Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 18th October 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 18th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Radha Mohan 18th October 2023 episode starts with Radha says Ba Kai Bihari ji has to help her today and save the life of both her husband and daughter, she says she has always listened to him that she should always do good deeds without worrying about the consequences, but now she has to Tells her what to do because he said he will protect them, she starts crying and questions what he is doing to her and what is the reason, so when he has done this she asks him to help her.

He said that he should hear this. If anything happens to Gungun, and Mohan ji has to break the relationship between them, then neither this Radha will be there nor will he have any trust in her, he demands. I wish that Ba Kai Bihari ji should come and help her Gungun.At night Mohan is standing in front of Damini, Damini slowly gets up to walk and holds Mohan’s hand, she starts massaging it, then Mohan again and again remembers the day when he got married to Radha.

While looking at Damini, he is just remembering the time he spent with Radha and how they both have always enjoyed their relationship, Damini starts leading Mohan into the room while she just thinks about Radha. I am thinking.Radha says that Ba Kai Bihari was present in the past so he should help him even today.

Damini takes Mohan to the room when she starts rubbing her hand on his body he sits down, she also sits near him when Mohan angrily pulls her hand away from her, she gets a little worried and says That he is nervous as if he is someone. The newly married bride sees that the door is closed so she asks for a moment and goes to close the door, Mohan sees that there are fruits in the basket and a knife along with it.

Radha says that Ba Kai Bihari ji had come to help so now she also has to come to help him in this situation, after closing the door Damini looks at the rose petals kept on the table, she slowly picks up the plate and Then she starts throwing them on the bed in front of Mohan who is sitting angrily on the corner of the bed. Mohan looks at Damini angrily and she starts smiling, he quickly hides the knife. Damini slowly walks towards Mohan.

Radha says angrily that when Dhushan touched Dhrupathy’s body, Ba Kai Bihari ji came to help him so he has to protect both his Mohan ji and Gungun too so that he doesn’t know anything, Radha says crying. That Ba Kai Bihari ji has to help Gungun, even though she knows that she is not Radha’s biological mother, but she loves her more than her real mother, and she questions why Ba Kai. Why is Bihari doing this to her, so she holds his hand in the temple and pleads with him to save her life. Of Gungun and Mohan ji.

Radha angrily says that if Ba Kai Bihari ji does not do anything to save Gungun and Mohan then this Radha will die in front of them in this temple and Ba Kai Bihari ji will be guilty for this. Radha starts the ritual so she starts dancing in the temple, the weather starts changing and a strong gust of wind starts blowing but this doesn’t stop Radha, she just continues her dance even though she starts getting a little tired Radha eventually stops and then starts ringing the temple bell.

Damini once again sits next to Mohan, she gets too close to him to be romantic when he once again pushes her away, she says that she knows he doesn’t trust her like he does her. Mohan calms down a bit, hearing that she doesn’t trust him, he should know that she knows him very well, she says that she is going to sign the check right now.

Radha starts circling the temple where she once again begins her dance performance, and then throws petals at the temple. Radha starts spinning when she suddenly stumbles and is about to fall but a woman helps her, she asks Radha to control herself and asks if Radha is Mohan Trivedi’s wife, Radha He questions who he is, the woman replies his name is Krishna but Radha is not able to recognize him when Krishna says he heard that Radha needs money for her daughter’s treatment so he calls Radha worried. Asked not to be and says that she is going to help him and give the money, Krishna puts his hand in her bag and takes out the money. Check book while Radha is stunned.

Damini standing near the console signs the check after looking at Mohan, finally she tears it and shows it to Mohan, he tries to take it but she says that he will get this check only if he returns his Will fulfill the condition so she will keep it with herself. At present there is security there. Mohan feels very stressed as Damini once again comes and sits near him.

Krishna while signing the check asks Radha to take it but she replies that she can’t take it as she doesn’t know him so why is Krishna helping her, Krishna replies that humanity is bigger than relationships And she is a mother so knows pain. Krishna says Radha should consider it as advance for the competition they are going to participate in, Radha asks what if they don’t win it, Krishna says if they have so much faith in Ba Kai Bihari ji

How can she fail, Krishna asks Radha to leave quickly, before the wicked women do anything wrong to her husband, Radha kneels before them. Krishna praises her for helping her and She vows that she will definitely return every single penny, Radha tries to leave when she says her name is Krishna Kaishap, Radha says Ba Kai Bihari is right because whenever there is any trouble in this world.

Then he comes to this world and just like that he has come here today to help her, Radha thanks him saying that he heard her prayer due to which he sent this help, she also praises Krishna before running away. Does it. Krishna mentions that he has not helped Radha with this help but in fact he has helped himself because a girl who can love someone else’s child at such a young age and who has so much strength and sacrifice can Krishna apologizes as he has his own benefit because if he had not given this money to Radha then she would never have gone to Maldives even though she wants Radha to go there.

Radha gives a check of twenty lakh rupees to the doctor which everyone is surprised to see, Kadambari asks Radha how she got this money in such a short time, Radha replies that she will give them all the answers but right now she has to tell her Mohan ji. Need to go to. ,

Mohan is sitting with Damini when suddenly the phone starts ringing, Damini sees that it is Radha’s call so she shouts that she thinks he will get into this mood when the phone goes off, she slowly kneels down to pick up the phone. She leans in, and soon Mohan, taking the opportunity, prepares to attack Damini with a knife.

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