Pandya Store 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 22nd November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store 22ndd November 2023 episode starts with Amrish scolding Isha. He says you ruined our respect and left us, you didn’t think about us, why did you come here now. Isha says I had to leave the house because of your conservative thinking, how can one’s respect go down if one participates in beauty pageant or wears short clothes, it was not an illegal thing. He says this was illegal for me, this is my house, not a modeling place, women live here in limits. Isha then says we are here, nothing changed, the problem is not in my clothes but in your thinking. That Isha shouts…

Isha says there is no problem when big athletes win medals wearing swimming costumes, when I wore bikini in beauty contest then it is wrong for you. She argues with him. She says congratulations, you didn’t know but you won, I couldn’t become anything in life, I lost, you know why, because I didn’t have the support of my family. She cries and says that when I was falling, there was no one to tell me to get up again, I was alone. Amba cries. Isha says I didn’t get my career and family. Suman says look Chiku… look at me. Chiku says I will not listen to anything. Suman says that I give this knowledge to only a few people, not to everyone. She explains to him.

She says we can’t interfere in Chutki’s in-laws house, she has to learn to handle relationships. He asks what should we do, he is in pain, shall we sit quietly. Suman says answer them, but its okay, such things happen in a family, there are three of you, three daughters-in-law will come, if their mother comes and interferes, will it look good, I will not take anyone’s advice, I am Chutki. Gave him good values, he is intelligent, don’t worry. She asks someone to bring tea for her. Mitthu says I will bring it, drink water. Isha asks Natasha why did you bring me here, you think everything will be fine, I know them inside out, they will never change and that is why, next time, please don’t try to unite us. Natasha cries. Dhaval thinks that Natasha has done this to bring Isha here.

Isha hugged Amba and they started crying. She hugs her brothers and sisters-in-law. She looks at Amrish. He turns his face away and starts crying. She takes his blessings. He moves aside. Dhaval hugs Isha. Natasha thinks if Isha goes this time then it will be impossible to bring her back, what will I do. Dhaval stops Isha from leaving. Isha says please Dhaval. He says I will not let you go this time. She says grow up, leave my hand, Amrish will get angry if I stay here. He says I have a solution. He says friends, we will lock Amrish and Isha in a room, they will resolve their issues. Amba asks Amrish to allow Isha to stay, she is apologetic, forgive her, don’t know where she was for so many years, you know what the world does to girls like her, we are lucky.

That she returned home safely. Chirag and Bhaven ask Amrish not to let Isha go. Amrish says there is Lakshmi puja in half an hour, whoever is ready can sit in the puja, this is for everyone, daughter-in-law and daughter. Everyone smiles. he goes Dhaval becomes happy. Isha says Amrish didn’t say anything. Dhawal says you are not going anywhere. He hugs Natasha and Isha. Everyone hugged Isha. Isha says I know Dolly, I am also your social media follower. Dolly hugs him. Isha thanks Natasha. Natasha says I know the pain of being away from parents.

Amba cries happily. She hugs Isha. She looks at Natasha. Dhaval asks Isha to change her clothes quickly. He goes to his room. Natasha gets ready. He thanks him. She says ok. He says I am thanking you, why is this dry okay. She says Amrish gave 15 minutes to get ready, we will talk later. He helps him. Tera pyaar yeh…plays…he says sorry. Amrish remembers everything. He thinks Natasha is breaking the foundation made by me, Natasha and Dhaval have to separate, she has to leave this house. Dhaval made Natasha wear Mangalsutra.

Amrish says because of you Dhaval raised his voice in front of me, because of you my house will be broken. Natasha says not because of you, because of your old thinking.

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