Uorfi Javed confronts harassment on Mumbai to Goa flight

Uorfi Javed faces abuse on a flight from Mumbai to Goa.

Uorfi Javed, a popular personality known for her daring dress choices, recently took a brief trip to Goa. Her trip, however, took an ugly turn when she was harassed by a gang of lads on her aircraft from Mumbai.

Despite her customary ability to dazzle her followers with her own flair, Uorfi chose a new avatar for her adventure. She even brandished a sign at the Mumbai airport calling attention to the current violence in Manipur. She picked economy class this time, which was a break from her regular travel habits.

Uorfi used her Instagram story on the journey to Goa to convey her upsetting experience. During the trip, a group of lads recognised her and their behaviour altered dramatically, according to her story. They started making disparaging remarks, taunting each other, and calling each other names. To make matters worse, they were under the effects of alcohol.

Uorfi approached the males, expressing her displeasure with their improper behaviour and stating that being intoxicated could never be a justification for mistreating women. She emphasised that just because she is a public person does not make her public property.

Despite his distress and rage, Uorfi maintained his composure in order not to disrupt the other passengers onboard. Unfortunately, this was not the first time she had encountered such unacceptable behaviour, which was frequently attributed to her wardrobe choices.

Uorfi’s latest airport appearance with pinkish hair drew praise and adoration from fans and fellow passengers. She is still committed to raising awareness about vital problems and standing up to harassment and bullying.

Travelling should be a pleasurable experience for everyone, regardless of notoriety or looks, and it is critical to establish an atmosphere of respect and generosity among all passengers.respect and emphasised that just because she is a public person does not make her public property.

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