Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st October 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 31st October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st October 2023 episode starts with Mahima asks Kashvi how will she bring her in front of everyone. Kashvi says she will bring Mohit here and she will tell how you pretended to rape her and gave her money for it. She says let’s see if Arjun and others are happy or angry with you. Mahima tells him to go and bring Mohit here. She says Mohit will not say anything against me, because he is my puppet and he is under my control.

Kashvi says but I am not under your control and I will make sure Mohit confesses everything. Mahima says you can’t get it. Kashvi says she will prove that his work letter and certificate are fake like hers. Mahima says you can’t do this, because I cover my tracks and plans, and know someone from RNJ company who will lie for me again, so you can’t do this. She says Arjun and family will trust me, not you. Kashvi says I will do something that everyone will trust me.

Mahima asks will you use the magic wand. Kashvi says I will get the lie detector test done. Mahima says this is not allowed for everyone. Kashvi says I will get exposed and will take permission from the commissioner. Mahima says I am not here to listen to your nonsense. Kashvi ties Mahima’s hands, while Mahima shouts at her to leave. Then she ties him to the chair and says I have trusted you a lot, and says till I come back, you will stay here and I will bring the commissioner and the lie detector. She says I will end evil today.

She closes the door and says this time Mahima’s truth will come out and says I need Dadi’s help for this. Dadi gets shocked and tells that this girl went to this extent to get Arjun and says that she has played a big game, and asks Kashvi what will she do? Kashvi asks her to ensure that Mahima does not come out of her room and no one sees her. Grandma says Romila went to her parents’ house and Nitya went to work. Kashvi says papa is in office. She goes.

Mahima shouts and calls everyone and then she realizes that Romila has gone to her maternal house and grandmother will never help me. She thinks of freeing her hands and calls Nitya. She reaches for her phone and picks it up from her feet. Then she calls Nitya. Nitya is in a meeting with the Panchayat and gets a call. She goes to talk to Mahima. Mahima asks him to save her and says idiot Kashvi has come to know everything and she will expose me.

She says Kashvi knows that I gave money to Mohit and did not work with RNJ company. She says she will get my lie detector test done and asks her to save me, else she will tell everyone that she has killed Dada ji. Nitya gets angry, and says she can’t come, but will send Jagdish to stop Kashvi. Mahima asks Nitya to come. Nitya says she is far away and knows very well how to manipulate her husband. She calls Jagdish and tells him that Kashvi has created a huge drama and locked him in the room and says she will expose him.

Jagdish asked what happened? Nitya says that Kashvi came to know that Mahima does not work in RNJ company and that is why she went to call the commissioner to get Mahima’s lie detector test done. She says she wants to prove that Mahima lied and says that the foolish girl will know that Arjun did not attack Pradyumna to save Mahima. She works. Jagdish says I will go there, and stop Kashvi. Nitya says Kashvi is a stubborn girl and asks her to stop her somehow.

Jagdish says Kashvi will have to listen to me and go from there. Arjun comes home and calls Mahima. He prays to God with folded hands. Dadi thinks she can’t let Arjun listen to Mahima, as he will scream after listening to her. She connects to the music system and plays bhajans loudly. Arjun shouts Mahima. Grandma increased her voice. Mahima says Arjun is not listening to me because of the music. He is about to go inside when grandmother asks him to take her to the temple. She takes him to the temple.

Kashvi brings the commissioner and the lie detector machine. Commissioner says Mahima is your sister. Kashvi says my mother has taught me to lie and Mahima has lied a lot. She brings Mahima out and says first tell me if you have it…Jagdish comes there and says wait. He asks Kashvi to come with him and takes her inside. He asks Kashvi how can she do this? He says it was a family matter. He says if you know what the consequences can be. Kashvi says you don’t know what Mahima has done. She says he has lied to us about his work certificate and diploma. She says do you know that Mohit never tried to rape Mahima. Jagdish says it is their matter and asks what difference does it make. he calls me someone

It doesn’t matter. Kashvi says if I tell you the truth no one will believe me. Jagdish says that if he tells about Pradyumna, Arjun will go to jail. Kashvi says I will not ask any questions about Pradyumna and will only ask about Mohit and his job. Jagdish asks why are you doing this? Kashvi says Arjun will know how Mahima is, she is using him for her benefit. Jagdish says I don’t care if she is a liar or a cheater and I am happy that she lied to save my son.

He says that he is not truthful like my son. Grandma and Arjun return home. Grandma asks him to park the car and come. She thinks that Kashvi must have got the test done now. Mahima asks Dadi what Kashvi is doing. Dadi walks in, and tells Jagdish that Mahima has to be caught. Jagdish says you are not listening and says if Mahima said that she made a false story then how will we stop Arjun from going to jail. Dadi says Kashvi will handle everything. Jagdish asks are you a family of mad people.

Precap: Arjun asks Kashvi to leave and says he doesn’t want to see her face. Kashvi and Dadi leave from there. Mahima tells Nitya that Kashvi will not remain silent so she will do something such that Kashvi will not be alive to do anything. She gets Kashvi kidnapped.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC)

ANS. You can watch Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) upcoming story

ANS.Kashvi makes the laddu fall from Arjun’s hand. Mahima tastes it and proves that the laddu is fine. Arjun does not trust Kashvi. Kashvi brought him home Asks to meet Mickey

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