Barsatein 23rd November 2023 Written Update

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Barsatein 23rd November 2023 episode starts with Jai asking Aradhana to keep the ring with him. Reyansh says cheating. He grabs Jai’s collar and scolds him. He beats Jai. The ring falls. Aradhana stops Reyansh. Reyansh says everyone knows he is the brain, Jai, you have no shame. He pushes her and says she is mine, I am going to marry her, you are a snake, not a friend. Aradhana says leave him.

Bhakti asks Harsh to stop them. The lady says he is right, who is this guy, Aradhana has gone hi fi, we did not see a decent girl with two guys, she always does some drama. People start talking. Aradhana is worried. Reyansh asks him to go away. Jai punches him. Oh innocent birds…they play…they both fight. People scold Aradhana’s family. Aradhana steps on the ring. She picks up the ring. She asks will you marry me, Jai. Reyansh is surprised.

She asks Jai to marry her. She says this ring, you have taken it for me, wear it on me, marry me. Jai makes her wear the ring. Reyansh gets sad. Rabba mere…plays…Aradhana says my marriage will happen, you don’t need to come. Reyaansh says you can’t love anyone else except me. She says yes, but I won’t marry you, I can’t forget Kimaya and the pain you gave me, I don’t believe love should be hard, love should be easy, I want to be happy, Jai will make me happy.

Yes, he won’t insult my parents or hurt me like you. Reyansh says you can’t do this. Bhakti pushes him. He sits down and asks for worship. Bhakti says she gave her decision, she is marrying Jai as per her wish, please leave from here. Reyaansh says please aunty, uncle… Aradhana holds Jai’s hand and goes. She cries.

Jai asks why did you do this. She says I had no choice. He says you didn’t do anything wrong, but tell me one thing, how does one thing happen when dreams come true, my dreams are just a compromise for you. She says this is my decision, I want to live and move forward. He says if it is your decision then fine, I am with you, I can do anything for you, because I… Aradhana says I can’t give you love, but friendship, respect, partnership.

..He says it’s okay, it’s enough for me. She thinks it is strange, I am repeating history today. Reyansh drinks alcohol and says I will kill Jai. Jai comes and argues. Reyaansh says hit me, Aradhana is only mine, you are very clever, you made me bad in front of them and became good, my heart hurt, you broke me, you caught my weakness and finished me, Aradhana is mine. he goes In the morning, Bhakti talks to Jai on call. She asks him to bring her parents home. Reyansh comes in front of a car. He smiles at someone.

It’s morning, Bhakti cooks food. She calls Harsh and asks him to bring rasgulla, Jai’s family is coming. Aradhana looks on. Bhakti says they are rich people of London, I want Aradhana to get married soon and goes away from Reyansh. Aradhana says everything is fine. She goes to check the door. She says you…

Jai is sleeping. Someone brings him coffee. He says let me sleep. The woman pinches his leg and wakes him up. He says mother when did you come? She says its not fair, you have chosen a girl. He says you will know this when you meet Aradhana. She says you explain to me, what is special in that girl, is she your dream girl. He says yes, but… nothing, nice to see you, I will come prepared. She says I will see and test it.

Aradhana looks at Malini. Malini smiles and hugs him. Bhakti tells you here. Malini hugs him. Bhakti asks how did you come? Malini says I came to know that Aradhana and Jai’s relationship is fixed. Aradhana says yes. Malini says I am happy, you took the right decision, Jai is a good boy, he will keep you happy. Aradhana asks are you fine?

Malini says can a mother be fine after losing her daughter, things are not the same between Viren and me, I will stay here for some days. She says I came to tell something about Reyansh. She recalls meeting Reyansh. Reyansh says I will kill Jai, will not spare him. She worries. FB is over. Aradhana asks Reyansh that he met with an accident, is he fine. Bhakti asks what? Malini says if we want to see Aradhana happy then we have to keep her away from Reyansh.
Aradhana thanks Jai’s mother. Reyaansh sends Shagun home. Aradhana burns the frame. Reyansh says you can’t erase this name

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