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Barsatein 20th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsatein 20th November 2023 episode starts with Aradhana asking what are you doing. Reyansh and Aradhana argue. She says I will call the police. He says you can call police, this is Delhi, my area, what will you tell dad. She says I will tell him that my sister died because of you. He says I didn’t kill anyone, don’t torture me too much, don’t blame me. He stops her and says cards have been dealt, leave this anger and come with me, there is no one for you as long as I am alive.

She says when you show madness I will go away from you, don’t come to my house. He says that love is greater where there is more anger. He sees Bhakti and salutes him. He says I will send my family with Shagun. She goes. He eats laddu and says Aradhana got her attitude from her mother. He dances. Aradhana says I will see what he does. Bhakti says act as if you haven’t seen him, ignore him. Harsh says yes, don’t react, mind your own business. Aradhana says yes, okay do the work. She calls. She says I am back to Delhi, I needed work, okay.

She says I have to go for interview. Bhakti says don’t pay attention to that negative man, he didn’t deserve you. Aradhana waits for her turn and prays for selection. She thinks a new job is important for me. She goes and gives her file. She says you can see my stories. She is surprised to see Jai. She says I told you… Jai says Malini was worried about you, I couldn’t leave you alone as a friend, so I have come.

She says I can’t work here. He asks why not, just because I like you, you can trust me. She says I can’t, you didn’t tell me about your feelings. He says you won’t find a loving boss like me, I am a nice guy, keep emotions aside and keep things professional, I like your work, dedication and passion. She says only professional. He says then you have been hired. They shake hands. She thanks him.

He asks her to talk to HR about salary. She goes. Harsh says everyone thinks this marriage will happen, how will we save Aradhana. Reyansh comes to Aradhana. She ignores him and walks away. Jai tells Aradhana about the story. He says that this will affect the elections also. Jai is right, I won’t force you to focus on kitty party stories. She misses Reyansh. Reyansh calls her and asks what will you wear in the wedding, red or light colored lehenga, we both should wear matching clothes. She refuses. He asks will you wear saree or gown. She says just shut up.

He says there is muhurat after 14 days, Jai is there in my horoscope, you don’t sit in front of him, new office, new boss, you should have told me, I would have made whole empire for you, Jai’s special report this is a normal thing now. The report is, it has already been aired on my channel. Jai gets angry and asks who is the traitor, who is giving news to Reyansh. He asks how can Reyansh know this. The phones of the entire staff come to him. He checks the phone.

He says there is nothing in it. She gets a message from Reyansh. He says Jai, I have all your passwords, you make it very easy, Aradhana is just mine, because I love Aradhana. Aradhana says Reyaansh has hacked your phone. Jai angrily throws his phone and leaves. Reyansh plays the song loudly in his car. Aradhana goes to Jai and asks will you still take his side, he is ruining your career. Jai says that once when I fell ill in college, he carried me on his shoulders and took me to appear for the exam, which he failed in. She says we have to make a better story, we can’t lose.

He says you are in a toxic relationship. She says it will never work, trust me, you need a better story. Jai says we will take it. They work together and find an investor. They prepare the story. Jai says come everyone, it’s news time. They run the news. They see sponsor advertisement, Reyansh and Aradhana’s wedding is written in the advertisement. Girls congratulate Aradhana.

Aradhana cries and says how many cities will I leave. Jai says don’t go, we love her, but she is mad, I am not acting, I care about you and also my friend. He gets a call from Jagriti. Jagriti asks him to come home early. Aradhana asks if everything is fine. Jai asks what happened. She says I have to go home. Jai says I will come along. The neighbors see Shagun’s jewelery and praise Reyansh and Aradhana’s relationship. Aradhana thinks Reyaansh will not let me and my family live in peace. Children show the alphabet written with henna. She asks them to go out and play. Jai says he has gone mad.Bhakti says Reyansh is just moving on. Joy

Asks what’s happening. Aradhana says ask them to leave. He asks how. The man asks about the tasks. Aradhana says it is not decided. She gets a call from Reyansh. He says get the clothes ready, I have talked to Manish Malhotra for my clothes. she gets angry. He says I told the date to your dad also, he is very sweet, he doesn’t understand my love. She says keep quiet. She asks Harsh if you have fixed the date. Harsh says no, he said you both have decided this. She says I will file police complaint, call his father. She goes.

Aradhana says if I refuse will he shoot, I can’t bear this. Jagriti says she will not do anything like this, police will not help, when a boy forces himself on a girl then police can arrest him. her, she has asked dad and fixed the date, dad didn’t know anything, calm down, we will find some other way, I know someone who can help you, we can talk to a social worker Will meet. Jai says Aradhana, I am sorry on behalf of Reyansh. She says no need, I will meet you in office, we are going to meet a social worker. They reach a boutique. Jagriti says please don’t scold me. Reyansh comes and says don’t scold him.

Reyansh says there is no place for anyone among us. Bhakti asks Jai to marry Aradhana. She celebrates Aradhana. Reyaansh says you can’t love anyone else except me. Aradhana says I will not marry you. She leaves with Jai.

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