Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 21st November 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 21st November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Radha Mohan  episode starts with Mohan and Radha sitting in fear while Mr X talks with her gang members and decides on what she will do from now on.Mohan continues to boil in anger as he watches that man from Mr X’s gang who dared to touch Kadambari to threaten her.Mr X asks her members to look after the passengers while she is away planning for the completion of their mission.

Meanwhile, Kavita talks to the airport officials in the presence of the Trivedi family and she tells everyone that they need to convey the message to Radha and Mohan for their plan to proceed.Kavita says that it is essential that the plane gets landed safely on time because all the passengers are at risk of losing their lives in this hijack mission.The airport official obeys Kavita’s orders to send the message to the aeroplane in the hope that Radha and Mohan get it as the rescue mission depends on them.

Elsewhere, Mohan spots a belt coming out of the luggage shelves above and finds an opportunity to jump on the guy so that he can get his revenge.Mohan wraps the belt around that man’s neck and starts choking him while the two other members point their guns at Mohan and ask him to let their partner go.However, others also get motivated seeing Mohan fight and two men stop the man holding the gun while Kadambari and Radha grab the lady, trying to get her gun.

Mr X comes there and is shocked to witness the scene after which she asks Mohan to let go of her member or else, she will shoot him.Mohan does not move an inch after which Mr X changes her target and points the gun at Gungun, saying that she will kill the child.Gungun joins her hands for mercy while Radha asks Mohan to let that man go when Mr X pulls the trigger making everyone traumatized by the sound of the gunshot.

At the same time, Kavita talks about the pain of losing someone from their own families after which she calls the families of the victims inside and Kaveri appears saying that Damini is in that plane.Back to the scene, everyone is left mortified as they spot Mrs Sharma dead from the bullet hitting her head.Mr Sharma screams in horror at seeing his wife dead while Mohan stands blankly and gets overpowered by the gang members.

Mr X and her team take control of everyone and Radha says that they are worse than monsters who will surely get punished by Banke Bihari Ji.This gives Mr X another idea and she takes the idol of Banke Bihari Ji telling everyone that she will break it to see if she gets punished by the God Radha always talks about.However, Radha snatches away the idol and says that she will not let anyone put their dirty hands on it which angers Mr X and she points the gun at Gungun again.


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ANS. You can watch Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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