Barsatein 13th October 2023 Written Episode

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Barsatein13th October 2023 episode starts with Reyansh and Jai watching the news and smiling. Vikram says this is very sad news and you are smiling. Reyaansh asks why are you smiling Jai, do you think my marriage will happen first or yours. Jai says I can’t wait. Reyansh says the wedding procession has to go to the same house. Vikram asks what? Reyansh and Jai joke on the story. Vikram says how did you both become top journalists. He looks at Aradhana and smiles.

Malini finds Kimaya tensed. Kimaya makes excuses. Reyansh asks how did the accident happen, could it be intentional, did you see anyone there. Jai says no. Reyansh says that Khanna was the target. Komal says Kimaya was vomiting the whole night. Malini goes to meet Kimaya. She asks are you fine? Kimaya says I am sleeping, I am fine. Komal says you are crying, come out. Kimaya says I want to live alone. Malini asks Komal to take out Kimaya’s purse and give it to her, it contains her medicines. Kimaya cries.

Malini says what happened to Kimaya. Komal takes the bag. Malini thinks Kimaya is hiding something. Reyansh says truck driver has been caught, we will not leave the blackmailer. Akash says Jai, buy some clothes for your Roka, you have gone mad in love, we have to look better than Khanna. Kriti comes and says don’t worry, I will take you both shopping and style you, you will be the best groom. Jai says we all can go with everyone. She says yes, but Kimaya and Komal will not come. Reyansh goes out. Jai shows the ring to Kriti and says I have bought it for Aradhana.

She says I don’t think it will fit her, you give it to me, I will fix it, don’t worry, I am there, give it to her in front of the family, let Vikram and Kimaya have roka first. , He says sure. She says buy a small gift for him too. He says sure. She goes. Malini goes to Kimaya’s room. She checks the purse. She is shocked to see the pregnancy kit. She calls Komal and asks where is Kimaya. Komal says she has gone out. Reyansh and Aradhana argue in the office.

Kimaya calls Aradhana and says I have come for abortion. Aradhana says no, don’t do this foolishness. Kimaya asks what will happen, I can die. She goes. Jai says listen to me, what is your favorite color, green or blue. Reyansh says tell him, who knows you better. She goes. Kriti says she doesn’t care. Reyaansh sees Aradhana’s phone ringing. Aradhana comes to Kimaya and asks did you do something. Kimaya says I am very bad, I am a murderer. She cries and hugs Aradhana. Doctor asks them to take decision. She goes. Reyansh answers the call. The nurse tells about Aradhana. Kimaya asks what can I do, I can’t face my parents and the world, I can’t. Reyansh gets pregnancy report. He gets shocked.

Aradhana encourages Kimaya by telling her story. She says I am with you. She hugs Kimaya. Kriti comes to Malini and asks where is Kimaya. Malini says I am stressed. Kriti says Charmy said she saw Kimaya and Aradhana in a nursing home, why did they go there, tell me. Malini is worried. She comes to the nursing home. She hugs Kimaya. She scolds Aradhana. Aradhana says no. Malini does not listen to him. Kimaya and Aradhana cry. Malini says you have cheated me, I will never forgive you for this, my daughters are my everything, you don’t take any decision for them. Kimaya says no. Malini says I am with you, I will not let you get defamed or suffer alone, no. She says I am taking my daughter Aradhana home. Aradhana cries. Reyansh comes there and says you are pregnant.

Aradhana says leave me alone. He says you are pregnant, who is the father, you are very bright, tell who is he. She asks how did you know this. He says I am a journalist, I can find out, you are hiding about the child, I left the city and came here for you, whose child is this, answer me. Aradhana screams and slaps him.

Reyansh says the truth will not change. She hugs and cries. He says no one can hate you. Jai takes the ring to propose to Aradhana.


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