Kundali Bhagya 24th October 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 24th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kundali Bhagya  episode starts with Nidhi telling Aarohi that Rajveer picked Rocky’s phone and started talking without hearing his voice.When asked, Nidhi tells Aarohi that she doesn’t think Rajveer heard anything as he is quite quiet and asks her what they should do next.Meanwhile, Pratham is panicking thinking that they must find Srishti soon otherwise her life will be in danger, as happens with ninety percent of people.

Pratham’s words worry Preeta while Mohit turns around and asks what he wants to say.Just then, Gurpreet tells Mohit to look ahead and he swerves the car sharply to avoid a collision but hits a tree.Pratham gets badly injured in the accident when Preeta asks Mohit and Gurpreet to take Pratham to the hospital while she goes to Rajveer and he will help her find Srishti.

Later, Preeta prays to God to keep Srishti safe while on the other hand, Rajveer is worried and tries to call Srishti.Meanwhile, Palki comes there and questions him why he looks so worried, to which Rajveer tells her that he is worried for Srishti and is missing her a lot as if something wrong happened.Palki tells him not to worry about her as she is a woman who scares people but Rajveer doesn’t believe it.

After a while, Palki calls Gurpreet and asks him to get Srishti to talk to Rajveer as he is feeling worried about her.Gurpreet is shocked as she tells him that Preeta is coming there and will tell him everything.Meanwhile, Nidhi hears Preeta’s name on the phone and gets worried.On the other hand, Kareena and Rakhi interrogate Shanaya about her and Shaurya’s relationship.

When asked whether she wants to marry Shaurya or not, Shanaya tells them that she wants to marry Shaurya.Rakhi and Kareena jump with joy after hearing Shanaya’s reply and eat sweets to celebrate and ask Shanaya to send Daljeet to meet them.Later, Dadi sees Kareena lost in her thoughts and asks her what is troubling her.Meanwhile, Kareena tells him that she is very tensed as she is going crazy thinking about her dress for the wedding.

Rakhi scolds her for worrying and tells her that she will look good in whatever she wears.After a while, Kareena tells Dadi that she is talking about Shaurya and Shanaya’s marriage while Dadi asks her whether their wedding date has been fixed or not.Kareena tells him that they are yet to talk about it officially but she is making it real.On the other hand, Rocky and Nikhil come to meet Nidhi and threaten her to give money, while Nidhi gets angry and tells them to leave as they should not have come.

Just then, Rajveer sees Nidhi with Rocky and wonders who the strange looking person is.Before she could go and see who Nidhi was talking to, Karan called her to help her choose the color.Nidhi becomes worried seeing that Rajveer sees her with Rocky and fears that he will doubt her.Later, Rajveer asks Karan why he is taking interest in decoration when he has never seen him helping anyone before.

Before Rajveer can continue criticizing, Karan tells the decorators to ask Rajveer about the color combination.Meanwhile, Rakhi tells Rajveer that they are doing all these decorations to celebrate Preeta’s birthday.Rajveer looks shocked and refuses to leave himself while Karan wonders why Rajveer left without telling him anything about their preparations.


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Q1. where to watch Kundali Bhagya

ANS. You can watch Kundali Bhagya online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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