Pandya Store 12th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th December 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store 12th December 2023 episode starts with Dhawal saying the problem has gone out of the house, we will follow one rule in the house like before. Amrish goes to hug him. Dhawal stops him and says no, I m fine. He cries and goes. Amrish worries. Natasha walks on the road and cries. Dhawal is also on the way. He thinks of Natasha. He falls down the bike and gets hurt. Natasha washes her face. She thinks of the only way left. Chirag is on the way. He sees Dhawal fallen. He shouts and runs to him. He asks Dhawal to get up. Dhawal cries and hugs him. They cry.

Chirag asks why did you let her go if you are so much hurt, relations have ups and downs, it doesn’t mean we end it. Dhawal says she would have not stayed happy, I have cheated her, I had to free her before she ended. Natasha meets the hostel lady and says I wanted permission to stay in the hostel. The lady says but you are a localite. Natasha says yes, but I can’t stay with Suman. The lady permits her. She asks Nitin to get Natasha’s details. He goes.

Chirag says you freed her for her happiness, what about your sorrow. Dhawal says some relations have separation written in it. He cries. Chirag consoles him. He says come home. Dhawal says leave me alone. Chirag says no, come home. Dhawal shouts leave me alone, please understand me. He walks away. Chirag worries and says you love Natasha a lot.

Natasha comes to the room and says its so isolated. She cleans the room. Nitin gets the details. The lady calls Suman and says I m warden of girls hostel, Natasha requested for a room, she wants to stay here. Suman says I will come. Suman tells this to Chiku and they leave.

Natasha removes the heart and throws it. She says life made me fall a lot, its time to get up. Dhawal comes to Pandya store and cries seeing the broken walls. Natasha is shocked seeing Dhawal’s pic in the cupboard. She says why doesn’t he leave me. She asks the lady about Dhawal’s pic. The lady says he is college’s hero, many girls have his pic, he got married, the girl was mad for him, she left from here. Natasha pulls off the pic and tears it.

Dhawal says Natasha wants to stay free and live life on her terms, marriage doesn’t run on compromise, I had chosen her freedom, don’t get upset with me, forgive me, I couldn’t save the store. Natasha is shocked seeing Suman and Chiku.

Suman asks what are you doing here. Natasha thinks I can’t tell her the truth. She says Dhawal and I had decided it, I will stay here till exams, there is much work at home, it will disturb my exams. Suman cries and hugs her. She asks why, Dhawal knows your Maayka is there in city, will you lie to me. She beats Natasha. Chiku stops her.

Natasha hugs her and says sorry, you couldn’t tolerate it when I told you, if anything happened to you then… Suman asks what will happen to me, I have lost my four sons and four bahus, what worse can happen, I m very strong, I had decided to not let anything happen to my grandchildren, you came home and I couldn’t understand, Pandya store would have not got demolished, its their mistake, not ours, they have used us for their profits, they lied to us and got related to us, we will file a police complaint against Dhawal and Amrish.

The judge asks Dhawal and Natasha to stay together for six months and see. Natasha refuses. She says I want separation at the earliest. The judge says you might get the permission to get separated, because the marriage isn’t consummated.

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ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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