Barsatein 21st November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 21st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s Barsatein 21st November 2023 episode starts with Reyansh and Aradhana arguing. She asks her to marry Jai. She says you have convinced my sister, but I will see her. He says she is my Chutki, you are jealous. He remembers meeting Jagriti and convincing her to help him. Aradhana taunts Reyansh. He says don’t go away, I can’t stay away from you, you said you are in my soul. He sings rap for her. Aradhana says I want something else. He says tell me what you want, it’s all yours. She says you marry yourself and get lost. The lights go off. He says when you go away from me the lights go off, look at me. She says it is dark. He lights the lighter. He asks are you afraid to come close to me? She leaves.

Vivek and Kadambari come to meet Harsh. Harsh says this marriage cannot happen, Aradhana refuses. Vivek says I could not explain him well. Bhakti says Aradhana wants peace, not passion. Kadambari says we know this, we got it for Aradhana, not for Reyansh’s wife, Aradhana has the right on it, no matter whom she marries. Vivek says I want someone for her who will respect her and keep her happy, this Shagun is our blessing, please keep it. Harsh agrees.

He says we just wanted you to know everything about this. Vivek and Kadambari left. Reyansh says I will always recognize you. He hugs Jagriti. Light comes. Aradhana says Jagriti, I told you not to use my perfume, Romeo gets confused, we will go home now. Aradhana hits him and goes away. Reyansh says you are only mine. He smiles. Bhakti calls Seema and says I told you to find an alliance for Aradhana, she is back, find a guy for her. Aradhana comes and hears this.

She says I can’t love or marry Reyansh or anyone else. Harsh says but you have to get married. Devotion sends joy and awakening. She says Aradhana, Reyansh will chase you, how much will you run, when will you live your lie, you have lost your parents, then saw your real mother and your sister dying, now whose sacrifice will this love want.

Jai is on video call. A boy comes to him. Jai holds his neck and looks at his younger brother. He says you must have been beaten. His brother tells him to live in a boring house. They hug and say missed you. His brother asks Jai why did you break the marriage with Kriti because of Aradhana, right. Aradhana says yes, many people suffered loss because of my work, no more, tell Papa that I am ready to marry whoever you ask. Devotion consoles him. Aradhana remembers Reyansh and cries. Jai says you don’t know the meaning of love. His brother says ok, Krit is out of your league, can I try now. Jai says shut up, I will take you for dinner. Her brother says I want to meet Aradhana, who made you madly in love.

Jai gets Bhakti’s call and goes to meet her. Bhakti says Aradhana is broken, I am her mother, I can see everything. His brother hears them. He says Reyansh and Jai love same girl, he has broken their bro code. Bhakti says I have seen your love and respect for Aradhana, she lives happy and in peace, I have come here to seek her happiness, to marry her. His brother says that Jai has won the lottery. Jai says sorry aunty, I can’t do this marriage, I didn’t know what love is, I want to give her all the happiness, I am ready to sacrifice anything, but she doesn’t love me, she wants to marry Reyansh.

She loves him and Reyaansh loves her, Reyaansh is more than a brother to me, I can’t do this, Aradhana will not be happy without love. She says Reyaansh wants to ruin himself in love, do you want this for Aradhana, think about it, his happiness is in your hands. She goes. His brother says congratulations. Jai says I can’t do this with Reyansh. Her brother says that Reyansh is a bad boy, Bhakti prefers a good boy for her daughter.

He takes selfie. Kriti checks Varun’s account and sees the picture. She calls Varun. He is on a call with his GF. She gets Kritik’s missed call. He calls her back. She asks about Jai. He says he is fine, Bhakti got Aradhana’s support for Jai. He ends the call. He says Jai will beat me now. Kriti says I thought Jai will forget her, but no, it means I have to go to Delhi and defeat Delhi forever.Aradhana comes to office to meet Jai. She gives the lead to the news. Varun comes and welcomes Aradhana. Jai asks what are you doing here. Varun says I know Aradhana well. She asks how.

Jai says we have to go to Singapore. Kriti tells Reyansh about her journey. Reyansh tears Jai’s passport.

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