Pandya Store 29th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 29th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store 29th November 2023 episode starts with Natasha saying you are very fast. Dhawal says no, we are slow, we should have started it from the first day of marriage. She says I know your intentions, stay away from me. she runs. He says I meant trust and respect, don’t run away. She slips and falls into the pool. He laughs. She says Dhaval, I don’t know how to swim. He says you think you will drag me inside. She drowns. He worries.

Chiku says Natasha has done this. He calls Natasha. Chirag gets a tiffin to surprise Dolly. She says it’s a date, not a school picnic. He says we came on a dinner date in the moonlight night, I also got a surprise gift. She asks where is it? He gets a big box. She says wow, this is a great gift. She checks it. Chiku comes home to meet Natasha. Isha opened the door. She asks you here, what happened, is everything fine, Suman is fine.

He says I want to meet Natasha, where is she. She says yes why will you come to meet me. He says I have to talk to Natasha. He shouts to Natasha. Amrish comes down and sees her. Isha says Natasha is not at home, what happened, is Suman fine. He says yes, I need to talk to him, where is he, tell me. She says she went out with Dhaval. She calls Dhaval.

Dhaval throws his phone back and jumps into the pool. He saves Natasha. He holds her and asks are you fine, nothing happened. Isha says he is not receiving the call. Dhaval hugs Natasha. She beats him. She says you want to drown and kill me. He refused. Dolly gets the ring light. Chirag fixes it and shows it. He says that you can make your video even at night. Dolly got worried. He says I have imported one from the remaining. She says you are helpless.

Isha says I will call Chirag, don’t worry. She calls Chirag. Dolly says you should give jewelery as a gift. He answers the call. Isha asks about Dhawal. He says Dhaval is not here, he has gone to the farmhouse. He ends the call and says I will sing. Dolly says no, you sing very badly. He sings. She beats him. Isha says Chirag is saying that Dhawal and Natasha have gone to our farmhouse.

Dhaval and Natasha have a moment. Saathiya… plays… Isha holds Chiku’s hand and says don’t go there, they went on a date, let them spend time. Chiku says I have to talk to him. He leaves. Amrish says what is this new drama, why he wants to talk to Natasha immediately. He calls Bansi and asks did you tell anyone about the signal. Bansi says I had to tell Harish about Pandya store. Amrish asks why did you do this. Bansi says I have done this for you. Amrish scolded him.

He says no, if Chiku tells this to Dhaval and Natasha then everything will be ruined, I have to keep them away from Pandya store, what will I do. Dhaval irons clothes. Natasha asks if Bhabhi’s clothes are not here. He says no, just Chirag and I live here, please come out.

Amrish calls Rocky and says I am sending you the address of the farmhouse, kidnap Dhaval and Natasha and take them to a hotel, nothing should happen to them, else I will send you to jail. Natasha wears Dhaval’s clothes and comes out. Dhaval looks at him. Man mast magan…drama…goons reach there to kidnap Dhaval and Natasha. Chiku also comes there. Natasha looks at Chiku. Dhaval says your clothes are ready. The goons catch Chiku.

They try to kidnap him. Chiku fights with them. Natasha comes after changing her clothes. She gets shocked after seeing the beating by the goons. She asks Dhaval to come quickly. The goons make Chiku unconscious and take him to the car.

Dhawal opened the gate. The goons look at Dhaval and Natasha. They say we caught the wrong man, throw him and catch him. Natasha is shocked to see Chiku.

Natasha scolds Dhaval for cheating her and taking her signature. they cry.

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Q1. where to watch Pandya Store

ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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