Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2023 episode starts with constable says the drug mafia is not a normal crime but a very big one and their Inspector has taken a vow to get rid of them all, Nidhi taking hr phone exclaims she has seen two people who were not from here so she is going to go and inform the inspector, Sandy asks Shaurya what is hi s mother doing and has she given up on them however Shaurya replies she would always work for their benefit. Nidhi slowly enters the bathroom from where she calls a chef named Neeraj, she orders him to make mushroom soup, while she will send her friend Arohi. Neeraj replies he would not be able to make the soup here, Nidhi instructs him to use the kitchen of the luthra’s to which Neeraj agrees but asks for the money, Nidhi replies he will get it after the work is done, Neeraj assures he is leaving for the Luthra Mansion, Nidhi leaves the bathroom.

Mohit enters the room when the Inspector questions whose room is it, Rajveer exclaims it is his room when the Inspector orders the constables to check it, Rajveer thinks he is feeling he would get in a very big trouble because there is the police while on the other hand is the situation of Karan Luthra and his mother. Karan places his hand on Rajveer asking if he is worried about hos mother but Rajveer replies he is fine since his aunt needs his mother more then him, Karan says he is very confused and sometimes feels he cannot get the answer but Rajveer replies he does not feel that Karan can be confused but then karan questions in which hospital is his aunt admitted when Rajveer questions why does he want to know it, karan replies that they go to meet the ill as he feels that they have a relation, Rajveer asks what is it, karan mentions that of a friend but then questions how can they be friend since he is much younger then him but he can be his son, Karan says that he is still even more confused because he wants to meet his new aunt who is admitted in the hospital as they have a very good relation at present. Rajveer tells the inspector he feels those drug peddlers have not come here when the Inspector replies their car is parked outside so they have surely come here, Mohit asks Rajveer to come with him as his mother is calling them so they both leave. Nidhi is sure they are planning to do something.

Neeraj is making the soup in the kitchen when Garesh enters questioning what is he doing here when he refused to give his services,Neeraj replies that Bani Dadi really likes this soup that he made when she came to their center so this is his way of apologizing to them all, Arohi also enters the kitchen and is shocked realizing the soup is still here, she wonders when would Dadi have it and then get the reaction so exclaims she is getting late, Garesh questions for what is she late, Arohi replies that there is a lot of work in the house so they should complete them, Arohi informs Nidhi is busy in the Roka of Rajveer and palki so sent her here to watch over them, Arohi asks why is Garesh just standing here then should go to give this soup to bani Dadi and even asks him to com back after giving Bani Dadi the soup, Arohi then asks Neeraj to leave and not even come close to this house again, she give shim the money after which Neeraj leaves.

Bani Dadi is bathing her feet in warm water when Karina comes questioning if she remembers the saree that she used to have, Rakhi also comes with the dress when she also asks Karina Di if she remembers when they had a Murti of Ganpati in the mandir, Karina asks what does she mean by it, Bani Dadi replies that she is just teasing her, Karina explains this is the problem of Garesh and Girja as then tend to shift the clothes of family members, Rakhi agrees with Karina but informs that Garesh put the saree in her wardrobe after it came back from dry cleaning. Garesh enters with the soup for Bani Dadi, she says she did not ask for it when Garesh informs that she would feel very good and happy after having it, Bani Dadi says that she did not feel like having it but would surely drink it after hearing the dialogue of Garesh, Rakhi tells Bani Dadi she has made the Thali of Shugun but she can tell her if there are any changes, Rakhi tells Karina she will bring the saree when Karina mentions she will also come with her so they both leave, Karina asks Bani Dadi to finish the entire soup, she starts having an ache on the back side of her head.

Mohit tells Rajveer that Karan Luthra was asking about his mother when Rajveer says he would not tell the truth but he will not say anything when Rajveer informs that he feels Karan Luthra would once again ask him and he is glad Mohit asked him to come from there, but questions where is Maa actually.

Preeta is constantly banging at the door and gets frustrated wondering why is no one able to realize that she is missing, she realizes that this room also has a window but she wonders from where does it open. Preeta tries to open the window however realizes that it opens from outside, she thinks that it does not have a handle or lock, she wonders if there is no one even in the other room. Karan hears the sound of Preeta claiming that she is locked in the room, Rajveer also hears it when the Inspector mentions it is coming from this side, they both leave when Karan also reaches the door calling Preeta who immediately accepts it, Karan is not able to believe himself and is stunned after which he gets a smile on his face which he cannot control, Karan says he is coming but then explains that the door is locked, preeta says that she is also not able to open the door but there is a window which opens from the other side so can he open it, karan asks Preeta to not be worried as he will surely come from the window.

Karan goes to the guests telling them that the lady is locked inside and the door is not opening, he runs outside without listening to Nidhi who gets worried thinking that Karan heard the voice of preeta. Rajveer asks Mohit to help maa who is locked in the room while he will stop Mr Luthra, Mohit asks how would he be able to do it but then Rajveer leaves. Nidhi also sends the constables away mentioning he should also check the room, she slowly goes to Shaurya and Sandy telling them this is the right time to leave so they both walk out of the house.

Karan runs to the window which he is trying to pull, preeta walks to stand in front of it noticing that someone is trying to open it, Mohit also reaches the door calling to preeta explaining the door is locked from the inside, inspector orders the constable to break the door but he is not able to do it, so the Inspector offers to break it, Karan is able to open the window just when Rajveer also comes from behind and then hugs Karan before he can see Preeta, he appreciates Karan for fulfilling the Roka function but karan asks for a moment in the meanwhile Mohit leaves with preeta, karan turns back but is shocked while looking at the Inspector, karan questions where is the lady when the inspector replies she went with that boy but Karan follows her wondering how can she leave like this, Nidhi also follows him.

Arohi is anxiously waiting when she calls Garesh asking if he has done it so Garesh leaves when Arohi thinks of calling Nidhi but wonders what are both Karina bua and Rakhi doing here as who would inform them if no one is able to see her, Arohi asks where is Bani Dadi when Rakhi explains that they would really enjoy if she is also present with them in this function, Arohi explains she forgot the room so Karina offers to take her when Rakhi scolds the decorators and follows Karina who enters the room with Arohi, she is shocked seeing Bani Dadi on the bed and asks what happened to her, Rakhi also sits with her when Arohi leaves saying that she is going to call the doctor. Rakhi is not able to understand anything when she sees the patches while Rakhi asks Karina to give her some air.

Mohit asks Gurpreet to take Preeta jee to her room as the Roka has been done when Gurpreet asks Preeta to come with her to the room but Preeta says that she will be the one to talk with the inspector as today is the Roka of her son. Gurpreet informs that the Roka has been done because the auspicious time was about to end and so Karan Luthra offered to fulfill the role of being a father and they did it. Preeta asks how can the Roka be done without her because would he like if she goes to the Luthra Mansion to fulfill the rituals of the Roka of Shaurya, she angrily says it was her right that he stole.

Precap: Karan says to Rajveer take me to the lady who was in room and if you can’t take me then I’ll go. Rajveer stops him. Bani dadi says this is the first time I felt uneasiness. Rajveer is on call with Preeta. Karan asks him why are you questioning about health, is mother a doctor.

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