Barsatein 14th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 14th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsatein 14th November 2023 episode starts with Reyansh and Aradhana arguing. She says you are a murderer, you killed my sister, you broke your father’s heart, I would have died while saving her, you are an animal, no, animals are also sensitive. He says okay, you can tell me anything, just come with me. She says no. He says there is something between us, we are meant to be together, if I had married Kimaya then I would have never been happy. She says Kimaya is no more because of you, nothing will be fine.

He says it’s all Jai’s fault. She says you think everyone is wrong, you got into Kriti’s things and doubted Jai, you doubted me and leaked MMS, you can’t see anything, whatever with Kimaya. It happened, I will never forgive you, we were together before, but we will never be. He remembers Kriti’s words. He goes to office. He says there is free breakfast for everyone in the cafeteria from my side, go, it is free. everyone leaves. He looks at Jai. Jai asks what are you doing here. Reyansh says that we have bought this business together. Jai says ok, sell your share and leaves. Reyansh says you cheated me.

Jai says just go away, Khanna family has already suffered a lot. Reyaansh says you have played a big game with me, you have stabbed me, you saved Aradhana from the goons, did you hire those goons also. Jai says I don’t know you have brainwashed yourself. Reyaansh says tell the truth, you love Aradhana. Jai says I don’t hide behind lies, yes, I love her. Reyansh says enough. Jai asks him to get out. Reyansh goes to Aradhana and asks why this healthy sandwich, I have ordered Chinese for you. She says I left unhealthy habits forever, so much happened, but there was no effect on you. He says that sorrow cannot be reflected through tears alone. She tells him the story of a prince.

She walks away taunting him. He breaks the table and says she called him devil, so I will behave like devil. He goes to Jai’s cabin and sees Aradhana. He taunts them. He becomes irritable. Aradhana left. Reyansh stops her and asks where are you going. She asks will you not let anyone live in peace. logic. She says you can never replace Jai. He says I don’t want. She says I am happy that I got a friend like Jai, I trust you. He says you don’t know his truth, I will come back. Malini remembers Kimaya and cries.

Reyansh practices boxing. Vivek asks him to stop it. He says Jai is your friend. Reyaansh says he is a snake, his eyes are on my love, I trust Aradhana, not Jai. Malini cries. Aradhana consoles him. Malini apologizes to him. She says I became blind and Kimaya left us, we got punished. Aradhana consoles him. Malini says I have done wrong to you, I miss you a lot, I don’t have the courage to accept you as my daughter. Vivek says a lot. Reyansh says I am taking Aradhana away from Jai, she supports Jai.

Vivek says Jai did not do anything with Kimaya. Reyansh says Jai is clever, I will defeat him. Malini says Viren and Kriti will not agree. Aradhana says okay. Malini says you have to stay away from Reyansh. Aradhana says he can’t harm me. Malini says he wants to harm you, you get married. Vivek and Reyansh sat down to have a drink. Vivek scolded him. Reyansh says if you scold me then I will be fine.

Vivek says I wish I could heal your childhood pain. Reyansh says its not your mistake, Jai did this, I promise, I will remove Jai from my way, we will take Aradhana to Delhi, I will marry her, Jai thinks he will take Aradhana. , she is mine. Aradhana says no, I can’t marry or love anyone else. Malini asks do you still love her. Aradhana says I hate him, I lost my sister because of him, but I can’t marry anyone else, I can’t forget Reyansh’s love, I will never forgive him. Malini says he will ruin everyone.

Aradhana says I should leave from here. Malini says no, I have just brought you. Aradhana says I will come back to you, but I have to keep Reyansh away from this family, I know how to handle him, I don’t know if another Kimaya will come between us. Malini gives her bangles. Vivek says Aradhana won’t accept you, she will leave, you should free her, you can’t force her to love you. Reyaansh says Aradhana loves me. Malini says fall in love with a good person and marry. Aradhana says maybe I am not made for love.

Reyaansh asks Beena about Aradhana. He sees Aradhana hugging Jai. he would have been angry

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