Meet 25th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Meet 25th October 2023 Episode starts with Sakshi gets down from her car in the market with documents in her hand and goes to Shlok and they have a happy conversation. Shlok thanked him for helping him achieve millions of views. Sakshi mentioned how it went viral and admitted that her inbox was filled with congratulatory messages. Shlok credited both him and his wife Sumeet for making this possible. However, when Sakshi heard Sumeet’s name she was disappointed. Shlok apologizes for wasting his time and thanks him for his help. Sakshi believed that it was Shlok’s voice and talent that worked like magic.

He predicted that many producers would now be eager to work with him. At Shlok’s house, many producers present Sumeet with opportunities for Shlok to join their companies. Sumeet insists on talking to Shlok as he will take the final decision. He calls Shlok, but Sakshi hands him the contract letters to join her company, distracting him. Shlok was overwhelmed but explained that he needed to discuss it with his wife. Sakshi said that he did not give such opportunities to everyone. When a producer mentioned the rumors of Shlok signing the contract, Poonam and Sumeet dismissed it, saying that Shlok would not sign without discussing it with Sumeet.

Meanwhile, Raj and Priyanka talked about the smooth running of the program. Pankhuri overhears their conversation and becomes jealous of Priyanka. He spills oil on Priyanka to make her fall, then instigates her father against Priyanka and Raj.

Shlok prepared a romantic surprise for Sumeet and they danced together. She cooked food for him and asked how it tasted. Sumeet praised his cooking skills and Shlok even said that he could have become a chef if not a singer. They shared a loving moment and Shlok kissed Sumeet’s hands. Sumeet then tells Shlok that a producer has come to apologize for his past actions, and reveals that Shagun had put pressure on him. Shlok threw the producer’s card saying that he has already taken his decision, but he also mentioned accepting Sakshi’s contract. However, he assured Sumeet that he would sign the contract in his presence.

Sumeet hoped that Shlok’s trust in Sakshi was justified and his dreams would come true. Shlok hugged Sumeet and said that no one can stop his dreams from becoming reality.

Pankhuri, filled with jealousy, burns Priyanka and Raj’s photo and her drunken father confronts her. She ran away and Sumeet checked Sakshi’s profile. Sakshi tells Shagun that she will create misunderstandings between Shlok and Sumeet. When Shlok asked Sumeet why she was staying awake late at night, he made an excuse. Shlok begins to worry that Sumeet is doubting his decision to work with Sakshi.

Precap: Shagun asks Sakshi what do you want, why do you want to make her the top singer, we need to bring them down and not enrich them.
A man gives car keys to Shlok.
Sumeet calls the producer and says that Shlok has decided to work with Sakshi. The producer says that if Sakshi has decided to work with Shlok then no one will be able to work with Shlok.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Meet

ANS. You can watch Meet online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

Q1. Meet upcoming story

ANS. Shagun instructs the goons to burn Shlok’s house.
Shlok busy with Sakshi.Seeing the fire, Sumit tries to reach Shlok along with other family members

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Meet 24th October 2023 Written Update


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