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Barsatein 24th October 2023 episode starts with Reyansh saying tell me the truth, you love me, its ok. Aradhana says no, I don’t love you, Kimaya loves you, go to him, you are getting a big family, go and marry him, be happy, my work is done with you. Reyansh looks at him. He asks do you hate me? She says no, I don’t have any feelings for you, I don’t care. He says it’s not my duty to save everyone’s life, I don’t care about Kimaya, let hearts break, enough is enough.

he goes She sits and starts crying. He looks at Kadambari. She asks what happened, why are you worried? He says you are late in coming, my engagement is not happening, the engagement has been cancelled. She asks why, what happened. He says you are late. Akash asks Viren to do the second engagement soon. He asks where is Kimaya.

Viren says be patient, he is here. Jai comes to Aradhana. Aradhana says Reyaansh is gone, Kimaya needs him. Jai says he will not agree, give him some time. She says there is no time. Reyansh goes to Kimaya and says, forgive me, I don’t want to break your heart, you are a good girl but I don’t love you. Aradhana looks on and asks what are you saying.

Reyansh holds Aradhana’s hand and says I love Aradhana. Kimaya cries. Reyansh says I have just made friendship with Kimaya, maybe she has misunderstood me, I can’t betray Kimaya and everyone by marrying Kimaya. He says Aradhana, truth can’t be hidden, we know each other from Delhi, I have come to this city for you, I love you, you also love me, everything else is a lie. Aradhana says no. Reyansh makes her wear the ring.

He hugs Aradhana and says she is my life, my wife Aradhana Lamba. he kisses her. Kimaya fainted. Aradhana’s dream is over. Reyansh says now you have come, some drama must happen, come. He introduces everyone to Kadambari. Kadambari and Viren are shocked to see each other. They remember their past. Reyansh looks at them.

He says just take a little break, we will be back. After 30 minutes, Reyansh says sorry for the delay, mom got late and Kimaya fainted, let’s do this. He asks Aradhana to come. He asks Kimaya if you are Viren’s favourite. Viren says yes. Reyansh says so from today she is mine. He gets engaged to Kimaya and does poetry after seeing Aradhana.

He says my love is yours and will always be yours. He asks his friends to be happy. Everyone claps. Akash asks Kimaya to make Reyansh wear the ring. Kadambari says stop him, he will ruin her life. Vivek asks did he talk to you, he was fine in front of me. Malini asks is there anything, tell me. Kadambari says no, we are happy. Reyansh hugs Vivek. He looks at Kadambari. Aradhana cries and thinks why am I feeling bad when I asked Reyaansh to do this. She cries.

Jai sees this and goes to her. He says I can’t believe Reyansh did this, he loves you. Aradhana says yes, we love each other, but we can’t break anyone’s heart, our love is not bigger than Kimaya’s life, so I asked Reyansh… He asks did you tell him. . She says yes, because our love has passed now, we tried but maybe something was missing, she tried hard to win my love, I always tested her, but my heart always belongs to her, our paths parted. Went.

He thinks I also lost my love today. He says thanks, I got to know from you what love is, you did a lot for this family, I really respect it, I can support you as a friend, I am always with you, now. Stop crying. Kriti looks at them. She goes to Jai and asks him to stay with Reyansh. She says sorry, Aradhana is also family. She asks Jai to come for the family photo. Aradhana cries. Kriti says I told you, Aradhana will bring Reyansh to Kimaya, she will not take any big risk. Jai says incomplete knowledge always causes harm.Kadambari says why is Reyaansh doing this to Aradhana and her. Vivek asks isn’t happiness destined for our love?

Reyansh says now I will ruin Kimaya’s life. Aradhana says I will not let you ruin her life. Reyansh says Viren will cry for his daughter.

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