Radha Mohan: future Twist! Mohan Carries out Kavita’s Strategy

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In the future story of Pyaar Ka Pehli Naam Radha Mohan, Mohan will execute Kavita’s plan to save everyone.

The ongoing track of Radha Mohan revolves around Radha and Mohan’s flight being hijacked by Mr.

Kavita and the Trivedi family gather to execute a mission to save everyone who depends on Radha and Mohan.

Now according to Radha Mohan’s gossip, Mohan and Radha will get a message from Kavita saying that the plane needs to be landed as soon as possible.

Kavita fears that if the airplane does not land on time, it will soon crash, killing all the passengers.

Mohan executes his plan and tries to communicate with the pilot and tells him that they need to land the plane immediately.

Let’s see whether Mohan succeeds in his objective or after being caught he has to face another punishment.

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