Pandya Store 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 30th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store 30th November 2023 episode starts with goons trying to kidnap Dhaval and Natasha. The fight starts. Dhawal removes the mask of that person. The boy puts his mask back on. He checks Dhaval and Natasha’s photo. Dhawal beats up the goons. Dhaval does not see the face of any goon. They hit him. Natasha gets shocked. The goons make Natasha unconscious and kidnap her along with Dhaval. Chiku is still lying there. The goons take them to the hotel room. Rocky calls Amrish and says we have done your work, some other boy has come there. Amrish asks if he saw them. The man says no.

Dhaval becomes conscious and tells Natasha. The goons made him unconscious again. Morning came, Suman was shocked to see the bulldozer. The man says we have orders to demolish Pandya store. Chiku regained consciousness. He leaves on his bike. Shesh and Mittu get shocked after seeing the papers. Mitthu says this man is telling the truth. Suman asks what? Shesh says you trusted Natasha, see the results. Suman says calm down. The rest is logic.

Suman says call Chiku. Chiku comes running. Suman says see what they are saying, Natasha gave them permission to break the store. Chiku says trusting is good, but blind trust always causes harm. Suman says call Chutki. Chiku says this is happening on her orders, she has signed these papers. Dhaval and Natasha wake up. She says we were kidnapped. she is surprised. Chiku says don’t worry, I am here, your Chiku is with you, let Pandya demolish the store, I will make a new start. She says no, this is Pandya store, call Chutki.

They all are standing with Suman. Suman says I will not move from here. He hugged Suman. Suman says nothing will happen. Natasha checks Dhaval’s wound. The goon asks Rocky to go and check on them once.

Chiku takes Suman away. Mitthu pulls Shesh away. They start crying after seeing the bulldozer demolishing Pandya’s store. Suman cries and shouts no. Suman remembers her sons. Shesh says it happened because of Natasha. Pandya’s store broken. Dhaval and Natasha see the goon coming. The goon sees them at the window. He runs. Dhaval says she… Natasha asks do you know her.

Suman says she can’t do this, she must have talked to me, called Chutki and Amrish. Chiku says it is foolish to ask Amrish, Amrish is doing all this, we can’t do anything. Dhawal says no, I don’t know, come, we have to run, we got a chance. They try to run away. The goons run after them. Amrish calls Rocky. He asks is everything okay? Rocky says they both have run away, we are chasing them, we will catch them. Amrish says idiot.

Natasha says I can’t run any more. Dhaval asks him to run. The goons caught Dhaval and beat him. Dhaval asks Natasha to run. Suman cries seeing the Pandya store board falling. Chiku is holding the board. Shesh and Mittu help him keep the board aside.

Natasha says I had given second chance to this relation, but you cheated me and took my signatures on those papers, you broke Pandya store and me too.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Pandya Store

ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.pandya store upcoming story


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