kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2023 episode starts with  Purvi telling Ashutosh that he doesn’t understand what just happened. Ashutosh says I took you inside to show you the hotel. She really asks? He asks do you think I don’t want you to meet RV and says I am not insecure with him. He says you have spoiled my mood and says let’s go and book the room. They come to the reception. Ashutosh tells that he wants a room on 25th January because he has a wedding on that day and he wants a room for the guests to get ready and says that he also wants a small banquet hall. Receptionist says you said no earlier.

Ashutosh says I am saying right now. Purvi turns and sees Ranbir. They wave at each other. She runs to him and says you are here? He says yes, and that’s why he met her. He asks how are you? She says she is fine and says you didn’t ask me how am I? She asks him how is he? He says he is angry with her because she didn’t invite him for her engagement and asks didn’t you think of inviting me. Purvi tells that she thought he cannot come because he is so busy. Ranbir says I would have come there and taken care of everything, because you are my daughter and then says like my daughter. He asks her to save his phone and landline numbers in her mobile. He says if you don’t pick up my call then I will call on your landline. Ashutosh asked the receptionist how long he would wait. He comes to Purvi. Purvi says we will talk peacefully. Ashutosh asks why is she asking them to talk to Shanti and says they will think it is their mistake. Ranbir asks her to go and talk to him. Ashutosh left.

Ranbir asks Purvi not to marry this guy. He asks if someone forced you or this marriage is happening against your will. Purvi says she is marrying as per her wish. He asks if this is your choice. She says he is angry now, so you misunderstood and says he is a good guy. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t know her, but knows her. He says you deserve a good guy and says he will find a good guy for her. Purvi says you don’t know him, but he is good at heart. Ashutosh asks Purvi to come. Purvi says she enjoyed talking to him and goes to Ashutosh. Ranbir thinks she is a small girl, I will talk to her mother. He leaves.

Vishakha comes to Divya and asks what is she thinking? Divya says she is dreaming of Diya’s marriage. She says that she will not let Diya marry a poor boy like Purvi and asks her to choose a rich boy. She tells that if she chooses the poor boy then she will ask him to choose between her and that boy and Diya will choose him. Vishakha asks him to calm down and eat samosa. Prachi asks Vishakha if she wants anything, as she is going to the market.

Ranbir thinks of calling Purvi’s mother and telling her that Ashutosh is not the right guy for her. He thinks that he considered Purvi as his daughter and says that she is like happiness to him. He thinks about talking to her. Vishakha tells Prachi that Vimal’s mother has asked me to boil raw turmeric, amla and ginger and drink it instead of tea. Diya asks will tea be brought for you. Divya says before leaving he is asking Prachi bhabhi to make tea for him. Vishakha tells him about Vimal’s mom’s words. Prachi says she will note down. phone rings. Vishakha says it must be Vimal’s mother’s call and asks Divya to pick up the phone.

Prachi says this should be the new order. Divya picks up the call and asks who is he? He says he wants to talk about Purvi and Ashutosh’s relationship. He says he is Krishna Kakkar and asks him to call. Divya calls Prachi. Prachi says hello…Hello..Ranbir thinks about Prachi. Vishakha takes the call and asks what he wants to say. Ranbir says Ashutosh is not the right guy for Purvi. Vishakha says we like that boy and ends the call. Ranbir says he doesn’t like it. Beena asks who was that? Vishakha says maybe she was jealous. She asks Prachi to bring those things. Prachi tells him to call if he needs anything else. Prachi goes. Vishakha asked Divya what was her name? Divya says she has forgotten. Vishakha asks him to ask Prachi to bring almonds.

Dada ji, Harman, Harleen and Nupur come down. Dadi comes there and asks them to stop. Grandfather says I was saying. Dadi says she doesn’t want to listen to him. Harleen asks are you angry? Dadi says no, you all know that I don’t talk to your father-in-law. Harman says we know and that is why we have come. Harman’s elder son comes there with his wife. Nupur tells them that there was a fight between grandfather and grandmother. RV’s sister-in-law asks grandmother what

What has happened? Dadi says she is angry with him, and says there was no fight between them. She says he (grandfather) has gone mad and says she was walking ahead of him, so he whistled in front of people and teased her. She says she will not tolerate it and says at home he is her husband, but outside why did he tease her. Harman and others laugh. Dadi says if he teases anyone else. RV’s brother says that Dadu will not tease anyone. RV’s sister-in-law tells that there is a lot of romance between us, Dadu loves you a lot. She says our romance is over. RV’s brother says we are not talking about this. They go. Dadu asks Dadi if she is happy after complaining to everyone about him. Dadi says a little and smiles. Dadu asks Harleen to bring ginger. Harman says with the biscuit. Harleen goes. Dadu says I was whistling before singing. Harman teases him.

Ashutosh argues with the receptionist and asks if the banquet hall is worth 1.5 lakhs. He goes to talk to the principal to get a room at a lower price. Purvi says sorry to the receptionist. Beena comes to the market with Prachi. She invites Prachi and Purvi for dinner at her house, so that they can meet Purvi. Prachi says they will come. She bargains to get the dupatta. been a. Beena asks if she felt bad and thought that they did nothing to save Purvi yesterday and says Ashutosh went ahead to save Purvi and got angry, but when the goon took out the knife, Ashu Thought about handling the matter once. Was quietly waiting for the opportunity. She says Ashutosh is a calm person and doesn’t like fights like RV, who was fighting like goons. Prachi says RV fought the goons and saved her daughter’s life. She says you are a mother and can understand. She says she is grateful to RV for saving her daughter. She says I also don’t like fighting, but if RV had not come then I would have fought with the goons. She says that Ashutosh will be good at other things too and will have good qualities too. Beena says we will buy vegetables.

Ranbir comes there in his car. The driver says it is a vegetable market and asks for fresh vegetables from him. Ranbir remembers and is shown a Facebook, he recalls coming to the market with Prachi. He says we will buy later and tells that he has a lot of work at home. Prachi says this coriander is very fresh and says you will feel joy when you eat it. Ranbir says you are very happy to see this. Prachi asks him to help her. He says he will do what is good for her, like stalking her and looking at her. He kisses her cheeks. Prachi says we are outside. He asks the vegetable seller to give him coriander. Prachi says we will get it for free later. Facebook is over. Ranbir tells that he will buy coriander and gets down from his car. Prachi bargains and gets some free coriander from the seller. Ranbir comes to another vegetable vendor.

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