Kavya 24th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 24th October 2023 episode starts with Kavya coming home. She says every seller is giving the same answer, as if someone is creating a hindrance, some things are big for some people, there are many things involved in our success. Sanjeev says Anusha is my partner, thanks for doing my work well. Payal says till when will Kavya win. She argues. Anjali comes to Malini’s house. She sees the big house and is stunned. Malini looks at him and smiles.

She says I didn’t recognize you. Anjali welcomed. She says you are looking very beautiful. Malini says you too. Anjali thanked him. They sit to drink tea. Anjali tells about herself and her family. Malini asks who is Navya. Kavya and Payal argue. Kavya tells him not to make it a personal issue. Payal says you do big things every day. Kavya says you have created an obstacle in my path. Adhiraj switches off the lights and gets dressed as a doctor. Everyone gets scared after seeing Kavya.

Kavya says sorry Payal. Adhiraj scares them. They all shout in unison. Adhiraj works like Dr. Navya. Kavya remembers the past and cries. Anjali cries and says I have lost Navya, I couldn’t do anything, middle class people have nothing, just some respect, our respect was snatched away. Malini consoles him. Sanjeev asks Adhiraj to go and wash his face. Adhiraj laughs. Anusha says your fashion sense is good. Adhiraj says you all are cowards.

Kavya takes doctor’s coat and runs outside. She thinks about Navya and cries. She says I can’t tolerate this anymore, whatever happened here, I will shut their mouth one day. Adhiraj comes and asks why have you come here. Kavya says you have no sense, you can’t make fun of a dead person, you didn’t do any work today, I don’t want you in my team.

He says no, I promise, this won’t happen again, give me one last chance. She says you do your work, then I can forgive you, find out who is forcing the vendors to refuse us. He says, it is done. She goes. He says I didn’t want to do this, but I will maintain partnership with you. He lies to sleep. He remembers Kavya’s words.

He goes to meet Omi. Kavya follows him. Omi says you can’t sleep there, I told you. Adhiraj says I have to ask something, I showed you a file, it had vendor details, are you asking them to refuse to give us supplies. Omi asks him to come inside and talk. Kavya thinks Adi told his brother about the seller, I didn’t expect this from him. Adhiraj says I heard you had a fight in the market. Omi denied this. He asks how did my drink go down. Adhiraj says answer me.

Omi says Kavya has doubts, you are also having doubts now, you are pointing fingers at me. Adhiraj says no, sorry, I was just asking, I will go. He leaves. Omi calls Giriraj and says Adhiraj is doubting us. Giriraj says it doesn’t matter. Omi says if Adi comes to know this then he can go away from us, I didn’t like lying to him. Giriraj says I am doing this for Adi and you, the land of this hospital is worth 150 crores, hospital should not be built there, I will handle Adi. Omi says ok, I will handle it.

Kavya packed her things. She thinks of calling Shubh. She gets a call from Rajeev. She asks how did you know that I was longing for your voice. She sits and talks to him. She says I am losing at every turn, how long will I fight. He says that those who try never lose.

Kavya meets the villagers and says Navya was my elder sister. The angry villagers attack him. Adhiraj comes to save him.

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