Pandya Store 11th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th December 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store 11th December 2023 episode starts with Amba worrying about Dhawal. She says I wish Natasha leaves the house. Amrish comes and asks are you okay. She says I m thankful to the one who made Dhawal think about divorce, but I m worried that he may change his mind. Hetal worries. Bhaven says I will go and see. He hears Amrish’s words. Amrish says Dhawal won’t change, he made me promise, I will return Pandya store to Natasha. Dhawal wipes Natasha’s sindoor. She cries.

Amba asks how can you tell this confidently. Amrish tells her everything. Bhaven looks on shocked. Amba asks did he listen to you. Amrish asks who else would he listen to. Bhaven says what did you do, mall design will get spoiled, you ruined our hardwork, we aren’t making any roadside stall, it will be a big loss. Amba says you don’t care for our house matters, you use your mind, you stay behind in business, look at Amrish, he uses his mind, so he is progressing, give away Pandya store if our house gets peace, this matter should stay between us, I trust my sons, you will work hard and earn money. Amrish says calm down, I have a plan to get both the things. Amba smiles. Natasha shows the gift to Dhawal. He cries seeing his wedding pic.

Natasha says I wanted to gift this picture to you, I regret, pictures aren’t real. Isha says relations can’t break. She thinks Chiku and my equation will also spoil, he doesn’t even talk to me.Natasha throws the frame and breaks it. Dhawal turns away. Everyone hears the sound. Amba says Dhawal can get hurt. Hetal says we will go and see. Amrish asks Amba not to go, its their last chance to fight, no one will interfere. Amba asks what will we do if Dhawal gets hurt. He says it won’t happen. Isha thinks to talk to Chiku. She worries.

Natasha tears the pic and gives Dhawal’s pic to him. She throws away the sindoor. She says I will just take what’s mine, don’t equate business to relations, your game can ruin someone’s life. He drags her outside. Chiku asks why did you call the lawyer. Mittu says Suman is making a will. Shesh says you are giving the house to Natasha, you will go to old age home, we will come on road. Chiku stops him. She asks Shesh to have shame. She says Natasha is your sister. Shesh says you just think of her.

Suman says I m naming this house to you three, I don’t want the same thing to happen with this house, but Chutki can come anytime and stay here, she will always be your responsibility. Shesh says sorry, I can’t do this work, thank you. He goes. Lawyer says I will go now. He leaves. Chiku says don’t focus on Shesh’s words, he is a big fool, I will always stand by her, don’t worry, no need of this will. She says its needed, I don’t want wrong to happen with Pandya store, I know you will never step back from your responsibility, I trust you.

Everyone sees Dhawal and Natasha. Hetal says stop Natasha, please. Amba asks her to pack her bags and leave if she is hurt about Natasha. Hetal cries. Judaai….plays… Dhawal ousts Natasha from the house and shuts the door. They cry.

Dhawal says Natasha got ousted from the house. He doesn’t hug Amrish and goes to his room. Amrish worries. Suman says they have used us for their advantage, they will get punished for their deeds. Natasha cries.

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Q1. where to watch Pandya Store

ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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