kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2023 Written Update

kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2023 episode starts with Dada ji telling that he is 45 years old and tells that he is cursed and his age does not increase. Yug says it is a blessing. Grandfather tells that Harman brought samosa. He pretends to talk on phone and says the car is for Yug. Yug says Harman asked him to buy it. RV also says the same. Harman gets worried.

Harleen says what to say.
Harman asks are you my enemy and asks if they want him to get divorced. He says I swear I brought it and then says I didn’t. He goes after Harleen. Grandfather says that he will close the door and sit in his room and eat samosas. RV says he will not talk about Purvi again. Grandfather refuses and goes away. A man calls RV and asks him to meet Robert’s partner for a deal. RV says he will come. He tells Yug about it.

Diya comes to Purvi and asks if she is really going. Purvi is talking to the tea seller there. Ashutosh asked Diya what she meant? He says she also talks to me like Khushi and says she is my sister-in-law and can tease me. He tries to start the bike, but it doesn’t start. He says that RV has sent an expensive bike, but it is useless and his scooty is much better than the bike. Diya says how can the monkey know the taste of ginger. Ashutosh asks her to speak loudly and says that he also does not like her, and just likes Purvi and that is why he is marrying her. He says he is a diamond.

Diya tells Purvi that she is coal. She says what if he later realizes that he is the wrong man? She apologizes to Ashutosh. Ashutosh tried to start the bike. Diya pressed the button and the bike started. Ashutosh tells Purvi that he knows this, but still he wants to start the bike like this. Diya hugs Purvi and asks her to think again. Purvi sits on the bike and goes with Ashutosh. Diya prays to God to stop the marriage.

They come to 5 star hotel. Ashutosh asked her if she had come here before. She says she didn’t come, but saw from outside. Ashutosh says that when Principal Sir stayed here, he came to give him something. He says he will fulfill all her dreams as she will marry him. He asks the receptionist to book a room for them for 25th January. He asks her to check the rooms on the second floor. The receptionist says there are luxury rooms. Ashutosh says no problem, book it.

He goes to school to take a selfie to show the staff. Purvi turns and sees RV coming down the stairs. RV sees him and comes to him. He asks why did she come here? Purvi says she has come to book the room with Ashutosh. He asks if there is any problem, why is she looking at him. She doesn’t say anything. Ashutosh remembers Diya’s words and asks Purvi to come with him.

Ranbir reaches the hotel room to meet Robert and his partner Patrick and thinks if RV had come there he would have seen my victory. RV comes there and tells that he has got the project. Ranbir says he has got the project. logic. The boy tells that Robert and Patrick want you two to work together as partners. He says KK’s guidance and RV’s risk-taking attitude will do wonders for the project.

KK/Ranbir refuses to partner with him. The man asks him to understand. RV gets a call from home and Harleen asks him to come home. He ends the call and says he is leaving. He says that he will not work with KK. Ranbir says he will not work with RV. RV leaves from there. Ranbir says I will not work with him, don’t call me.

Harman asks Harleen why did she call RV? Harleen says she called him because he scolded Nupur and her. Nupur asks why are you making brother incur losses in business and says nothing is more important than family for him. Harman says we were telling this. Harleen says I will call RV and ask him not to come. She calls RV and asks him not to come, everything is fine. He asks her to have food. Ranbir overhears and thinks he is a good guy and cares about the family. Grandfather tells that grandmother is fighting with him and asks him to come. Yug sees Ranbir looking at him and thinks why is he looking at my brother.

Precap: Ranbir asks Purvi not to marry Ashutosh. Purvi says she is marrying him as per her wish. He asks if Ashutosh is her choice. He then calls Purvi’s mother and says that he wants to talk about Ashutosh and Purvi.

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