kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2023 episode starts with Prachi tries to talk to Akshay and says I want to talk to you. Akshay asks what? Ashok comes there. Prachi asks why are you behaving as if you are very hurt and in problem. Akshay asks him to leave her alone and says he will take care of himself. Ashok asked what happened? Akshay asks him to relax and says he will handle.

Mihika asks him to tell. Akshay says that he does not want to answer to anyone. Prachi asks him in front of whom he is talking. She says I didn’t tell anyone about your behavior because I don’t want them to be worried, and asks why are you behaving as if you don’t remember that our marriage isn’t real. She says I already told you why I am doing this marriage with you, and told you that nothing is right between me and my husband, why are you angry when everything is going well.

Akshay says I am not angry, anger is a secret statement and says I am burning from inside and feel like she is using. Ashok says Prachi clearly told you that she is marrying you for Khushi’s custody. Akshay asks Ashok to bring Prachi’s birth certificate and says I am sure your name will be on it. Manpreet tries to talk to Akshay. Akshay says I was wondering why you are not saying anything.

Prachi says it feels like you are somewhere else, not the Akshay who supported me and was nice and honest with everyone. She asks why are you doing this to me. He says that if the same thing is said to you also. He says whoever I feel close to, you gave that person to Ranbir. He says why do you do this, because you are selfish and says I feel bad about it. He says its my only happiness, my daughter whose custody I will transfer to your name tomorrow.

He says Khushi is my daughter and I love her a lot, and she is going away from me, so I am angry and you will marry Ranbir… She asks him to let Ranbir let him meet Khushi. Asks for it, and says he won’t bother. Would love to just meet them. Prachi thanks and hugs Akshay. Akshay smiled. Vishakha looks at him smiling.

Mihika seems suspicious of him. Ashok and Manpreet feel proud of him. Prachi says you should have told this directly. Akshay says I don’t know how to talk directly, but I told one thing directly that I love you truly, but you did not do anything about that. Then he says that he is joking in anger.

Kohli had dinner with Ranbir. Dadi says this house has become a home again. She says she is happy to see them all happy and says I don’t know when was the last time I saw my family happy. Pallavi asks Ranbir when he came to know the truth. Ranbir tells that he was waiting for Prachi to tell the truth and says that she told the truth in her drunken state. Pallavi asks if she drinks.

Ranbir says ‘no’ and tells that someone had spiked his drink. He says he is enjoying talking about her, Tandon ji took her home as his daughter. They laugh seeing his happiness. Ranbir says enough and goes to sleep. Dida asks Pallavi if she is happy with Prachi. Pallavi says she would like Prachi and laughs. Vikram and Dida are happy.

Ranbir is on call and imagines Prachi hugging him. He says you…Prachi asks why is he surprised? Ranbir says he is happy that she is with him. They have a romantic moment. He says that he always dreamed that she was close to him. He says that I always waited for this moment after so many years.

Prachi places her finger on his lips. He goes near her for a kiss, but stops. Prachi comes to him for a kiss and his imagination ends after hearing the phone ringtone and he thinks where did Prachi go? He searches for her and sees her call on mobile. Prachi says there is a good news. Ranbir asks where are you? Prachi says I am in my room, in Tandon’s house. Ranbir says my room is your room and says I felt like we are close and you were about to kiss me, and says I am happy that my dream will come true.

Prachi says it was a dream and says I am here. He says it was really good and asks about the good news. Prachi tells him that Akshay has agreed to transfer Khushi’s custody to my name, and says she felt bad for him because he asked if she would let him meet Khushi. Ranbir asks her not to trust him. He says that this may not be true. Prachi says he is not that bad and asks him to trust her. Ranbir says ok and asks her to kiss. Prachi says goodbye and ends the call. Ranbir says at least he would have given a flying kiss and a smile Prachi also smiles.

Vishakha comes to Akshay and asks what is he thinking? Akshay does not say anything. She urges him to say what he is thinking. Akshay says I felt something and asks why didn’t you become my mother. Vishakha says I am only your mother. Akshay says you always said to make Prachi yours so that she doesn’t leave me, and I always said that I want to win her heart.

He says if I had accepted your words, I would not have been alone today. He says men are strong, but when you see your love with someone else everything goes away. He says whatever you say will happen. He says you said I will be cute and nice to everyone, and Prachi can’t ignore me, and will fall in love with me, like I love her. He says Khushi will choose me over Ranbir and I will become her father. He says Khushi will become the reason for my marriage with Prachi. He says he will arrange Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage, but I will sit with her on the mandap with Prachi’s consent. He says that he will ruin Ranbir completely.

Ranbir comes home after catching the shopping boys. Pallavi asks where did you go? Ranbir keeps the shopping bag. Dida comes and asks if anyone missed me? She says she has gone with her son and then boyfriend and says she has brought Shagun’s stuff to go to Tandon’s house. Vikram asks him to complete it quickly as he does not trust Akshay. Ranbir says he will bring his Siya home. Just then he sees someone coming there and says you.

Vishakha comes home and tells that she has gone shopping to buy Shagun’s stuff to give to Ranbir’s family. She says she has brought clothes and gold chain for them. Prachi asks why did you do this? Manpreet says you are our daughter and we will do anything for you. Ashok told that we will do anything for you.

Prachi gets emotional and says she is lucky to have such a family. She says that she could not even dream that she would get such a family and places her head on Ashok’s hands. Akshay comes there and says then don’t leave us? He says don’t go away from us, as you will forget us and asks to call him on any occasion. Manpreet says for a moment, I thought you had objection to their marriage.

Vishakha says that Akshay himself took me to buy all these things. Akshay tells Prachi that he has a gift for her and gives some papers. Prachi reads it and thanks him. She says these are the custody papers, and says 100 percent custody of Khushi has been given to me by Akshay. She thanks him. Akshay asks her to relax and says Ranbir and you are Khushi’s real parents from now on, not me. Prachi looks at him.

Precap: Pandit ji tells Pallavi and Dida that he has seen Ranbir’s horoscope and it is not good, next 4 days are important for him and anything can happen in these 4 days. Akshay tells Vishakha that everything is fair in this war, your son will win Prachi, this is my promise to you. Ranbir tells Akshay that he knows he is thinking something in his heart and says you can fool everyone, but not me, so don’t do this.

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