Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd October 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan telling Radha that Kunal is definitely going to take revenge from him by using his authority because he had quarreled with him when they first met him.Damini comes there and lovingly tells them that Kunal will keep them at a loss as he has already filled his mind against Radha and Mohan.

She smiles sweetly at them and pulls a chair for Mohan to sit and tells that she is curious how they got the money to come to Maldives.She reveals that she came to know about Krishna Kashyap and thus used her connections to get close to Kunal Kashyap alias KK.Damini hugs KK and sits near her on the table while Mohan tells Radha that they have to do something and wonders out loud what KK will do to them.

Radha looks at her and says she knows how to handle a rich arrogant as her husband was more rich arrogant than KK but she straightened him out.They turn back to listen to KK as he informs everyone that they will hear all the contestants presenting ideas for their book and three will be selected to go to the semi-finals with one declared the winner with an advance contract. Will be done. 2 crores.

He introduces the panel of judges and says they are there to make sure people don’t think he is blocking someone who has the potential to win.Team 1 begins their presentation and as the teams begin to step forward one by one, everyone listens attentively.Damini looks at Radha-Mohan’s faces and smilingly says that when they come to know about Gungun’s death, she will see them running with their tail between their legs.

At the hospital, Tulsi’s mother scolds Kadambari for hiding Radha and Mohan’s mistake and throws her out of the hospital.Kadambari stops Rahul from arguing and holds Narmada’s hand and asks her to trust Radha whom she considers as her daughter.When Kadambari tells her that Radha must be feeling very bad, leaving Gungun in the hospital, she cries remembering when she called Radha her daughter.

Back in Maldives, KK has presented Damini’s exotic love story Ishqiyaan Sisakiyan by Trivedi Publications in association with KK’s LSD Publications.KK praises Damini to the judges and tells them that they have to choose her after which he announces Radha and Mohan coming on stage and says that he is sure this will be their last round.Radha and Mohan greet everyone and start talking about their book which will teach them lessons about life.

However, when he introduces his book, The Bhagavad Gita, everyone starts laughing and gossiping about him, while KK tells them that the book has already been published.Radha says maybe he hasn’t heard the full name which is Bhagavadgita: A Talisman for the Modern World and explains that he will teach the values of Bhagavadgita to be used in the modern world.KK asks Radha if she has done her PhD on this, to which Radha says she has lived this book and talks about how Bhagavad Gita brings humanity together.

Once again, KK argued that the book is only relevant to India and asked him to present how it is marketable globally.Mohan says that even though this book is related to the Indian market, the book was written in Sanskrit and has been translated into more than 175 languages.He talks about how the book has been relevant to many historical figures and says that the book is a way of life.


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