Titli 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Titli 23rd October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Titli 23rd October 2023 episode starts with Garv saying I am very proud of you. The cuckoo embraces the Titli and the garv. they cry. The cuckoo goes. Alpa asks what happened to you, Dhara. she shouts. Dhara asks what? Alpa says you are not able to listen to me, children don’t like cleanliness. Stream gets a report in a file. She is shocked to see Drishti’s pregnancy report. She thinks Drishti is pregnant, Chintu… Cuckoo asks Maina to take charge of the house.

Maina nodded. Koel says I am sure you will not fail, I have a request, become badima for Titli. Maina nods and smiles. The cuckoo hugs everyone and cries. She touches Manikant’s feet and takes his blessings. She leaves. Everyone cries. Drishti says these clothes will not fit on me. Dhara comes to him and asks about Chintu and his relationship. Drishti says I know I didn’t tell you, I wasn’t sure about my feelings, you are smart, you know people, I was a fool, he is so nice. Dhara asks if you like her. Drishti says yes, I love him very much.

Dhara gets shocked. Drishti says Chintu is perfect for me, he respects girls. The cuckoo called the Titli and said that I have reached here, it is a big school. Titli says you will be successful with your hard work, your school will be big, I will be your first student. Maina says and me too, we will also learn dance from you, I will take care of the Titli. The cuckoo thanked him. Myna apologizes to Titli. She says I thought you wanted to ruin Garv’s life, I know the truth now, I also understood Megha’s truth, I did a big mistake, I asked Megha to help me in separating Garv and you. Said, I’m sorry. The Titli cries. Maina says I am really sorry.

Titli says whatever you did for your family and son, I will force Megha to leave this house. Maina says but you are doing engagement of Garv and Megha. Titli says I will do what I should do, just trust me. Maina says ok. Drishti finds Chintu somewhere and proposes to him.

She says I didn’t get so serious in life, I am alive in front of you, you helped me a lot, I didn’t understand that you are my Mr. Perfect. He becomes sad. She says I know I have hurt you a lot, I love you a lot, I know you are stressed about the situation, you can’t decide anything, you are my good friend, I won’t change. I am taking it, actually I love Dhara, not you. She cries and goes away. He asks him to listen.

Dhara watches. He says stop Drishti, I know bad happened to you in life, forgive me, Sandy did wrong to you, I am not like Sandy, I will always support you as a friend, I stream. I will never leave her, I love her. Dhara cries. He says I didn’t tell her anything, I feel guilty, we can tell this to Dhara. Drishti says no, she won’t understand. He says he is intelligent. She says no, I have always insulted her, if she gets to know this she will taunt me, I have become very lonely, there is no one with me. She goes. Dhara says how can I think that Chintu can betray me, he loves me, he was just helping Drishti, he always took a stand for me, how did I not trust his love. She cries.

Megha sees Garv sleeping. She says in a few days you will be mine, only mine. She holds his hand and says I love you so much Garv. Garv says I love you too Titli, I miss you a lot. She says I just have rights on you.

Titli says Garv has to marry Megha, then I will leave this house.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS.Garv says tell me, you didn’t know this. Titli says I knew it. He breaks things in anger and scolds her.

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