Anupama 25th November 2023 Written Update

Anupama 25th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Anupama 25th November 2023 episode starts with Anupama asked Dimpy to beat them and teach them a lesson that they should not look at any woman with evil eyes. The goons try to run away, but people on the road stop them and ask Dimpy to beat them. Anupama sees people making videos and says now your videos will go viral. Anuj asked Malti Devi and Barkha if they had read yesterday’s newspaper.

Barkha says who read yesterday’s newspaper. Anuj says that is why you hold on to the past. He says I have brought Baa here as she is unwell. Malti Devi asks will I forget what Leela told her. Anuj says he is trying to forget what Malti Devi has done to him. Malti Devi asks didn’t you hear what he said? Anuj says I heard the taunts on the dining table and the taunts you made here. He asks them to live well and says when kids can understand then why not you. He asks Baa to come and takes her from there.

Anupama and Dimpy come out after filing a complaint with the police. He says that the miscreants have confessed to the crime, now the cyber police will get the video removed. Dimpy thanks him for his help and asks do you trust me? Anupama asks do you trust yourself then why are you asking, ask me to trust you. She says she doesn’t need character certificates from people and says if you think about what others will think, then what will they think. She asks Tapish to say sorry and asks her to come to the dance academy.

Tapish is sitting at the tea stall and tells that her self-respect and image is very important for her, but he forgot this and was helping her. She remembers Dimpy’s scolding. Anupama talks to Anuj and says that she has come out to buy vegetables. She sees a paper airplane and picks it up. She finds the America pamphlet and thinks about how happy she was when she was going to America. She thinks why this dream is coming in front of me again, which I have left twice.

Anuj asks Baa to leave his anger. Babu ji asks Baa not to get angry. Baa says she just wants to go to their house, and tells that Dimpy and Kavya are alone at home. Anuj jokes and makes Baa smile. He apologizes on behalf of Barkha and Malti Devi and says that we say things which should not be said. Babuji says Leela also does the same. Anuj says sometimes mistakes happen and says he should not have told. They say that when there is spice in the vegetable, it becomes spicy. He says there will be some spice in life. He tells that he will try that no one tells him anything wrong and says that I can take my guarantee, but not that of others, but I can try. He asks them to remain calm.

Alpa congratulates Anupama. Anupama asks how is she and says you are looking different? Alpa says that she had gone to America to be with her daughter Jigisha. She says that after the death of her husband, my daughter did not lose courage and started selling pickles and thepla and now she has a business there. Anupama says you should be proud of him. When she gets there she asks him to meet her daughter. Anupama says I couldn’t go there twice and says now she doesn’t want to go out of Ahmedabad. The lady says you will be called when your meal is written there. Anupama laughs. Alpa goes. Anupama throws the form.

Romil and Choti are playing cricket when the ball hits Pakhi’s cake and some part of the cake hits her lips. Romil and Choti laugh. Pakhi goes to them and applies cake on Romil’s face. He says my nose. Romil says you did this intentionally. Choti asks why did you hurt Romil? Pakhi asks her to shut up and raises her hand on him, but Anupama shouts and Pakhi stops. Anupama asks how dare you? Pakhi says she has gone mad now, and asks him not to trouble her more, else she will not respect anything. She goes. Anupama says Pakhi had gone mad and hugs Choti and says sorry to Romil. Romil says ok.

Tapish sees Dimpy sitting next to her. She says I have come to say sorry. Tapish says who says sorry like this. Dimpy says the girl says who is in pain and can’t fight with people, so fought with friend. She asks him to come to the dance academy and not leave her. He says he won’t go, and says he understands that her pain is greater than his. He asks her to smile and teach him the happy dance, and asks her to dance too. Dimpy laughs. Anuj tells Anupama that Mr. Martin has sent a gift, probably for Christmas, and invites her to come there. He asks Anupama if she wants to go there in winters, and asks her to say. She gets a call from Martin.

Later Anuj and Choti are happy and cheering. Anuj says that Chhoti has got good marks in all subjects. Malti Devi gets shocked and asks where?What about environmental studies? Chhoti says she got full marks in it. Malti Devi says Anupama doesn’t know. Anupama says that she used to study at night and teach during the day. Choti says my mom is the best. Ankush says this is commendable. Anuj asks Anupama to sign the report card as he got good marks because of her.Pakhi comes there and throws the check up and down. She asks him to sign. Anupama says check of Rs 10 lakh. Pakhi says yes. Everyone is surprised.

Precap: Babu ji tells Baa that he has not forgotten anything and then he realizes

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Anupama

ANS. You can watch Anupama online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Anupama upcoming story

ANS. Anupama gives her gold bangle to Leela. Malti recognizes the bangle.


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