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Anupama asks Toshu and Pakhi to ask Samar to throw a party. Samar says I will throw a party. Vanraj says only men will go. Toshu tells that women will get emotional about the baby and will bore us. Anuj says yes, it is good. Babu ji says we will party in a different way. Anuj says we were joking, and says we will party together.

Anupama tells that they will party separately. Samar, Toshu and others tell that they will party together. They tell that Samar will throw a party for the men and Dimpy will throw a party for the men. Kavya says we have decided. Anuj told them that they will have a party in the hotel and they will celebrate it at home. Anupama says we will celebrate. She says party is in the evening, but right now I will cook your favorite food. Dimpy wipes the line in the kitchen. Anupama is happy. Samar gets electrocuted. Pakhi and Toshu ask what happened? Samar says that he felt electric shock as his hands were wet. Pakhi says she should be careful. Samar says he became immune to current because she gives more current. logic.

Samar says I will not invite you to the party. Pakhi takes selfie with her brothers and gets emotional remembering her childhood. She says it takes time for us to end the affair as we have grown up. Samar says the fight also becomes bigger. Toshu says they fight for bigger things. Samar says we can’t bear the anger of a single brother, and our ego gets bigger, brother-sister’s actions remain the same, but our reactions change. Pakhi says we will change our priorities, and says husband and wife are different, and no one can take the place of brother and sister.

He says we will always be together…Anupama says my child’s love will not be affected by anyone’s evil eye. Pakhi asks Samar will you ignore me after the birth of the child. Samar tells that you are the first child for me, and asks if Toshu has forgotten you. He says he’ll take a photo on his phone, just as she applies the filter and everything turns pink. Pakhi says she doesn’t do that. She runs away with Toshu. Samar tries to connect the wire to the extension box and feels the electric current again.

Anupama cooks Samar’s favorite food. Samar sings Chand Chupa song…and praises Anupama. He is happy seeing the dishes and says he is on cloud nine.. Anupama says you will always be happy and away from evil eye. When he comes down from the window, a nail pricks his foot. He thinks maybe the evil eye always goes away because I am so happy. Anuj comes to the kitchen and catches Anupama. He asks her to say I love you. Anupama says I love you. Anuj reminds her of her promise and says he will help her in the kitchen.

Anupama asks him to knead the dough. He asks her to give him water and says sorry for tomorrow. Anupama flirts with Anuj and tries to kiss his cheek, just then Baa comes there and asks them to have some shame as they have become grandfather and grandmother. Anuj says Baa, why will we feel ashamed, we have learned romance from you and Babu ji. Baa says everyone is shocked and asks Anupama to go and tie black thread on Samar and Dimpy to protect them from evil eyes. Anupama comes to Samar and says that she will tie the thread to him. Samar says he will tie it himself. Anupama ties a thread to him, Samar gets tickled and runs away from there. Anupama thinks he used to do the same in childhood too, and says she will ask Baa or Dimpy to tie the thread to him when he sleeps.

Samar is laughing happily. Samar lies on the floor and laughs, then stops for a while. Anupama and others call him. He opens his eyes and surprises everyone. Anupama tells Vanraj that Samar is very happy, she has never seen him happy before. Vanraj says he did not become a father first. Anupama says she will serve food. Samar says let’s go. He starts feeling dizzy and his vision becomes blurred for some time. Then he gets up and thanks everyone, saying he is lucky to have all the relationships and parents.

He says my parents are the best parents in this world, and my mom is very loving and caring, mom, I love you mom says and touches her feet and hugs her. He says you are my friend, partner in crime etc., in reality you are God or even better than God. He touches her feet again. Pakhi asks since when did you become emotional. Samar says he said this thinking so.

Precap: Anuj hugs Samar. She tries to tie Raksha Sutra to him, Samar says later. They go to the men’s party. Later Samar’s dead body arrives and Vanraj shouts and tells Anupama that Anuj is responsible for Samar’s death.


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