Titli 21st October 2023 Written Update

Titli 21st October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Titli 21st October 2023 episode starts with Garv saying I won’t let Titli succeed in her plan, I know she is testing me. Megha smiled. Koel says Garv has gone mad, I don’t know what he is doing, even if he hurts you don’t give up, be strong, everything will be fine. Titli takes his blessings. Dhara cries and asks why did you do this Chintu. Drishti comes and asks if you are fine. Dhara says yes. Drishti sees chips and chocolates. She takes a chocolate. Dhara says you used to count calories, right. Drishti says I am very happy today. She thinks Sandy got jealous seeing Chintu and me.

Dhara says, if there is anything you want to share then tell me. Drishti says yes, there is one thing, I will not tell you now, I promise, I will tell you when the time comes, you are my dear sister. She goes. Dhara says I know about you and Chintu’s relation, I didn’t expect this from Chintu, he used me to get Drishti, he is a liar. The cuckoo packed his bag. She cries. Maina comes and says you want to snatch my family. The cuckoo says no, you are wrong. Maina says I believe in your intentions. Koel says I don’t know where I will go, but I am going. His imagination ends. She doesn’t see Myna around. She cries. The Titli comes there.

Drishti meets Chintu. He asks have you lost your mind, this is too much. She asks that given Sandy’s actions, we have no other choice. He asks what is that girl’s fault, she is innocent. She says what about me, we have to break the relation between Sandy and that girl. He says ok, you are right. She thanks him and hugs him. He asks shall we start the plan. She asks him to come.

Drishti sees Sandy and pretends in front of her. Sandy asks how did you come here. She says I am marrying Chintu, my marriage will be the way I want, we are also planning our honeymoon. He asks are you sure about Chintu. She says yes, why, are you jealous? He says, not at all, I was just asking, does he know you are pregnant. Chintu comes and scolds him. He says you want to trouble my fiancee, tell me. Drishti takes Sandy’s call.

Titli asks cuckoo how can you do this, didn’t you think about the family, about me. She cries. She asks what’s the matter. Koyal says I should go, it will be right for this family. Titli says you should clear the misunderstanding with Maina, but you chose the easy path. Koyal says sit here, I will explain to you, Maina could have thrown me out years ago, I stayed here to take care of her and see her happiness, I can do anything for her smile, like pride is for Chiku. ,Chintu is for you. Titli says ok, you want to go, will you listen to me, give me some time. Koyal says you will not change, what miracle will you do. Titli says if you go, many things will change in this house, it will not benefit anyone.

Koyal says you think like this, if I go then Maina will be happy, she will not even remember me. The Titli asks the cuckoo to stay there for her sake. They cry and hug. Cuckoo says you are stubborn, do whatever you want. Chintu and Sandy argue. Sandy shouts that Drishti is pregnant with my child. Dhrishti smiles. Sandy’s fiancée asks what’s going on, Sandy. Sandy is worried. Titli and Megha make arrangements for the ceremony.

Garv says you don’t have to do that. Titli says I have to give authority to Megha. She also gives gifts. Maina says I don’t remember when I gave you these things. Titli says cuckoo gave this to me and said this is all from you, so I understood that cuckoo gave this to me on your behalf, he had praised you a lot. She praises the cuckoo. Chiku comes and asks why are you wasting your life Garv, how can you think about someone else.

Titli says I have found the time for Garv and Megha’s engagement. She says I will leave this house when Megha and Garv get married. Megha says we are ready for engagement.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS.Garv says tell me, you didn’t know this. Titli says I knew it. He breaks things in anger and scolds her.

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