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Barsatein 17th November 2023 episode starts with Aradhana asking why did you come here. Reyansh says for you. Viren scolds them. He asks Aradhana why didn’t you tell me earlier, you did this, you took advantage of our goodness, I trusted you and paid a big price, I should have thrown you out on the first day itself. He says Malini, this girl betrayed us, maybe she came here with a false story of finding her mother. Reyansh says this is not a false story, she came to find her mother, you would like to know who she is. Aradhana says shut up Reyansh.

He says Mimi Sehgal, Malini Khanna, your wife is Aradhana’s mother. Viren is shocked. Reyansh says Aradhana did a lot for your family, she ruined herself and left me, she ruined her love for her mother’s sake and today this mother is seeing her humiliation. Viren looks at Malini. Malini cries. He asks is it true? Reyaansh asks Malini will you still lie and not accept your daughter, how low can you stoop, you forgot everything Aradhana did, you don’t deny this truth.

Malini nods and says yes, Aradhana is my daughter, my blood. Viren is shocked. He asks Malini before marriage… He leaves angrily. Aradhana says I came to say goodbye to you, I didn’t know this would happen, I am going back home to my parents, he is my family, I can’t stay here. Malini says no, you can’t go. Aradhana says this will be right for us, take care. Malini cries and hugs him. Aradhana left. Reyaansh stops him and says Malini did not take your side. Aradhana asks who gave you the right to say this. He says your love. logic.

She says you are a curse for me, stay away, we don’t have any relation now. He says let’s see. She leaves. Kriti comes to the police station. She gives Jai’s bail papers. She says tell him that Kriti Khurana has come to save him. Inspector says he already escaped, a lady came and bailed him out. She says thanks. She says Aradhana… Jai asks what happened, you will be hurt. Kriti asks how did he get your bail. logic. He says Aradhana is returning to Delhi today. She thinks of doing something. Aradhana sits in the cab. Reyaansh looks on and thinks you don’t know I will come after you, we can’t live without each other. Aradhana cries and remembers Malini. Holding the finger…plays…

She comes home and is met with joy and devotion. He remembers Harsh’s words. Harsh asks why did you leave, you didn’t remember me. She says you asked me not to show my face again. He hugs her. She cries. She embraces devotion and awakening. She enters her room. She hears the sound of drums. she goes out. Bhakti asks him to drink milk. Aradhana asks if anyone is getting married in the area. Bhakti says maybe there is some function of Guptas. Harsh says I will bring your favorite chola. He goes out. Reyansh dances and gives sweets. He gives cards to everyone.

Harsh asks a man about marriage. He checks the card. Pooja comes and hugs Aradhana. Aradhana says your husband was there to tell about me, we used to talk every day. She jokes about Reyansh. Aradhana says we will not talk about him. Bhakti says I will not let even Reyansh’s shadow fall on you. Harsh asked Aradhana, who? The man says your daughter. Harsh runs. Aradhana says I am very happy. Harsh comes home angrily. Bhakti asks what happened, you didn’t get chickpeas. Harsh shows them the card.

Aradhana asks what happened. Harsh says, I thought everything is over. Aradhana says it is over. Harsh asks why is he distributing cards. Bhakti says I have seen his truth, Aradhana will not marry him, I will not let this marriage happen. severe anxiety. Aradhana gets angry and goes out with a bucket of water. Harsh says I will talk to him. Aradhana says no, I will go, I am not afraid of him. She goes to Reyansh. She asks what is all this. He feeds him sweets. He asks them to dance. She asks what are you doing? He says everyone is enjoying. She asks why did you come? He says Aradhana is married to Reyaansh, we will be Aransh together, or Reyadhna, Aransh is better. She says I am not marrying you, I still hate you.

Harsh says this marriage cannot happen. Reyansh says if we can’t live together then we will leave the world. Aradhana and Reyansh meet with an accident.

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