Katha Ankahee 20th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 20th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 20th November 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 20th November 2023 episode starts withVanya tells Viaan that this will be their first brother Dhog so if he tells her he will get a gift of his choice, Viaan says he doesn’t need anything other than her prayers when she says he will get it. But something will happen, Viaan says she can really give him something and advises him not to fight with Ahsan and explains that she has seen his bad times so gets worried seeing him or Katha stressed, she She says that Viaan wants her to support grandpa and not worry about his brother who is sad, Viaan replies that he is not sad but hopeful and he is not worried if Ahsaan or Katha say anything. .

Vikram hugs Aarav who says he is happy that he came back from the camp soon as they were missing him keenly, Aarav tells that he was also missing them, Pari asks what he did there. What did he do then he replies that he will tell them later. Raghav returns and takes Vikram’s blessings, he asks where Aarav is because he has to take him to the mall, Aarav tells that he is standing right here when Raghav asks if they should go now, Pari says she should too She should bring something, Aarav promised to bring some sweets. Katha is getting ready to leave when Vikram asks if she is also leaving, Katha replies that she will be back soon. Pari tells that this is a huge project so Katha says that she is not the only one handling this project and it will not end today. Katha advises them to take the medicine on time and leaves.

Katha knocks at Viaan’s office she gets nervous when he praises her, she notices he is stressed so asks if something happened but he refuses, Viaan questions if Raghav Says something to her when she replies that it is nothing and she should do it not to be worried for him, Viaan then questions if Aarav has returned, Katha gets shocked and asks how did she know, He replies that she is never stressed for herself so asks if she is worried about how Aarav will react after seeing her. Katha tells that she knows how Aarav will react, Viaan requests her to let her meet Aarav, when Katha says that her son may once again suffer a nervous breakdown,

Viaan says that Aarav should Needing some closure when Katha says she is a child and doesn’t know what not to say, Viaan says she is stressed, she will be hurt when Katha replies that she is for someone else too. Will thinks the same and informs that he should go back home soon as it is Diwali, Viaan replies that he does not need Lakshmi puja as Lakshmi is sitting right in front of him. Katha tries to leave but turns back and tells that Aarav has recovered a bit after so long and she can’t let her meet Aarav again, Viaan notices that Katha is very stressed so when she can’t stop crying. Paati then hugs her softly, Katha suddenly wakes up from her dream and looks back to see Viaan sitting on his seat after which she leaves while Viaan also gets worried thinking about Aarav.

Raghav brings Aarav with his eyes closed and shows him the rangoli, Raghav asks if Aarav will light the diya and so he brings the lighter while giving TI to Aarav who suggests that they should also pray while lighting the diya because That’s what his mother does. Aarav asks if Raghav has understood the reason for lighting the lamp and so he lights it, then says that both of them should pray, Raghav agrees to Aarav’s wishes when he asks Raghav to add one more thing. Because Raghav always makes him feel loved and being happy will make other kids feel the same, Raghav promises to Aarav if he makes him happy when Raghav tells that it is the best Diwali gift.

Raghav asks if he can ask for anything else then he helps Aarav sit on the chair mentioning his gift and asks what happened in the camp. Aarav replies that nothing, then Raghav explains that he returned early after taking special permission from the teacher, but Aarav becomes worried when Raghav explains that they can burn all the problems quickly, when Aarav says, This is why he had come thinking that he would celebrate Diwali and burst crackers. Who will stay away from his family. Raghav explains that they should remove all the problems otherwise it will be in their heart and create problems. Aarav says he enjoys a safe Diwali without any crackers.

Vanya tells Katha that she should leave all the problems behind and move ahead, Vanya tells that Viaan and Aarav had a special relationship. The narrative suggests that Aarav enjoyed Viaan’s company as Batman and Robin, which is why he was not able to deal with the situation when Vanya asks if they can’t talk with him, the narrative suggests. That he cannot reason much about a child and his life. Was in danger. Katha says that she has seen her child suffering from trauma and a desperate person only tries to save his life so her child was her top priority, she tells that Aarav has always been an independent child and she herself

When Viaan came to their house after being cured of the illness and he felt that his family was complete, the story tells that he tried very hard to make it. Aarav once again trusts Viaan and if Viaan comes in front of him then he will have to accept it but how can he take such a big chance with his child. Vanya understands all this with her fear and says that she knows Viaan who will be able to make a place in Aarav’s heart and she is sure of it. Katha admits that Viaan manages to convince Aarav but the thing that should have remained between her and Viaan has become true, so if Aarav finds out how much he has gone through for his treatment and The one whom he considered his father has done all this.

The child will start hating himself. Vanya agreed to Katha’s point even though she was a little scared, but Aarav would know the truth someday, then why can’t they take it as a possibility because then there would be no reason to hide the truth. Vanya explains that the truth can make them well again, Katha says that she knows what it’s like to live with this fear and has lived like this most of her life, she knows that what she is doing right now is Temporary but she has to give some time to heal her child, that’s why she took him away from this life, but it came back to find her. The story says that Aarav should never find out the truth and this is the truth as of now.

At night, Aarav and Ruhi are lighting lamps when Parnav asks if they can see the entire stall of sweets that are being eaten. Vikram says that he has decided to go for a jog with Aarav before Katha’s yoga class, Pari gives him another name when Raghav says that they have to go and burn crackers first.Katha asks Paranav to have some sweets when she says today is Diwali but tomorrow they will talk about Viaan, when Katha says she knows this will happen and has decided to talk to Aarav , which will tell how Viaan has come into their lives, while also getting to know their new family. So that he doesn’t get shocked.

Ahsaan is with Vanya and is explaining to her that he knows there are differences between them but he requests her to be on his side and make Viaan understand that Katha and Aarav are the past while he should focus on the future otherwise Viaan Will hurt. Vanya tells that she loves Ahsaan very much but at the moment Viaan and Katha Bhabhi’s love story needs her support.

Viaan is lighting the lamp when he promises his mother that this is the last Diwali in which they will be separated alone while next year both Katha and Aarav will be with them.Paranav asks Katha if it would be right to tell the whole truth to Aarav, Katha says that she will definitely try her best to ensure that Aarav does not come in front of Viaan and understands why all this happened.Vanya thinks that Katha will not let Viaan meet her son but she will definitely do so.

Precap: Viaan goes to Aarav while celebrating Diwali but Aarav pushes him away saying that he is neither his father nor his friend, Aarav gets angry and starts breaking the wooden table so Katha and Raghav take him away. When they go, Viaan sits crying.

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