Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2023 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2023 episode starts with Daljeet asks if Nidhi has gone mad as she has become a mountain in front of her dreams, she threatens to kill her with a knife when Shanaya asks her to keep quiet otherwise there will be a lot of trouble and she doesn’t even know this. That’s how Nidhi became a member of this family. Shaurya asks them to shut up when Daljeet gets emotional and asks if he doesn’t like her at all, Shaurya replies that it’s not like that and he really likes her, Shanaya says that she does.

Also likes him, he says that he is with her mother and is praising her instead of consoling her. Shanaya replies that she feels he is also not an ideal son as Shaurya’s mother threw him out of the room. Shaurya asks how is it his fault. Rajveer comes to ask if both of them are fine and requests them to hide somewhere as they will go away whenever they get a chance, Shaurya asks where is Palki and is she fine when Rajveer asks him not to do this again , then both of them start arguing.

Gurpreet is following Preeta and asking her to stop, then Karan also comes to her, so Gurpreet thinks that she will not let him know that she knows Preeta, otherwise he will find out that Preeta Karan tells Gurpreet to calm down and take care of Preeta. Since he has a habit of getting into trouble, he suggests that he will go the other way, while she should go to Preeta, who comes running back and asks them to come with him, Karan tells her not to worry and that Asks to calm down saying he will take it. Caring about the criminals, he tells Preeta to take deep breaths. After this, Karan advises Gurpreet that he should take care of Preeta as she should not get under any stress. Karan tries to run away but looks back at Preeta who gets surprised, he smiles indicating that she is looking great and so he turns to go back while Preeta gets shocked as she is surprised by Gurpreet. Goes away with.

Rajveer asks why Shaurya is showing interest in palanquin, when Shaurya asks if he is the only person who can take care of her, Rajveer asks what will he say if she says yes, Shaurya starts getting irritated and they Both of them are arguing, Amy also tries to calm down Shaurya but he keeps arguing with Rajveer, Daljeet questions why both of them are arguing as it is not time right now, Shanaya touches Shaurya’s arm. And asks her to calm down but Rajveer says that he has warned her not to touch him, Shaurya says if Rajveer doesn’t like it then Shanaya should not touch him, Rajveer replies that he asked her to keep the palanquin. But Shaurya leaves with Amy and Sandy saying that he will do whatever she wants.

Rishabh is standing behind the pillar with Mahesh and Rakhi when Garesh sees them he signals everyone to run away, the criminals try to blow them away when Mahesh throws stones and the criminals fall down while everyone is caught from the front. is stopped. Rakhi praises Mahesh for being very clever, they try their best to fight them but Shekhar points the gun towards the ceiling and shoots, he says he has no problem with any of them but they Will take them all with him. Destination. Kareena promises Shekhar that she will take them where they need to go, when Shekhar gets suspicious she orders them to lock the doors.

Sandy tells Shaurya to stop thinking about Palki, but Shaurya doesn’t understand when Amy says that Sandy means that everyone is starting to see her love for Shaurya, which is Hearing this, Shaurya says that Sandy has told this to Amy, but hearing this, Sandy says that it is just. Amy’s sentiment. Shaurya tells that Palki is not like any other girl he knows and she is Shaurya Luthra so he has not thought about her, Sandy asks if Shaurya has not dreamed of her,

Shaurya thinking that he has dreamed of Palki He refuses to say when he helped, Amy asks if Shaurya helped Palkhi when she was about to fall, Shaurya replies that he helped his sister too but nothing happened between them. , Amy asks if there is any instance when he has helped Palki after which he was not able to think anything else, Shaurya is thinking about the time when Palki was about to fall but he caught her so Shaurya He went on to say that he had a lot of free time but he couldn’t wait that long.

Shekhar is walking while Rakhi along with everyone else requests to let them all go but they do not listen and Shekhar says that now their time has started so demands that everyone should keep their jewels here, Kareena sees Shaurya with his friends and thinks he is definitely going to do something, Shaurya runs towards the corner and then they remove the curtains but while running towards them he falls, seeing which Rishabh and Luthra The rest of the family members become worried. Rishabh asks what was the need for Shaurya to come here, they threaten to teach Shaurya a lesson, not knowing that Rajveer comes from behind and uses his strength to push both Shekhar and one of his associates away. ,

Sandy and Amy race to free everyone. They all start meeting with the criminals, Shekhar also starts beating Rajveer but seeing Kavya she orders her men to catch her as she has the keys, Dadi tells Kavya to run away because when Shekhar chases Kavya while one of the criminals points a knife towards Kareena’s neck and threatens to slit her throat if they come forward. Hearing this, they all agree to stay.Kavya runs into the room where she first hides behind the window but then runs towards the bathroom.

Preeta stops Gurpreet saying that she doesn’t want to stay here but she should go down, Gurpreet explains that they are criminals who have escaped from the jail so are very dangerous, Rajveer also sees them so asks what is Preeta doing here. But she says it is a very long story. Rajveer quickly locks both Preeta and Gurpreet in the room, not knowing that Kavya is also hiding there. Preeta keeps asking Rajveer to open the door but he runs away when Preeta says that she didn’t know he would do something like this, Preeta gets shocked to see Kavya.

Rishabh asks them to let Kavya go as they can take whatever they want when the culprit says now it will be a lot of fun as they all care for each other a lot, Shaurya tries to go to Kareena but then He is forced to leave. Rajveer asks why he is not able to calm down, when Shaurya asks why does he care as it is not his family so he is only worried about his life, Rajveer replies that he also did it with them. Have created relationships which are not of blood but of love. This is why he respects his relationships a lot and also considers Kavya as his sister.

Rishabh yells at Shaurya to shut up as this is not the time to argue, Shaurya asks if Rajveer got happy when Mahesh also calms down Shaurya, he asks if he didn’t see Rishabh scolding him. When he replies that he is always the one to support Shaurya whenever he scolds him, Rajveer says enough of his attitude, so Shaurya replies that enough is enough, Rajveer gets angry. Kareena kills one of the criminals so everyone starts fighting once again, Shaurya then seeing the gun picks it up and demands them all to stop, Kareena gets surprised and says that now Shaurya has to teach them all a lesson. Shaurya says he thinks he should hit them in the leg when he tries to shoot but the gun gets jammed so everyone runs away, then Kritika also tries to run away but a criminal She gets angry when she is caught by the police.

Preeta gets shocked to see Kavya in the room, she cries and slowly walks towards Preeta who is standing in front of her. Preeta sees that Kavya wants something but can’t understand it so she wipes tears from Kavya’s face, she remembers when she held Preeta’s hand who was unconscious. Kavya immediately hugs Preeta who doesn’t understand it but has a strange feeling, while Kavya is really emotional as she finally got a chance to hug her mother whom she lost in her childhood. Preeta has a very strange feeling

She listens and she also gets emotional but then Shekhar opens the door and demands that Kavya should come with him as he has the keys to the safe, so Kavya replies that he has lied so she should follow him. Shekhar threatens to kill him but Preeta shouts that there is police, then as soon as Shekhar turns back she hits him on the head with the tray You run away, they all hide while Shekhar tries to chase Kavya. Preeta stops him saying that she has hidden the keys of the safe.

Shaurya along with Kareena and Shanaya is chasing the criminal who entered the kitchen, Shaurya once again points the gun at him when Kareena asks him to hold her but the criminal warns Shaurya to stand still as he is very dangerous. Is dangerous, Shaurya says he can’t do anything without a gun, as there is no need to be clever, Kareena asks Shaurya to catch him after which they will call his associates here and ask them to leave Luthra mansion. Will give instructions.

Shaurya says that he is the only one who is the culprit here, Kareena says that she can’t understand because they are physically fine so things should work, Shaurya says that they don’t need to say anything but Kareena replies that She never gives advice to anyone but she should. follow it. Shekhar suddenly hits Kareena on the head with the gun and demands that Shaurya leaves them the gun, Preeta sees that everyone is tensed and then gathers courage and punches Shekhar, everyone is surprised to see her while Preeta asks Shaurya if he is okay, he then sees the opportunity and runs to kill Shekar along with the rest of the family members who are killing the criminals with their combined efforts,

Shaurya is beaten by the two criminals just then they One of them again fired towards the ceiling, injuring everyone. Stunned, they all stopped once again. They threaten to end Shaurya’s life here, Preeta warns them not to spare any of them if they think of harming her, Shekhar says that he should see how many pieces he can cut Shaurya into. Hearing this, everyone gets worried while Preeta also gets shocked.

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