Katha Ankahee 16th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 16h November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 16th November 2023

Today’s episode of Katha Ankahee 16th November 2023 starts with Katha says there should be trust while completing the project and she trusts him so much but after the project is over they both will live their separate lives, Raghav says this is wrong because Viaan is an important and friend of their life, When Viaan mentions that he is also saying that both of their lives are important. Raghav says there is an important job so asks where is the bathroom when Katha points to the other side but he gets confused when Raghav says it is the best thing about Katha because she knows every aspect of the design. Puts it on.

Viaan asks Katha to sit when she says that she came to talk to him that they have to end all this because what is the point of hiding it when Viaan asks her to say it because he will tell the truth then Katha says That she is tired, Viaan replies that if she keeps acting she will be tired for the rest of her life, she says that things have gone too far but Viaan explains that nothing will go wrong as long as they are alive. And he will definitely come to bring her back.

Katha says he doesn’t know about Aarav who won’t be able to handle both of them, Viaan says he is also Aarav’s father and if he can’t handle his bad behavior then he has no right to be called his father, When Katha says that she is the mother so Viaan can’t think about her situation, he starts staring at her when she requests him not to look, however Viaan says that she is in their house so he can’t see her. Can’t stop looking at her. Katha walks away while Viaan starts smiling.

While walking with Vanya, Ahsan tells that there was a time when he used to be very excited about such parties, he says that he feels that something is missing when Vanya replies that now he feels happy after remembering it. So Ahsan says he has a life now with a partner when Vanya replies it’s actually a great thing to have someone to take care of and they have to fight for it sometimes.

Vanya replies that she only has her brother, when Ahsaan tells her to stop playing the brother-sister card, but Viaan is her best friend, Vanya asks what about her when she didn’t meet her brother. mistake, Ahsan stops her saying she doesn’t go angry and promises not to tell about her brother Bhaidooj is coming, Vanya says she will pray that her brother gets it Whatever he thinks, while Ahsan can do whatever he wants.

Pari sharply asks not to be worried as Raghav told them that Viaan loved a girl a lot but she left, Vikram tells that he knows Viaan is heartbroken but there is a very strange feeling in it. There is emotion. Pari tells that she has also seen Raghav in his difficult times when his wife left him but then he meets Katha. Vikram explains that sometimes parents trouble their children when Teji says that she is actually right and it hurts their children a lot. Pari asks Teji if he should find a beautiful girl for Viaan, when Teji replies that he has not moved on and is still in love with that girl.

While walking Raghav sees Aarav’s room and enters it, Viaan asks Raghav to come with him but he stops Viaan and asks how is the kids room there, Viaan explains that it is for his love son. But as time passed the child also became their son but he went away. Raghav replies that relationships built from the heart don’t break easily and their children never forget their parents, Viaan gets emotional remembering how Aarav used to call him Robin.

Ahsaan is driving when he tells Vanya that they should not fight like this as opinions can differ, he says that they have to be practical and advises Vanya to move on with her life. Vanya asks Ahsan not to behave like her grandfather, he says that he will have to adjust with grandfather all his life. Vanya replies that he should make up with his wife for once, when he says that he always has to argue with her, but she says that she should also agree with him, as a favor to drop her off at her brother’s house. When he threatens her,

Vanya tells him it’s the best idea and he can leave her there. Ahsaan says that she is forgetting that Raghav has come with his entire family, Vanya replies that she has to check if everything is fine or not, on this Ahsaan also agrees and says Katha would not have come so He has to give some moral support to Viaan. Vanya prays that Katha Bhabhi should have come here as she should have understood what she wanted to say to her.

Roohi thanks Viaan sir who asked her to come to her house for some conversation as he is an architect and also a poet, she tells that she also has a younger brother Aarav, so she will introduce them both . Vikram lets out a big yawn when Pari asks where his manners are as they are with everyone, Vikram apologizes saying that the restaurant was really good and even the sweets were good so he is feeling sleepy. Ruhi gets a call from Aarav who asks if they all can go to the party without him.

Aarav gets angry and ends the call when Ruhi swears to make him feel jealous. Vikram yawns once again but then says that they should leave so asks Ruhi to come but when he says she has to go she refuses. She has school tomorrow but her parents can stay here, Katha also decides to go but when Raghav requests her to stay she decides to stay.

Katha goes to the corner and calls Aarav and asks if he is angry, when he replies that he is sorry because he has not exercised, hence informs that he was missing Ruhi too, but Katha Se asks not to tell Ruhi that he said so. He asks where they have come, when Katha says that they were invited to one of Raghav’s friends, so Aarav ends the call.

Vikram enters the house and tells Pari that Viaan himself has cooked Lazygina, when Jodi wonders what happened to Viaan that he is always so stressed, Ruhi also comes and asks what happened when Vikram Says they are talking about how good a poet Viaan is. Vikram asks Ruhi to go and sleep as he has to go to school. Ruhi goes to bed after wishing them both. Pari tells Vikram how she felt that Teji was feeling a little shy when Vikram says that he definitely has a past and may have had some hand in what happened to Viaan.

Viaan is telling a joke when Katha spills coffee which Raghav starts cleaning up seeing which Viaan gets really upset, Ahsaan and Vanya also enter when Ahsaan gets shocked to see Katha there, Viaan takes Vanya to Dr. Introduces Raghav when Ahsaan says it is a surprise so Raghav will be surprised in reply as his two favorites Katha and Viaan are working on this project. Raghav wishes Ahsaan all the best for his marriage and says that this is the most beautiful deal. Ahsaan says that he doesn’t go back on his word and is happy in it, Raghav agrees with him and says that true love doesn’t always exist in their lives,

Viaan agrees saying that he feels that they should find their One should commit only after listening to the heart because if they want peace then one should commit from the heart because a person can fight with the whole world for his partner, he even asks what she thinks so agree with Katha Viaan it occurs. Katha then congratulates both Vanya and Ahsaan and says that their pairing would have been made because of their love but deals that are broken are what happen when the mind controls the heart, Katha turns to Viaan.

Precap: Raghav says he feels he has started understanding the love of his life so he should tell her name, Viaan says it is fiction. Viaan requests Katha to give him a chance to come back in his life but she keeps crying so he hugs her, Raghav comes into the room calling Katha, hearing which she immediately moves away from Viaan. .

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