Katha Ankahee 17th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 17th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 17th November 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 17th November 2023 episode starts with Katha enters the room where the design board is kept, Katha starts looking at the designs and a smile appears on her face, she also goes to look at other designs kept there which are similar to a mosque. Viaan sees Katha standing outside the room looking at the design, so he slowly walks behind her saying that he has made it, she gets shocked but then he pulls her closer to him. Katha gets a little uncomfortable so apologizes for coming to her room and then praises the designs saying that she didn’t know he brought the designs home.

Viaan says what they are making is Raghav’s love but the idea of love is theirs, like the story of Shahjahan and Mumtaz, as the world knows about their love but is unaware that the design was made by Mumtaz’s friend. Whose name was Sheraz, which was his love for her. Viaan has mentioned in every aspect of this design that his love for fiction is shown, and it simply says I love you narrative, listening to this narrative shows Viaan that there is a connection between stories and real life. There is a lot of difference between them whereas even in the story, Mumtaz and Sheraz never met together.

Viaan says this is their story and he will make sure he gets it done and explains that it was the son who called out and they had to lie, so he is wondering why they lied, he says he got it. Never liked and she was always honest. , Viaan says he is only asking for a chance to come back into Katha and Aarav’s life and make everything right, Katha gets emotional when Viaan tries to hug her but when Viaan responds she She says this is not right, this is their truth both. Raghav saw how Katha was crying in the room.

Ahsaan sharply asks if she is okay, she replies that she remembered her mistakes after seeing Katha in this house, who has entered as someone else’s fianc√©, while her son Viaan, not her Know what he might be going through. Ahsaan says he told Katha in the office not to come here, but he doesn’t know why she came, Vanya tells that some things can never be done with thought, but only with one’s emotions. Can because Katha is Viaan Bhai’s true love and he will keep pulling her closer to him, which is love.

Raghav entering the room is confused and asks Katha why she is crying, Katha chose the design explaining that she got emotional seeing it, Viaan turns to Raghav who says he was scared. So asks for the design and starts looking at it, Raghav says it is Viaan’s fault he poured his heart on it and it can make anyone cry. Raghav says but he is wrong because only one can realize it who can understand the value of this design, an architect who is Katha.

Raghav says he wants Viaan whom he loves very much to see this design because Viaan is the one who filled it with love and it couldn’t have been so good, he says he is sure that Viaan Making them smile through the tears. Katha tells Raghav that it is too late and they should go back home so Viaan agrees to let them go while he stands there and breathes a sigh of relief.

Ruhi while on her bed is once again reciting Viaan Sir’s poem, she calls Aarav and asks why he got so angry at her and ends the call, Aarav also questions why she would tease him. Aarav answers that he goes to school for that. Aarav further says that they have publicized their visit as they only went to Papa’s friend’s house and he asks for the name, Ruhi recalls how Katha told her that she will talk to Aarav herself. Ruhi replies that truth be told it was not fun at all so she asks if Aarav has done horse riding.

Vanya tells Ahsaan not to worry when Raghav returns with Katha and Viaan asks where Teji is and Ahsaan says she was tired so she slept. Raghav replies that Katha is also tired so they should leave, he tells Viaan that he should tell him the name of the girl he loved. Viaan says that she is doing the story which everyone is tensed to hear, so Viaan explains that it is not just a story but the whole narrative, when Raghav promises Viaan to make sure that they meet him, Because when she returns he will definitely get her married to Viaan. Raghav and Katha leave when Ahsaan asks Viaan what he is after. Viaan replies that he will definitely bring his family back together but Ahsaan replies that he will not support Viaan in this when Vanya tells his brother. She hugs him and explains that she will definitely support him. Brother.

In the morning Katha is talking to Pranav who says that Aarav called during dinner when Katha replies that she is glad they did not meet but Aarav is coming tonight so he does not know Vyaan’s name. How will he react after hearing it? Raghav and Ruhi tell that they have an A for the story.

A is a gift because their son has returned from the mountains, Aarav enters the house so Katha gets excited seeing him and hugs him, Ruhi asks if he came on his own or was he thrown out of the program. . Aarav replies that he did not come to meet her but to meet her lovely family when Ruhi says that she knows he came for her and even asks her for a gift but Aarav replies that they are having dinner alone. and now wants a gift from him, Ruhi insists that she needs a gift so she leaves with Aarav. Katha suggests to Raghav that she feels that they should not tell Aarav about Mr. Raghuvanshi as it may not be right at that time when Raghav agrees with her and hence says that they will tell him about Viaan after some time. I will tell because Diwali is a personal matter. Raghav tells that he is taking Aarav to the mall for Diwali shopping and will return before the puja, so Katha replies that she is going to return early from office.

Viaan is anxiously waiting for Katha when Vanya says that he should not wait as she will definitely come then Viaan replies that he cannot wait for her, he tells that Aarav told her during dinner last night. So Vanya asks what he said when Viaan replies that he lied since she is also a mother and therefore can’t think about anything other than her son.

Ruhi asks Aarav what he brought for her as a gift, when Aarav replies what would he have brought for her when he went to the mountains, Ruhi gets a little upset when Aarav asks what he has in his bag. What is there and he takes out a wooden statue of a dog, Ruhi gets excited to see it when Aarav says that he is the one who made it for her, Ruhi gets emotional so starts crying when Aarav stops her, Ruhi says her body is not under her control and needs to be hugged. Aarav says he has to go and take a bath so he leaves while Ruhi wonders if anything really happened during the trip.

Vanya brings coffee for Viaan and asks what he wants as a gift, when Viaan refuses she says that if he asks her she will gift him something he wants otherwise he will get what Having to deal with that, Vian says he just needs her prayers so Vanya replies that she will always pray for him.

Precap: Katha tells Viaan that she is really scared of what will happen to Aarav as he has just started getting a little better. Aarav and Ruhi are enjoying Diwali celebrations when Viaan visits Aarav who gets angry saying that Viaan is not his father and starts hitting the bench, Katha and Raghav leave with Aarav while Viaan sits down sadly.

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