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Barsatein 20th October 2023 episode starts with Vivek congratulating Viren and Malini. Vivek says, actually, Vikram is my son Reyansh Lamba, I am Vivek Lamba, I am a hotelier from Delhi. Viren is shocked. Vivek says Vikram is Reyansh. Vikram asks what are you saying. Vivek says our families are uniting, I want to bring out the truth, Reyansh is the owner of Nation True News channel, he wanted to do something without my name and support, he came here as Vikram, you made him.

Chosen for his daughter. Vikram says I am Vikram, I am not marrying anyone. Jai comes and welcomes Vivek. Jai says Reyansh is Vikram, I know everything since childhood. Aradhana comes there and sees. Vivek says our daughter-in-law has arrived. They turn and see Aradhana. Malini asks Kimaya to come. Vivek hugs Aradhana and asks how are you. Aradhana says I am glad you are here. Kriti says it is Jai’s engagement first. Vivek asks where is Reyansh.

A man kidnaps Reyansh and says I need to talk to you. Reyansh asks who are you. The man says a simple man, Viren is a corrupt man, ask him, he sent me to jail 30 years ago. Reyansh says so you blackmailed his family. The man says he did this for greed, I did this for justice, today is your engagement, give this photo to her. Jai asks Vivek where is Reyansh, call him. Vivek calls Reyansh. Reyansh says I have seen this picture before, should I go. The man says you can go for your engagement. Reyansh leaves.

Komal asks kindly. Jai says there is no condition for engagement. Komal says then engagement cannot happen. He says ok, anything for you. He gives money. Kriti says stay with me, I am very nervous. Aradhana says don’t worry, I am here. Jai comes. Malini asks him to start the rasam. Kriti gives her hand.

Jai looks at Aradhana. she is surprised. He leaves. Akash and everyone follow Jai. Jai asks what’s happening. Kriti says I will talk to Jai. Jai asks what is all this. Kriti tells him everything. He says I love Aradhana. She says but you will get engaged to me, the truth is that Aradhana loves Reyansh. Malini says Aradhana, I have some work. Aradhana calls Reyansh. She asks him to come quickly. He says I am coming, I am on the highway. She says she feels… He ends the call. Kriti says Aradhana and Reyansh have an affair from Delhi, he came here after that. She shows Reyansh and Aradhana’s video. She says he is very smart. Jai remembers Reyansh’s words.

Jai says you are feeling proud by ruining our lives. Kriti asks did I ruin it, yes, right, what about Aradhana, don’t know where she came into our lives, Kimaya’s marriage broke and she fell in love with Reyansh, Aradhana wants to snatch her away. No way, I won, don’t let this happen. She thanks him. She says I have many proofs against Aradhana, if you don’t hold my hand then I will insult her a lot, defame her. Jai says you think I will get engaged to you.

She says yes, I know, you will do this for Aaradhana’s sake. He asks will you be happy? Kriti says I am happy Aradhana didn’t get you, she tried to ruin Kimaya and my happiness, I don’t want her to get happiness, love is not necessary for marriage, it happens gradually. He says you are making a big mistake. She says dad will throw Aradhana out of job, mom will throw her out of her heart, think well. Kriti and Jai come for the engagement. They get engaged. Everyone hugs Kriti and Jai.

Viren comes to Reyansh and asks did you call me. Reyansh says I met someone who told me about your past, someone is blackmailing you, you didn’t tell me. Viren says Akash and I thought of handling it. Reyansh says he has problem with you, he gave this picture, I saw this picture somewhere. Viren says this is some mistake, I had given a revolutionary speech during college time, you and Jai are my family now, I will take your help if needed, come.

Reyansh comes and congratulates Jai. He asks why are you worried? He asks Kriti what happened. Kriti says your condition will become the same by evening. Reyansh says who is waiting for evening. Jai thinks Reyansh, you and I are trapped in a big game, Kriti has caught us badly. Aradhana thinks of telling the truth to Reyansh.

Reyansh is engaged to Kimaya. Aradhana cries.

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