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Today’s Meet  episode starts with Chaudhary smiling amongst themselves as they prepare for Sumeet and Shlok’s Haldi ceremony.Just then, a dressed-up Sumeet enters led by Priyanka and Pankhuri, making everyone happy.Seeing Sumeet, Raj tells him that he is very happy for him, even if he grows up she will always be his younger sister.Later, Sumeet asks Pankhuri to take part in the haldi-knut ceremony as she is married, but Pankhuri hesitates.

Raj attempts to defend Pankhuri, but Pankhuri moves forward and takes part in grinding the turmeric.On top of that, Shlok shouts at the family to lower their voices as he has to submit his song to a producer.Poonam asks Shlok why he is so agitated, Shlok says no one is understanding his situation.Shlok further asked about Sumeet, to which Dadi told Shlok that she would not be able to meet Sumeet until marriage.Sumeet learns that Shlok is stressed, so he requests Poonam to let him meet Shlok, to which Poonam agrees.

In the room, Shlok tries to sing but fails, during this Sumeet enters, but his back is towards Shlok.Sumeet tells Shlok that he should not see her, as this is the first time that they are getting married with customs.However, Shlok told Sumeet that he would not be able to sing without seeing him, after which Sumeet had to switch off the lights.Then Sumeet lights the candles and draws the curtain between him and Shlok, causing Shlok to sing and after singing, Sumeet cheers for Shlok.After this, Shlok meets the music producer, who after listening to his song, praises him and says that he will launch him.

The producer gave Shlok an advance amount of Rs 30,000, saying it was payment for the next recording.He then writes a cheque, when Shlok asks the maker if he can avoid writing the name on the cheque.The producer asks the reason, due to which Shlok starts smiling and after a long time, Shlok reaches Chaudhary premises.As Shlok is about to enter, he is heard complaining to himself that the jeweler is complaining to himself that if no one needed to buy jewelery then why was he called.

Shlok recalls Sumeet choosing flower jewelery and then he asks the jeweler to show him a piece.The jeweler shows him a piece, but suddenly Raunak comes to Shlok and says that he cannot buy the set for Sumeet.However, Shlok tells the jeweler that he will bring the neckpiece, which shocks Raunak.Inside, while making halwa, Sumeet tells Poonam that he is sure that Shlok will bring good news.Poonam agrees and then, asks Sumeet to serve halwa while she goes out to inspect the wedding preparations.

She leaves, while Sumeet serves halwa in the plate and garnishes it with almonds, congratulating her, but the plate falls, causing Sumeet to worry.Meanwhile, Shagun tells the producer that if he removes Shlok she will launch her internationally.The producer is shocked, while on the other hand, Shlok decides to give Rs 30,000 advance to the jeweler for the neckpiece.At the office, the producer tells Shagun that he has paid Shlok an advance, but Shagun insists on the producer canceling her cheque, causing the producer to cancel Shlok.

Meanwhile, Shlok gets the necklace while Shagun smiles thinking that Shlok and Sumeet’s relationship will break because of the money.At the function, Sumeet asked Shlok to tell about his meeting with the producer and Shlok told that it was good.Sumeet informs the family about this, making everyone happy, but he is interrupted by a veiled Rajasthani woman who asks if this is Chaudhary’s house.


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