Katha Ankahee 20th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 20th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 20th October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 20th October 2023 episode starts with If the ring falls second time, Aarav will catch it. Raghav knows that they are getting married for their children, but he wants to know if Katha will marry just for him. Katha thinks that Raghav is a better person than her, he deserves better than her. Raghav remembers a poem.

Katha recalls the day when she found Raghav and Aarav playing in her office. Raghav falls down, Katha helps him to get up. He was leaving for four days and Katha was stressed about this. Aarav gets irritated in her absence. Raghav asks her to come with him to London, suggesting to find a permanent solution to their situation.

Raghav wants to say something before giving her the ring, remembering the day he told them about being together. Raghav was in London, he will return to India on the first flight after the conference is over. Katha wants them to get engaged. Raghav was surprised, he asked Katha and Aarav to pack their luggage and go to his home. Raghav was not able to express his feelings properly, he sang a song. Katha recalls the moment when she confessed her feelings to Viaan.

Raghav calls Violent, he sings a song for Katha and while doing so he gets down on his knees and proposes with a ring. Katha was not able to stop herself from thinking about Viaan. Raghav asks for her hand, Katha hesitantly takes him forward, he puts a ring on her finger, everyone cheers for them. Aarav proceeds to give Katha the ring for Raghav. Katha places a ring on her finger. Aarav and Ruhi hug their respective parents.

Ehsaan comes to Viaan with liquor and asks if he remembers Katha. Viaan did not forget her even for a minute. Ehsaan knows that Viaan will have a lot of questions to ask Katha. Viaan has questions for destiny, why they were doomed when nothing was wrong. Viaan will meet her again, their story cannot end like this.

Katha and Raghav take blessings from Raghav’s mothers. She was hesitant about Katha, but when she realized that Katha had the same feelings as a mother, she decided to make her her daughter-in-law.

At the dinner table, Ruhi sits next to Katha and thanks her for coming into her life permanently. Raghav lets Aarav sit on his seat. Aarav gets angry, his grandmother wants him not to make faces. Aarav tells that this is the face of an angry man. Raghav can give anything to the narrative but it is time for a little toast.

Raghav tells that love is accepting someone whole heartedly, he thanks Katha for making him realize that he is allowed to love. Everyone claps. Raghav notices that Katha is uncomfortable with the ring.
Viaan comes to Katha’s house, goes to her apartment, rings the doorbell, calls Katha and Aarav. He cries wondering where she is, he is waiting for her to return.

Raghav sees Katha taking off the ring, Katha apologizes, it was hurting her. Raghav will get it repaired from the jeweler tomorrow. Raghav’s mother wants everyone to be happy, they should go home as Vicky will be waiting for them with his mood.
Falguni meets Viaan outside the building, he asks her about Katha. Falguni tells that she left a long time ago. Viaan knows that she will not tell him about him, he will also not bother her about it. Viaan leaves. Falguni wonders if she should tell Katha about it, she decides not to do so, especially since she has just got married.

The guard stops Viaan and interrogates him about loitering here and there. Viaan tells that he had come here to meet his friend and her son Aarav. The guard tells that she is gone for 2 days, leaving Viaan in shock.

Raghav’s mother welcomes Katha home. Vicky stops them, he has to give a proper welcome to Katha in the house. He feeds him a special sweet, but Raghav doesn’t. She has a special garland, Raghav’s mother requests her not to overdo it, lest Katha find it awkward. Vicky questions, he didn’t come to the engagement because of her, she counters, he didn’t come to the function because of the doctor and high blood pressure. Vicky blames his sister for his increased blood pressure. He questions Raghav for not calling him.

Katha tells that they missed her a lot, did not call to make her feel bad, Vicky should not worry as they will have a real party with her. Vicky likes Katha, she asks if he took his medicines. Raghav goes to freshen up and so does Katha. Vicky hugs Aarav, telling him that he is growing up to be a strong and handsome man. Ruhi questions, instead moving his hand to test its strength. Grandma Ruhi said that Aarav’s strength will be useful to him. Ruhi refuses to get any man to protect her, she can do it herself.

Viaan requests Yuvraj to tell him about the story. Viaan wants to meet Mr. Grewal. Asks about his health. Yuvraj questions, Mr. Garewal is no longer with him, he passed away. Yuvraj tells that he recovered from the bullet but could not recover from the shock of not helping Katha. He died due to a heart attack. Kavita fell into depression, she could not recover from what happened,

She lives in London with her brother. Viaan cries. Yuvraj has lost everything, he has no strength left to fight Viaan. Viaan begs her to tell him about Katha, let him talk to her once. Yuvraj told that he is finally happy. He refuses to tell Viaan about him at all. Viaan promises to find her, they are destined to be together.

Precap: Katha and Aarav enjoy and dance with Raghav’s family. Yuvraj calls her and tells her about his meeting with Viaan. Katha and Viaan and Katha take shelter away from each other only to escape the rain on the road.

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