. Prachi says your thinking is dirty, and tells that Khushi is her life and Ranbir is close to her heart.

Mihika says Ranbir is only mine. Prachi says that Rhea also used to say this. Mihika says you can’t even imagine what I can do, and asks her to stay away from Ranbir. Prachi says I have always listened to my heart and will do the same in future also. She says I would have happily married you, but now I have seen your truth and will not let her marry you. Mihika says Ranbir will ask everyone to buy clothes for the wedding and says he will marry me day after tomorrow. She says that Ranbir himself will propose me for marriage.

Abhay tells Akshay that Prachi Bhabhi never said that she loves you and you are trying to bring her into your life. Akshay says so what? Abhay says she was always clear that Ranbir was in her heart and life, and asks why are you forcing her into a relationship with you. Akshay asks if Ranbir asked you to say this. He says you are my brother and will support me. Abhay says Prachi doesn’t love you. Akshay says that a loveless marriage will work for him. Abhay says even your marriage did not happen with him. Akshay asks him to shut his mouth. Abhay thinks nothing good will happen for any of them.

Ranbir hugs Khushi and tells that when he went out he was afraid that he would not be able to see her again. Khushi asks him to stay there and leaves. Akshay sees Ranbir in Khushi’s room and thinks Raghu is of no use. Khushi brings the sacred thread and tells Ranbir that she will make him wear this thread. She says I love you papa, don’t be afraid because I am with you.

She ties the sacred thread on his hand. Akshay got angry. Ranbir kisses the thread and thanks him. Khushi smiles. Akshay leaves from there. Khushi asks him not to be afraid and says I am with you, your bodyguard. She hugs Ranbir. Ranbir says I love you. Naina’s song plays… Khushi hugs him and asks him to do his work, asks him to open his cupboard, as she wants to play. Ranbir takes out toys and gives them to her. Akshay comes to his room and is worried.

Precap: Ranbir tells Khushi that he will take her to the real wedding and show her. Khushi tells that she wants to see mumma’s marriage and asks her to get married. Ranbir says its a good idea and I will marry your mumma. Mihika listens to him. Ranbir asks Prachi not to add carbohydrates as he wants to gain weight as his marriage will be happening soon.

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