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Barsatein 16th November 2023 episode starts with Aradhana saying sorry Jai, I don’t want to hurt you, I am going back to Delhi, but I have to finish some work, I won’t meet you again, take care. She leaves. Inspector comes to office and says we have come to arrest Jai for insider trading of shares. Kriti and Reyansh come and taunt Jai for his honesty. Jai asks do you have any proof. Kriti says I don’t know what Jai did behind my father’s back. Inspector says come to the police station.

Jai remembers signing the papers and giving it to Reyansh. He says I trust you more than myself. Jai says okay, Inspector, I have signed the papers, I will come. He takes Reyansh aside and says you must be happy, you got what you wanted. Kriti jokingly says that our love story needed a villain like this. Jai says okay. He goes with the police. Vikram and Aradhana come. He recalls that Vikram told him about Reyansh getting Jai arrested. He asks her to save Jai. She scolds Reyansh. He says that everything is fair in love and war. Kriti says you can go after Jai, you have been fired from the job, bye. She scolds Aradhana.

She says this is my father’s company. Aradhana says no problem, I am leaving. She goes. Reyansh says we did not have this deal. Kriti says this is my deal, I have thrown her out of office, not from your life, you do whatever you want. She goes. Beena listens to some songs. Kadambari comes to her cafe. Beena starts shouting and asks him to sit on the chair. She taunts Kadambari. She says this stool reminds me of my husband, I talk to him since he passed away, when he was alive he used to be busy in flirting. Kadambari says sorry, I will sit on the chair. Beena says yes, I will bring coffee for you. She goes.

She messages Vivek. Beena says I liked your dad a lot, he is handsome, I thought he loves Aradhana, but he is poisonous, you have spoiled his mind. Kadambari says I know, I am worried about Aradhana, I just want to handle my son somehow and make VK understand. Beena laughs and says it is too late, you rich people live life like a book, Viren paid the price of your love with his daughter’s life and Vivek ruined his son’s life, and poor Aradhana. … worship comes.

She says I was leaving today, but I got some small work, I need Kadambari’s help. Kadambari says okay but Reyaansh will follow you, I taught him to get ruined in love. Aradhna says yes, you didn’t teach him love, you couldn’t understand that love doesn’t mean achieving, he couldn’t understand love, that’s unfortunate friendship too, you can help me, come. Kadambari goes with him. Inspector asks Jai if anyone has put false signature. Jai says this is a conspiracy against me.

Reyansh comes to talk to Jai. He says think, I am Jai’s family. Jai says I knew it, you will come when your anger calms down. logic. Jai says I am not snatching Aradhana from you, I fell in love, what should I do. Reyansh says I will see who saves you. Aradhana comes to save Jai. She says Reyansh doesn’t understand love, friendship and parents, he doesn’t know love, respect and sympathy, I bailed you out, come with me. She asks Reyansh to leave. She says be happy now. Reyansh says no, I have a lot to do. She says I don’t care about anything. Aradhana asks Jai to come. She holds his hand and takes him away.

Jai asks who told you. She says Vikram told me, I know Reyansh has done this. He says thanks for taking me out. She says I am going back to Delhi, Reyansh will do something while I am here, I am tired, I want to go to my parents and take care of them. Jai says ok, I will come along. She says no, handle your business and life, I will go, take care. He says you too. She leaves.

Malini asks Viren to sit outside, he will feel better. She goes to get soup for him. Viren looks at the pictures and says Aradhana has stabbed me in the back. He throws the album. Malini asks what happened. He says I should not see Aradhana in this house. She asks why. He says ever since she came here, our life got ruined, I did a mistake, Reyansh broke Kimaya, Aradhana is also responsible.

Malini says no, Reyaansh killed Kimaya, Aradhana has taken care of you for a month, she has taken care of all of us. He says you are not understanding. Aradhana comes and listens to them. Viren scolds him. He says Malini, you wanted to throw him out, why this sympathy now. Malini says he did a lot for us. He says yes, he took Kimaya’s life. Aradhana cries. he says that

You want something to happen to our other two daughters also. Aradhana says I am leaving, I shouldn’t have come here, sorry. Malini says don’t say this, you are also a part of this house. Viren says no, he is a storm who ruined everything. Malini says he is innocent, you had an affair with Kadambari, it is because of your past, Reyansh did this. Reyansh comes and says Malini is telling the truth, I am the reason for all your problems. Aradhana asks why have you come here. He says it for you.

Bhakti says you have come home. Reyansh dances and says come with me, there is no one for you as long as I am alive.

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