Barsatein 23rd October 2023 Written Episode

Barsatein 23rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s Barsatein 23rd October 2023 episode starts with Kriti thinking of dealing with Aradhana. Kimaya accidentally falls. Malini and Aradhana get worried. Kimaya cries. Malini says I don’t want anyone to see Kimaya in such a condition, Aradhana, please help me, you know everything, Kimaya and Reyansh’s engagement should not be broken today. Aradhana thinks that Reyansh will never agree to this engagement.

Jai comes to Kriti and says you made Kimaya fall down. Kriti says I will not make this mistake next time. He says I am yours, remember one thing, I will never love or respect you. She says it’s all about branding, your engagement ring is in my name, you are mine, nothing can change it, Aradhana will bring Reyansh to the mandap, I am sure of it. Malini says Kimaya had a miscarriage, she lost her baby. She cries. Aradhana hugs him and cries.

Aradhana goes to Kimaya. She hugs him. Kimaya cries. Malini consoles Kimaya. Kimaya says I could not save my child. Malini asks him to stay positive. She asks Aradhana to go out and not let anyone come inside. He says this friend… plays… Aradhana thinks how can I think about this, Reyansh will not get engaged to Kimaya.

Kriti asks Reyansh to give her the jacket, she will get it ironed. Reyansh says okay. He gives the jacket. Aradhana and Reyansh have a sweet moment. He says you have to wear heels, else I will raise you to my level. His imagination power ends. Komal got her jacket. Aradhana looks at Kimaya and cries.

Komal comes to Reyansh and tells about the couple’s name. He gets confused. Komal says you can’t do engagement without giving to Nek. He says ok. He smiles. Malini says Reyansh will always support you. Aradhana cries and goes. Aradhana recalls Reyansh and her moments.

Reyansh thinks Reyansh and Kimaya…what foolishness this is. Aradhana says Malini is with Kimaya, Kriti, go and serve the guests. Kriti says you know everything, Kimaya is sensitive, she can’t bear this pain, will you handle it. Aradhana nods and says I promise, nothing will happen. She thinks of meeting Reyansh. Reyansh goes to meet Kimaya.

Vivek asks Aradhana are you not ready, I had sent Shagun’s clothes and jewellery, wear Asha pendant. She says trust me, whatever I will do will be for the welfare of Reyansh and this family. Vivek prays that Reyansh gets his love. He messages Kadambari and asks her to come. Reyansh thinks of clearing the confusion. He looks at Kimaya. Aradhana pulls him out. Malini asks Kimaya not to be afraid.

Aradhana says let it happen. Reyansh asks what, will I marry Kimaya. She thinks I have to break your heart and make you crazy in anger. She says yes, I knew it. He tells lies. She says I didn’t know this, but get engaged to Kimaya, it is for your good, she hopes you will marry her.

He asks why are you punishing me? Reyansh and Aradhana argue. She says Kimaya is weak, she is waiting for you, everyone thinks you love her. He asks will you break our hearts for us, are we playing charity game, this is life, not a movie. She says I don’t love you, who are you, why would I break my sister’s heart for you, go now, you don’t understand.

Kimaya is engaged to Reyansh. Kadambari becomes sad. Reyansh says we will separate today. Aradhana cries.

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