Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th November 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th November 2023 episode starts with Sahiba asks Angad if these are names of food or riddles. She reads the name of the sweet. Angad says this is jalebi. Sahiba says that they are making Rakesh as Rocky and Ramesh as Rambo and if they are taking money for English translation along with the food bill. She says simple things are complicated. He says just like our relationship. Sahiba says our relationship is like jalebi, crooked but sweet. Angad gets a call and gets up to talk to someone. A man takes out his camera and tries to take their photo. Angad looks at the boy when the waiter bumps into him. Boy pretends to take pictures of others.

Keerat practices wrestling with Sweety and tells that both of them are selected, and will bring medals. Sweety says your chances of winning are more than me and you know it very well. Kirat asks her to concentrate on winning the championship and says that by the competition you will become qualified. Couch comes there and asks Keerat why she is practicing less since she got selected. Kirat says no. He asks him to fight with Ritu. Kirat asks Ritu to practice fighting with him. Ritu says it seems you want to lose today. Kirat says you will soon know who will win. The sofa touches her inappropriately. Kirat did not notice and went to drink water. Couch looks at him with evil intentions.

Angad ends the call. Sahiba tells that they will go to the beach once, as they have come to Mumbai. A boy comes to Angad and calls him Sunny. Angad asks who is he? Sahiba asks him to remove his hand. The man says this is how we meet, and says last time you stuck to my back. Angad asks what nonsense is this? The boy says he is Rakesh and calls him Sunny Sood. Angad says I am Angad Singh Brar. The boy says you are not recognizing me in front of your wife. Sahiba says he is Angad. Rakesh left. Sahiba says that maybe her friend’s face resembles yours. The manager talks to the mysterious man and says that he is going to fix the microphone in Angad and Sahiba’s room, and asks the staff to keep them busy.

Sahiba whispers to Angad to spend some time on her, like he spent time on Sunny Sood case. She asks what does he want to achieve? Angad says he doesn’t like it and says some things he doesn’t have anymore. Sahiba says then what do you want? Angad says the cook is better than you, due to which I recover so quickly, and says if he was here, he would have given me something to eat. Sahiba thinks the cook is in front of you and thinks she will find out what he wants. The waiter comes to take the order. Sahiba orders something.

When the door did not open, the manager asked the staff to bring another key. The waiter serves them food. Sahiba hears pasta with pink sauce and says pink. Angad asks do you have any problem with this. Sahiba says this is my favorite color now. The staff member serves them food. The manager is waiting for him. Angad is still talking on the phone. Sahiba thinks she is alone, everyone has partners to talk to. He puts chili on pasta. Sahiba tries to help him, but he refuses. Angad tastes it, feels the spice and hiccups.

Sahiba puts ice on his mouth so that he does not feel the burning sensation and takes his photo and says that he looks like a red monkey. He gets upset. Sahiba teasingly tells him that she will share it. Angad gets upset and asks the waiter to give the bill, and they will go to the room. The waiter comes to the manager and tells him everything. Manager says my work is not complete yet and asks to keep him busy for 5-10 minutes.

Sirat brings tea and gives it to everyone, but no one takes it. Jasleen says she is forgetting that if she serves good dinner and tea then everyone will forget her conspiracy. Sirat is about to keep the cup of tea and the tea falls on the table. She cleans it. Manveer tells Japjyot that both the sisters are doing something or the other. Sirat gets a mysterious call. Inder comes there and tells that Angad has eaten spicy food and Sahiba has taken his phone. Manveer gets angry that Sahiba made fun of him. Japjyot says that spicy phone causes acidity to Angad. Prapjyot asks Sirat to pick up the call and says someone wants to talk to you and you have 10 missed calls. She is about to take the phone, but Sirat takes it away.

The waiter thinks how to keep Angad here and asks him to have ice cream. Angad refuses and asks her to give it, but Sahiba is not there. He wonders where she went?Sirat talks to the mysterious man and says that she has received his message, but she can’t reply when she wants to. She says my condition is very good nowadays and says this is my personal life and why should I discuss about it with you. She asks why did you call me, and then says she won’t come to meet him. Then she says when I came to meet you why didn’t you

Just told. Then she says that she will come to meet him tomorrow and ends the call. She says she doesn’t know when this matter will end or is it the beginning of a new story.The manager fixes the microphone on the back of the laptop as Angad spends more time on it. Angad asks the waiter if he saw his wife. He calls Sahiba, but she does not pick up his call. He calls Sahiba. Manager comes there and asks what happened. Then he calls the staff, one of the staff members tells that they saw Sahiba going to the beach. Angad goes there. The manager asked the waiter to do as he asked, and said that you know that Angad had gone to the beach. Angad gets worried if Sahiba is in trouble.

Precap: Sahiba tries to propose Angad with Gulab, then some people come one by one and call them Sunny Sood. A girl comes there and calls him Sunny Sood and says that you got engaged to me and married someone else. Sahiba asks why are they all calling you Sunny Sood.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Teri Meri Doriyaann

ANS. You can watch Teri Meri Doriyaann online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Teri Meri Doriyaann upcoming story

ANS.Angad escapes from the police. Rumi asks Sahiba not to take Angad’s name in front of her and please cooperate. Sahiba says she would rather die than cooperate with him. He shows him the knife.

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